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Adapting video games to comics is no small task, just ask Archie's head writer on Sonic and Mega Man, Ian Flynn (or editor Paul Kaminski). Balancing someone else's creation with your own ideas, in order to create a book that fans will appreciate is daunting, to say the least. However, with Sonic in its 13th year, and an overwhelmingly positive response to the first arcs of Mega Man, it seems like Archie is doing something right. Read on to find out what Ian thinks of both series, as well as some of the hurdles that he has had to overcome while working on both books.


Sonic Generations

A lot can happen in 20 years, just look at Sonic the Hedgehog. Back in 1991 when the blue hedgehog with an attitude made his first appearance on the Sega Genesis the video game landscape was completely different. 16-bit sprites and blast processing were all the rage, and only two platforms, each with their own respective mascot, ruled the console market, the Sega Genesis and the Super Nintendo. Fast-forward to two decades later and Nintendo's Mario is clearly the winner of the first console war, whereas Sega got out of the console business within ten years of Sonic's birth.

Even without his own console Sonic still has a host of titles under his belt, spanning both 2D and 3D gameplay. The dimensional difference is a decision that seemingly splits fans of the series into two distinct camps. In an attempt to bring together those factions, and showcase their most recognizable character in his 20th year of games, Sega has released "Sonic Generations," the first Sonic game to combine both styles of gameplay, and both styles of Sonic.



Sonic the Hedgehog is having a big week. On the video game side of things, Sega has released Sonic Generations, the latest multiplatform entry into the Sonic series. At the same time, Archie Comics has released Sonic the Hedgehog #230 and Sonic Super Special Magazine #1. All this Sonic isn't just a coincidence; everyone's favorite blue hedgehog is celebrating his 20th Anniversary this year.

Mega Man's not having such a bad year himself, at least when it comes to comics. With two highly anticipated games recently canceled, the Blue Bomber may seem like he's a little down and out, but anyone that's picked up his new comic over the last few months knows otherwise. Archie has given Mega Man some serious love, as the series is deep into its second arc, and already has a graphic novel under its belt.

In honor of such momentous occasions, MTV Geek will be running a pair of interviews with two of Archie's biggest names associated with both franchises. First up is Editor Paul Kaminski who can offer up some insight into both the Sonic and Mega Man books, as well how big of a fan he is of the original games.


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