In honor of this week's Star Wars holiday, "May The 4th Be With You," we decided to give everybody's favorite flea-bitten furball Chewbacca a job at MTV. Sadly, things don't go that great for Han Solo's wingman until Chewie gets a very special visitor:



The Ewoks get down!

By Jon Waterhouse

May the 4th is the ultimate celebration day for “Star Wars” fans. But the real parties took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Here are our Top 10 celebrations found on “Star Wars” celluloid.



By Jorge Solis

May 4th is not only Star Wars Day, it's also Free Comic Book Day! With these two nerd holidays put together, what better way to celebrate than by reading some of the best "Star Wars" comics out there! Dark Horse Comics has provided readers with its own collection of stories that explores the "Star Wars" Universe! Check out the top ten "Star Wars" comics that Dark Horse has to offer.



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By Jon Waterhouse

Like a gaggle of stormtroopers overtaking a Rebel transport, “Star Wars” fans have highjacked May the 4th as their very own high holiday. Some may be celebrating by baking a batch of Wookiee cookies, while others might be spiking their Yoda soda with a lightspeedy liquor. Actor Anthony Daniels, who played the most famous protocol droid in the universe in the “Star Wars” films, will be commemorating the day in a decidedly low key manner. The human behind C-3PO, who says he gets a call to reprise his role in various “Star Wars”-related projects “every other month” or so, will be having his own brand of “fun” on cuatro de Mayo.



By Kendra Beltran

While other little girls and boys had teen idols and the latest Sports Illustrated covers on their walls, your décor was from a galaxy far, far away, wasn't it? Classmates never understood why you continuously gave out "Star Wars" Valentine’s, when obviously you were just hoping your crush would share the love and return the sentiment with a simple, “Like you, I do.” You may or may not have found someone to share your Empire with though, because in the back of your mind, no one could come close to being as perfect as your favorite "Star Wars" character. Let’s admit it; most of us have fantasized about spending a night with Darth Vader, our wedding to Yoda, and seeing the Princess Leia in that famous bikini. In honor of "Star Wars Day," the following are some of the most crush-worthy characters and the reasons why they continue to be #1 in many of our hearts.



It's almost May 4th. Which means it's almost "Star Wars Day." Which means it's almost "May the 4th With You" day! So to celebrate Galactic Living TV, the leading name in home improvement in that far, far away galaxy, sent over some May the 4th party tips from our Jawa pals. Check out the video below!


The folks at 1A4 Studio have unleashed another of their patented "Speedrun" videos featuring one of your favorite science fiction movies told as a 60-second rush of animated awesomeness. Previously, we saw them take on "Back to the Future" and "The Matrix," but now they've gone and done and the big daddy, "Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope"!



During CinemaCon, Disney confirmed that they're not too worried about "Star Wars" overload among the faithful with a planned new feature release every summer following "Episode VII" in 2015. The J.J. Abrams-directed film will launch an alternating year strategy of sequels followed by standalone movies.


When asked to improvise a filibuster for this week's episode of "Parks and Recreation," comedian Patton Oswalt delivered an eight-minute riff on what the next "Star Wars" film should be about.


Sam Witwer_voice of Darth Maul_1

By Aaron Sagers

Check out the first part our chat with Sam Witwer here!

Geek: Because you have played in the “Star Wars” sandbox enough, if a role comes up in the new episodes, do you have to pursue it and fight for it, or is it more like, “Hey, we know you’re over there, we’ll come to you”?


Oh, Internet...


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Remember when we told you about recent Internet craze Makankosappo? Well, step aside awesome Japanese schoolgirls! Because now we've got VADERING!



This September, LucasBooks executive editor J. W. Rinzler, artist Mike Mayhew, and Dark Horse Comics will launch "The Star Wars," based on George Lucas' original draft for the epic series.


Hey, I'm just the guy asking questions!



By Laurel Woods

AskEllenLogo[1]In the spirit of my fave Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe’s “Year of the Fangirl” Ashley has also launched a new monthly online column “Ask Ellen.” Ashley is a strong advocate in the anti-bullying movement, especially in the fangirl community. Her new column will offer support and advice to female fans on current issues that affect them. Read More...


The studio announced this morning that the hit Cartoon Network series would end after the fifth season with additional story arcs to appear elsewhere, presumably as Disney continues to clear the decks for "Episode VII."


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