Remember your first time? We do. And no, it didn’t involve an awkward fumbling in the backseat of a car. We’re talking about that initial viewing of “Return of the Jedi” 30 years ago. 

May 25, 1983, Opening day of “Jedi” was of monumental proportions. The biggest space saga to ever hit celluloid was wrapping up. Everyone wanted to see Han thaw from carbonite, who would score Leia, and Luke and Vader duke it out in the ultimate galactic grudge match.

We wanted to hear recollections and anecdotes from a few nerdy celebrities who went to see “Jedi” opening weekend. We set out like bounty hunters in search of nostalgia. Here’s what we found: 


darth vader hot toys4

I'm not going to use hyperbole here: This might be the single greatest "Star Wars" toy ever to be created in the entire history of the universe.



By Jim Kiernan

It takes few things to really get the attention of New Yorkers, but something landed in the heart of Times Square this morning that will surely fascinate both locals and visitors over the Memorial Day Weekend. A stunning 1:1 scale replica of "Star Wars’" iconic X-wing Starfighter built from LEGO bricks was unveiled today as an interactive fan experience, which also happens to be the 30th anniversary of 1983’s release of "Return Of The Jedi."



$30 grand for dirty pants. Which one of you "Star Wars" fanatics has got money to blow?



Still crying in your cantina cocktail after the news of Order 66?

Wipe away those lightsaber-shaped tears. It’s official. Today Lucasfilm announced production on “Star Wars Rebels,” a new animated TV series set to debut Fall 2014. It begins with a one-hour Disney Channel special, followed by a full-on series on Disney XD.

“Star Wars Rebels” will be set between the events of Episodes III and IV, almost two decades worth of fertile ground. The show’s creative team rivals the top-shelf fly boys of Rogue Squadron. Screenwriter/producer Simon Kinberg (“X-Men: First Class”) leads the charge as executive producer, and he’s penning the first episode.

Kinberg and director Dave Filoni are playing it close to their flight vests, and they haven’t announced the main characters. That doesn’t means our wheels aren’t spinning like a landspeeder’s. 



Following the cancellation of "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" and the detouring of Seth Green's "Star Wars: Detours" we've been awaiting the announcement of "Star Wars'" next foray into the wilds of the animated frontier. "Clone Wars" director Dave Filoni teased that new stuff was to come, but now, this morning, we've got confirmation that Lucasfilm's first post-Disney-purchase animated TV series will be "Star Wars Rebels" from Filoni and "X-Men: First Class" writer Simon Kinberg.



The following posters from the incredible designer OldRedJalopy pay tribute to the three real "Star Wars" movies by paying tribute to a trio of iconic movie posters.



By Jon Waterhouse

George Lucas turns 69 today. In relation to a certain squatty, pointy-eared, pint-size Jedi, that ain’t diddly. 

It’s still cause for a tip of the X-wing helmet to the daddy of the “Star Wars” universe. Although the bearded one isn’t stopping by our place this evening, we’re contemplating whipping up some celebratory sweets in his honor.


may the 4th be with you

By Steven Smith

Did everyone have a great May the 4th? Did we all nerd it up to eleven? Man, I hope so, because though I sometimes feel the fervor of "Star Wars" fandom has reached Trekker-level proportions, I'm a proud fan boy with an original copy of "Splinter of the Mind’s Eye" who never tires of a good Mon Mothma costume. Thought I was going to say Slave Leia, didn’t you? I should have. I really should have.



By Jorge Solis

Shortly after the events of "New Hope," the Rebel Alliance is still continuing their war against the Empire in "Star Wars" #5. From the second Death Star, Darth Vader unleashes his wrath against the Alliance. How long can Princess Lei and her X-Wing squadron last under an intense dog-fight against the Imperial Fleet?

(Spoilers Ahead)


Sam Witwer

Credit: Joel Aron

By Aaron Sagers

Last week was a forceful one for “Star Wars” fans. Not only did we celebrate May The 4th, but “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” received seven Daytime Emmy nominations.

But if it was a good week for us regular fans, you could say it was a particularly Maul-velous one for nominee Sam Witwer. (Actually, that’s a really bad pun, so please don’t say that.)

Witwer, who voiced Darth Maul in the since-canceled Cartoon Network show, was nominated as an outstanding performer in an animated program, along with fellow “Clone Wars” actors Jim Cummings and David Tennant (yes, the same Tennant). “Clone Wars,” which has never previously been nominated, also received recognition for best direction, music direction, sound mixing and “special class animated program.”

The actor (who also appears on Syfy’s supernatural show “Being Human”) joined me via email for a very brief, and very silly, Q&A about being nominated – and about how the nominations may impact the show’s potential future.



Today is Star Wars Day! How are you celebrating? Watching all 6 movies? Watching only the first 3? Watching all of "Clone Wars"? Watching the "Star Wars Holiday Special" over and over until it makes sense? Comparing the original versions of episodes 4,5, and 6 to the various versions that followed? Guzzling blue milk until you puke blue forever? All of the above?

Us too!

Plus, we've got a TON of fun "Star Wars" stuff for you to check out. We've got lists of weird stuff, cool comics, troubling things, and other goodies that will hopefully help to make your Star Wars Day just a bit more magical!


AT AT Imperial Dog Walker

By Jon Waterhouse

Be it the Wampa rug or the Chewbacca bathrobe, we put together the 10 best “Star Wars” related gifts to give or receive on May the 4th



By Aaron Sagers

Tomorrow, many of you will be celebrating May the 4th with screenings, drinking blue milk and regaling friends about the time you concentrated so hard on a bottle of beer, you could swear it moved a little. But for me, Star Wars Day might have to be spent on a therapist’s couch.

For as much as George Lucas helped imbue my childhood with magic, he also really screwed me up. Aside from lightsaber battles, force chokes and amusing droid banter, there are key moments within “Star Wars” that unsettled me to the core of my young self. In fact, it kind of makes sense that Disney bought Lucasfilm, because there are enough moments in the movies as scarring to children in the audience as when Lady watched Nutsy take “the long walk” in "Lady and the Tramp." And since I’m all about oversharing, here are the top 5 “Star Wars” concepts that got under my skin as a kid, and the damage they did as a result.

(Note: These are from the original trilogy because, by the time the prequels were released, I was too old to blame all my issues on movies.)



By Aaron Sagers

This "Star Wars Day," spend May The 4th in style with new fashion pieces by nerdy women’s apparel company Her Universe that will debut exclusively on the Hot Topic website.

After launching with a special Hot Topic collection for women last year on the fan holiday, Her Universe will unveil six new items that will become available on May 4. These products, created by founder Ashley Eckstein – who just so happens to be the voice of Ahsoka Tano on “Star Wars: The Clone Wars,” and is an MTV Geek contributor – will feature tees, tanks and even tank dresses, a first for the Her Universe “Star Wars” line.


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