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Digging up more Manasume Shirow clasics, "Section23" plans to rerelease "New Dominion: Tank Police" in the middle of the hottest month while also giving the latest from Makoto Shinkai, creator of "5 Centimeters Per Second."



Two very different high school series are coming from Section23 in July including the competitive romantic comedy "Special A" and the murder mystery "Another." Plus, the 80's "Patlabor" TV series and "Black Magic M-66" should fill your summer's quota for robot mayhem.

And slow golf clap for the "Queen's Blade Rebellion" synopsis which finds a way to double entendre through a reasonably basic fantasy action story while still making it clear that yes, this is an anime about chesty ladies fighting with swords. Read More...


"Black Magic M-66," the mid-80's OVA from the "Ghost in the Shell" creator is coming out on DVD (and other digital media) from Section23 imprint Maiden Japan in July.


The late 80's anime from "Ghost In The Shell" creator Mamoru Oshii is headed stateside again thanks to Section23 Films in April. The seven-episode OVA is coming to DVD and Blu-ray and might serve as a nice reintroduction for animation fans to cops and mechs anime. Of course, if that's not your style, Section23's got princesses, quake-ravaged cities, and warrior geishas.

You can check out the full list of April releases after the jump.


It's been nearly ten years since the last official release of AIC's "Vampire Princess Miyu" via TokyoPop, but Section23 now has the license for the horror-mystery series and are set to re-release it in the spring on DVD.

You can find the full details for all of Section23's March releases after the jump.


The shortest month of the year still has a solid number of anime offerings from Section23 Films. Notably, "New Fist Of the North Star" gets another U.S. release, over eight years after the update to brutal martial arts anime received its first pressing in the U.S. Which begs the question: who holds the rights to the 152-episode series from the 80's? The subbed version streaming on Hulu is credited to the original studio Toei Animation, but it's unclear who holds the rights to release any of the previous dubs or a complete set with all of the subs here in the U.S. (I guess that would be Eastern Star/a.k.a Diskotek Media?).

As for high-def offerings, the publisher is releasing the gender-bending "Battle Girls: Time Paradox" as a complete collection on Blu-ray as well as on DVD, if you're looking for some lady samurai in feudal Japan action-comedy.

You can check out the full slate of February releases after the jump.


The mystery of the Midnight Channel gets wrapped up as Section23 releases the back half of Persona 4 The Animation, based on the hit Atlus RPG here in the United States. Plus, the second Mardock Scramble feature comes to DVD and Blu-ray. And, finally, the first collection of Fate/Stay Night TV episodes gets collected on Blu.

Check out Section23's January 2013 slate after the jump as <a href="http://www.mtv.com/geek/event_coverage/new_york_comic_con/main.jhtml">New York Comic-Con</a> continues.


If you didn't pick up Sentai Filmworks/Section23 Films' Grave of the Fireflies back in March, well, you've got a high-def option if you're looking to check out Studio Ghibli co-founder Isao Takahara's autobiographical tale of life in Hiroshima after the bomb. It's coming November 20th, along with a slew of other DVD and Blu releases.

I reached out to Section23 for the disc's details, and learned it will include the theatrical trailer, production sketches, and a Japanese promotional video. On the audio side, the disc will include a 5.1 HD English track and 2.0 Japanese track with English subs.

You can check out the details on the rest of Section23's November slate after the jump.

Section23 Films starts off October with corpse paint and metal with the anime adaptation of Detroit Metal City along with Idolm@Ster Xenoglossia Collection 1. We've got the full lineup of October releases from Section23 and Sentai Filmworks after the jump.

There's a small band of super powered young people, hated and feared by the world, only wanting to live in peace. They're pursued (with deadly force) by a group of technologically-advanced, quasi-government operatives using cutting edge robotics and weapons to capture and kill these evolved humans.

In a lot of ways, Studio Bones' five film feature Towanoquon is a better anime X-Men story than the actual X-Men anime, spending a lot more time on the themes that originally gave Marvel's mutants their resonance. If you can look past the ending that devolves into one of those plots by the villain to give everyone powers for some reason, then on the whole Towanoquon, is a solid effort.

Much of the story is fixed on Quon, a seemingly immortal "Attractor," one of the super powered young people of the series. Born over a thousand years ago in the countryside of Japan, he's spent his very long life trying to protect others like him. Besides being able to recover from nearly any injury, he can also transform into a ferocious, clawed monster, whose design is of the Kamen Rider variety, giving what's supposed to be an organic secondary form a costumed look. Read More...

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