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by Alison H. Mayer

WeLoveFine might as well be time-traveling in a TARDIS so they can fit the number of new lines they've been cranking out recently. The latest collection from the "for fans by fans" site compiles 14 tee designs based on the motion picture "Dr. Who & the Daleks":


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by Alison H. Mayer

The folks over at WeLoveFine just released a set of brand spankin' new leggings, and they are tight (pun totally intended). The current line features geek favorites such as 'Adventure Time,' Hello Kitty, and Marvel, but that's not all WeLoveFine has up their sleeve!



By Zack Smith

Bazinga!  The nerds of "The Big Bang Theory" have already conquered the Earth, and now they're headed for other worlds with new Hot Topic Exclusives!



Holy T-shirts, Batman! Check out Junk Food's groovy new collection of T-shirts based on the cult-classic Batman 1960s TV show! The Caped Crusader, Riddler, Joker, and all your favorites are here: check 'em out!


By Danica Davidson

In case your Hello Kitty Chun-Li plushie isn’t already giving you enough hours of entertainment, I have more good news: news: WeLoveFine has announced its debut of their Street Fighter x Sanrio T-shirt collection!

WeLoveFine is always (and I mean always) coming out with awesome new tees, and this is a great addition to your cute and geeky wardrobe. So far seven T-shirts for men and women have been released for this collection, with more promised to come. You have options of wearing Tuxedo Sam E. Honda, Badtz-Maru Ryu, and, of course, Hello Kitty Chun-Li . . . and others. Those are some fun mash-ups! Read More...

If you are gearing up for San Diego Comic-Con, you're going to have to wear a cool t-shirt! Let our MTV Geek Comic-Con LIVE special host -- and Her Universe creator -- Ashley Eckstein school you on how to wear fashionable Geek Tees!

And don't forget to check out our livestream from San Diego Comic-Con all weekend long, and participate in our live chat via Twitter using @MTVGeek and hashtag #MTVSDCC!

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Geek chic apparel company Her Universe has followed-up their recent announcenment regarding their new Doctor Who line with other great news -- they will be also offering Star Trek shirts and hoodies!

The Trek license is a first for Her Universe, which initially was only Star Wars-focused, but has since branched out with licenses for Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, and more. The new designs, featuring key logos and phrases from all era of the classic sci-fi show, will debut at San Diego Comic Con. Her Universe founder -- and  "Clone Wars" voice actress -- Ashley Eckstein commented on the partnership with CBS Consumer Products to produce the Star Trek clothing line:

"Star Trek has been one of the most requested Sci-Fi franchises from our fangirls," said Eckstein. "It is truly a dream come true for me to design for this iconic brand. We plan to Boldly Go where no one has gone before with the first ever Star Trek apparel line just for women."

So if you're a Trek fan and plan to be in attendance at SDCC this year, be sure to check these new fashions out! The Her Universe "Star Trek" collection will also be available in the U.S. and Canada at both www.heruniverseshop.com and store.startrek.com and through national retail outlets such as Hot Topic. Read More...

Her Universe creator -- and "Clone Wars" voice actress -- Ashley Eckstein referred to "Doctor Who" as the apparel company's "#1 requested license. Now female Whovians have reason to rejoice -- BBC Worldwide has finally licensed the show to Her Universe. Said Eckstein about the partnership:

"It was truly a dream come true when BBC Worldwide asked us to do their female merchandise and I am beyond excited to share this extraordinary announcement with our girls today! In the words of the Doctor, I feel like screaming Geronimo!"


For the past two months and change, the HBO Store has kindly been providing us with graphics and info on the products they've released each week to coincide with every episode of Game of Thrones. Now, with the season over, we'll probably have to wait a good long while to get new GoT swag (unless you've got $30K hanging around and want to buy the Iron Throne)... But we also know now which Westeros House is most popular, based on product sales.

That's right: for the past ten weeks, HBO has been tracking sales of shirts, coasters, iPod skins, and more by House, and compared them to the previous season's sales, as well. So now we know who the most popular House was, and where they went up on the rankings. So without further ado, Westeros' Next Top House is... Read More...

David Vonner is known throughout the toy collecting community for his instrumental work on action figure lines like Hasbro's Marvel Universe. After spending years making sure your shelves are covered by your favorite superheroes, he's now moved on to making sure your backs are covered by pop culture-inspired shirts with his design work for Kasual Friday. During Wizard World Philadephia, Kasual Friday will be on hand, along with a couple of con-exclusive "Corner Man" style shirts based on designs from Rocky III. That's right, now you can put to rest the question of where you stand on the whole "Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang" that's been at the forefront of your life for the last 30 years,(Don't deny it!) and what better place than Philadelphia?! Read More...

"Not a Snowballs Chance..." - Winner of the Shirt.Woot.com board gaming derby. Design by user lucky1988.

Board games are not exactly ripe material for t-shirt design. Aside from bad Catan "wood for sheep" puns and people who turn Twister mats into rain coats, you don't often see people sporting a love of tabletop gaming on their chest. Designing the ultimate board gamer t-shirt requires a special touch: one happily provided by the slightly twisted folk over at Shirt.Woot.com.

As part of the site's 250th Derby competition, the floodgates of board game t-shirts have been opened. An army of designers took a shot at making their best board gaming shirt, and the Woot.com community voted their favorites to the top. Only three of these shirts will make the cut, though, so check back over the next three days to see which new shirt has been put up for sale.

You can view all of the entries here, or if you prefer, skip right to the top vote-getters. Today's reveal was the #1 voted shirt, a Monty Python and the Holy Grail meets Monopoly mashup (pictured above). Other candidates for the weekend include spoofs on Trivial Pursuit, Risk, Life, Pandemic, Catan, and the D20.

Unfortunately "My Bad," a hip-hop parody of Sorry, did not make the cut.

By Danica Davidson

If you like reading T-shirts as much as you like reading comics, you need to check out tees from Threadless. And if you want to help make a comic book T-shirt with Neil Gaiman, you need to check out this contest from Threadless.

The contest will end on May 4, so time is running out. Neil Gaiman has written a short script that will run front and back on a T-shirt, and the contest is to design the art for the shirt. How you design it is up to you — will it be full of word bubbles? Will you express more through drawings alone? When the contest is over, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund will pick its favorite. On top of that, 25% of the earnings from the winning T-shirt will go to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund to help them continue their good work. Read More...

By Danica Davidson

T-shirts can be a great way of displaying your personality. So if you like comic books, how about wearing comics T-shirts? And if you make your own comics, how about getting them on a T-shirt? Comic Strip Tees has a solution for you.
Each day the website will show a different comic, and you have one week to purchase a shirt with that comic on it. (Does this count as a limited edition comic book?) The artists receive $2 of every purchase, and they don’t have to worry about losing any of their rights.

Comic Strip Tees has three things in mind: helping artists showcase and earn money, giving people new comics to read daily, and to let readers discover new writers and artists they like. To begin with, they’re showing (on cloth!) the work of Mike Allred, Roger Langridge, Simon Fraser, and Pat Barrett. Read More...

By Danica Davidson

Remember Furbies? Of course you do. This toy hit it big in the late ‘90s, and like so many things in geek and pop culture, it’s caught the eye of WeLoveFine. Along with all its Star Wars, My Little Pony and comic book inspired merchandise, WeLoveFine has announced its foray into Furby world.

WeLoveFine describes its new T-shirts:

“ ‘Furby Metal’ is a stealth entry into our Rock Tees category, as well; hey, heavy metal lyrics are often hard to understand, right? It makes an odd bit of sense if you consider that Furby's speaking his own language anyway. ‘While You Sleep’ taps into that fine line between childhood love of your Furby... and actual concern for what he was plotting when you drifted off to dreamland. (Aaah! No, it's cool, he's watching you dream. Maybe...) Finally, two of our most popular pop-culture mash-up themes make their way into this collection with ‘Fur Roh Dah’ and ‘Tickles Are Coming’!”


By Danica Davidson

WeLoveFine — the place with the “Freakin’ Awesome Tees!!!!” — is back with more cool merchandise. Remember learning about Art Deco in Art Appreciation class? Well, Art Deco is not an art style of the past: WeLoveFine now has an Art Deco category.

“The iconography of this early 20th-century art movement makes for apparel that is both visually striking and a subtle, fashionable take on geek culture apparel!” WeLoveFine said in an official press release. So how is the company mixing Art Deco with geekery? Read More...

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