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Now is the time of the geek on Syfy. After wrapping up its exploration of the cosplay community last week with the first season finale of “Heroes Of Cosplay,” the network introduces us tonight at 10 p.m. to “Fangasm.” A fan culture reality series that mixes “The Real World,” “The Apprentice” and “The Big Bang Theory,” “Fangasm” is a solid product and, most of the time, it is a pretty entertaining one. Read More...


by Alison H. Mayer

It's crisis time for Stan Lee, and he needs some real life superheroes! Alison Haislip urges you to help Stan in any way you can in this super-serious-business video from Marvel and WhoSay:


Photo by Luigi Novi

When talking to Stan Lee, I’m always left feeling like a minor league rookie on the pitcher’s mound facing off with the marquee player. After being in the business for about 74 years, and on the comic book convention circuit longer than my lifespan, the 90-year-old has answered every variation of a question – probably hundreds of times over.

I have been fortunate enough to talk to the beloved writer, creator and living legend – a label I apply without an ounce of hyperbole –multiple times in the past few years. But I still feel like a rookie when it comes to interviewing “The Man.” And one thing I’ve learned as a writer is that there is no talking to Stan Lee; there is only listening. Even when I think I’ve got a fresh question to pitch to the mustachioed one, I may not get the answer I wanted, but nonetheless feel an enormous sense of pride when he hits it with a clever response he chose.

So it went at Wizard World Comic Con NYC Experience this past weekend. Held at Manhattan’s Basketball City, Lee had a packed schedule of a meet-and-greet, autographs, photo ops and a panel. I have never seen him not have one of the biggest lines at any con he’s attended, and this was no different. Not surprisingly, our scheduled interview had to be postponed.

Still, Lee brought me behind his autograph table to chat with him between signing comics and memorabilia, and meeting fans. The activity was enough to wear me out, but Smilin' Stan Lee seemed as fresh as ever: Read More...

Stan "The Man" Lee faces off against "The Challenge's" Kenny Santucci at New York Comic Con, playing the hot new game "Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth." Who will win? Find out for yourself with the ultra-cool video above!


Comic book industry legend -- and serial movie cameo actor -- Stan Lee has just received a pacemaker, according to a press release put out by his company POW! Entertainment. Describing himself as now being more like Tony Stark, Lee assured he didn't "desert" his fans after a series of recent convention cancellations. Here is the full press release:


BEVERLY HILLS, CA – SEPTEMBER 28, 2012 – POW! Entertainment (OTCQB: POWN) (Company), the media and entertainment company, today has a message from its founder and Chairman:

Attention, Troops!

This is a dispatch sent from your beloved Generalissimo, directly from the center of Hollywood’s combat zone!

Now hear this! Your leader hath not deserted thee! In an effort to be more like my fellow Avenger, Tony Stark, I have had an electronic pace-maker placed near my heart to insure that I’ll be able to lead thee for another 90 years.

But fear thee not, my valiant warriors. I am in constant touch with our commanders in the field and victory shall soon be ours. Now I must end this dispatch and join my troops, for an army without a leader is like a day without a cameo!


Via Convention Scene

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Stan the man's reality show heroes face off against their first real villain in the latest issue of Mighty 7 from Stan Lee Comics.

Catch a preview page after the jump.

By Danica Davidson

He's the hardest-working man in comics: even with Philly Con last weekend, Stan Lee still took the time to talk to MTV Geek about this year’s well as his new YouTube channel, World of Heroes.  He also gives a little bit of a tease about what we can expect from the channel in the future.

MTV Geek: What can we expect at Comikaze this year?

Stan Lee: More famous guest stars than you can imagine! More exciting panels and surprises than the average fan can handle-- but luckily you're not average!

Remember, Comikaze is going to be bigger and better than ever! I was originally approached by Comikaze CEO Regina Carpinelli after being at the con last year and knew that I had always wanted to have my own convention. So far we have teamed up with Buzzmob to help accommodate all of the people who can’t make it and are working to make this a fan convention, since, after all, the fans are everything! Read More...

By Danica Davidson

Have you ever designed your own superhero costume? This might be your chance to show off! Spin-master Laidback Luke wants a unique superhero costume to don at his party at the Governor’s Mansion in New York, and so he’s putting on a contest with Talenthouse for all you superhero fans out there with a creative take on the genre’s styles! The winner of the contest and a friend will also be invited to come to the same party where their design is being worn by Luke.

It gets better. Laidback Luke is putting on the contest with none other than Stan Lee and Todd MacFarlane. You can send in a JPEG or PNG of your design until May 21, so the deadline is right around the corner. The winner of this contest also gets their design shown off at the social media channels of Luke, Lee and MacFarlane, plus autographed merchandise from the three men. Voting will be from May 22 through the 28, and the results will be announced on May 30. Read More...

Get a sneak peek at the upcoming EPIX original documentary on the life of Stan Lee, "With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story" right here! In this scene, we look at how comic book creations like the Fantastic Four helped usher in a new era of "deeper superheroes":

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story 'Deeper Superheroes' Clip


Comics legend Stan Lee and rock legend Gene Simmons will be having a special livestream chat today at 2:45 EST/11:45 PST! The two are at the Sundance Film Festival to promote the documentary “With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story,” and will be taking questions from fans live.

You can watch the epic meeting of pop-culture icons here at MTV Geek, through the livestreaming service!

ortsbo on Broadcast Live Free

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By Danica Davidson

Stan Lee doesn’t seem to know the meaning of the word “retirement,” and why should he? The mighty creator of iconic comics continues to create new characters, and the latest is Raju Rai, the star of Chakra — The Invisible.

Chakra — The Invincible takes place in India, has an Indian hero, and is aimed for an Indian readership (though I imagine others will be checking it out as well). It’s being published by Liquid Comics, which has buildings in America as well as Bangalore, and was founded by Sharad Devarajan, Gotham Chopra and Suresh Seetharaman. It’s teaming up with Lee’s company POW! Entertainment to bring Chakra to life. Read More...

Want Stan Lee to give you the shirt off his back? Well, good luck with that, but now you can do the next best thing… Design the shirt ON his back. Or, more simply, Stan Lee is holding a T-Shirt design context.

Stan Lee's "WORLD OF HEROES" T-Shirt Design Challenge – which benefits the John Wayne Cancer Institute – launched on November 4th, and now through the 20th you can submit a design based on the phrase “World of Heroes” for a chance to win $1000 and help out a good cause. According the release announcing the context, “The 5 winning tees will be custom printed in limited quantity, individually hand-numbered, and sold in support of the charitable cause.”


Ever wanted to break bread with the man who created Spider-Man and The Fantastic Four? Well now you can, and all you need to pay is YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL.

That’s not true at all, although you CAN win lunch with Stan The Man while supporting a good cause. CharityBuzz, a website that sets up cool, celebrity driven auctions, is offering chance for lunch with Lee, as well as his business partner Gill Champion, with all proceeds going to support Communities in School of Los Angeles.

The current minimum bid for that is $2,360, with the lot closing on October 19th, so you better get cracking. If, however, you don’t have the money for that particular item, you can still pick up a copy of The Marvel Encyclopedia signed by Stan Lee through October 5th. The book is currently going for $500, and will benefit the Young Story Tellers Foundation. Sadly, you’ll have to pay for your own lunch with this one.

In other news, you can win lunch with me for only the price of a sandwich. Okay, half a sandwich. Okay, a bite.


It felt like this year's Baltimore Comic-Con hit a new record for attendance, and it just goes to show that people are still very much interested in comic books -- both traditional and digital (if the packed house at the comiXology panel was any indication). Lines wrapped around the convention floor for such comic luminaries as Stan Lee, Greg Capullo, David Finch, Adam Hughes and Barry Kitson, and fans swarmed spinner racks and tables full of the latest titles.


Comics legend Stan Lee recently helped comic collective ACT-I-VATE close out their Panels for Primates charity webcomic with his collaboration with Emmy-winning artist Dean Haspiel, "Even Gorillas Have Pride!"

Here's the deets on Panels for Primates -- then read the webcomic! Read More...

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