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Witchblade #142


Click the covers for previews of the new titles coming to stores on Wednesday, January 26.

Twilight Guardian #1 Exclusive


Top Cow Productions has sent along an exclusive look at the 2008 Pilot Season winner, Twilight Guardian #1 which hits shelves Wednesday January 26. Click the image below to read the preview here exclusively!



The Pilot Season Winner Returns!
The tale of a lone, dedicated hero patrolling her nine block suburban neighborhood captured the imaginations of fans during 2008's Pilot Season and after heated voting emerged as one of the winning titles.

Now Eisner-nominated creator and writer Troy Hickman (Common Grounds) returns with a four issue limited series, which will delve into Twilight Guardian's past, her motivations for crime fighting, and even give her an Read More...

Artist Jeremy Haun, best known for his work on Detective Comics and Top Cow's own Berserker series has signed to an exclusive deal with Top Cow! His first duties in the house of Cow is to dive into the world of The Darkness on issue 96.

Here's Haun flanked by Top Cow publisher Filip Sablik and President Matt Hawkins. Check out the official press release from Top Cow below the photo.


Now the enigmatic "All Is Lost" teaser and trailer is starting to make a whole lot more sense!

Top Cow has just announced that they are launching in April "Netherworld," a 5-issue limited series by Bryan Edward Hill and Rob Levin (PILOT SEASON: 7 DAYS FROM HELL, BROKEN TRINITY: PANDORA’S BOX) and the art team of Tony Shasteen and colorist JD Mettler (WITCHBLADE: ANNUAL, STEPHEN KING’S TALISMAN).

Check out some great preview art below, and stay tuned for more news about this exciting new series!


MTV Geek is pleased to present to you the teaser trailer to Top Cow's "We Are All Lost," a new series scheduled to hit stands in April!

Top Cow promises to reveal more about "We Are All Lost" next week!


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"Echoes" #1 -- the first comic from Top Cow's Minotaur line -- sold out last Thursday, one day after hitting stands. Is the first issue of the comic, much like those of other "indie" hits like "Morning Glories" and "Twenty-Seven," on the road to being the next big comic collector's must-have? As of this writing the prices on eBay for "Echoes" #1 weren't too inflated -- though sales were brisk, with almost every copy offered over the weekend selling.

Joshua Hale Fialkov, who along with artist Rahsan Ekedal brought "Echoes" to life, had this to say to MTV Geek regarding the news of his book's success:

"It's exciting. You know, you work really, really hard on comics, much harder than just about anybody who's not a professional creator realizes. Especially on an independent book, where you have to kill yourself screaming from the rooftops about what you're doing and why retailers and readers should take a few bucks out of their wallets and take a chance. I've been working in comics for around eight years now, and this is just simply the best reaction and most excitement I've seen for any of my work, so it's very, very rewarding.

Now, to just remind retailers to order the rest of the issues!"


By Alex Zalben

Echoes #1

Everybody has secrets, and some are worse than others. And then some are way, way worse than that. That, in a nutshell, is the premise of Top Cow’s new mini-series Echoes at least at the outset – though I think it’ll go a little deeper and weirder as it continues.

The mostly unnamed protagonist of Joshua Hale Fialkov’s series is dealing with the birth of his first child, and the death of his father at the same time (I think, there’s a bit of jumping timelines going on). As his father passes away, he leaves one piece of information: find the box in the basement of Thirteen Thirty-Nine Haymaker, an abandoned old house outside of town. And if you guessed that he finds porn mags in the box, well, you’d be only partially right. Our hero’s search is a little complicated by the fact that he’s taking anti-psychotics, and what he finds in the house may be real, or it may be entirely in his head.

There’s a lot of set-up in this issue, and only a little bit of pay-off, which is okay (but not great) for the first issue of a five issue mini-series. The question, of course, is: is this enough to get you hooked? Maybe, and it depends almost entirely on what direction the creators go in. Read More...

Need to catch up with your favorite Top Cow comics? Three trade paperbacks hit stands tomorrow from the publisher: Tracker Vol. 1, Magdalena Origins Vol. 1, and Darkness Accursed Vol. 4. Check out a whole free first issue from each (Tracker #1, Darkness #80, and Darkness Vol. 1, #15) below!

Tracker Volume 1 Trade Paperback

The first property from Heroes and Villains Entertainment collected!
Alex O’Roark, the FBI’s top tracker, has his perfect life ripped to shreds when a case to capture the world’s most dangerous serial killer leads him straight into the maw of a werewolf. Now, keeping his secret from his gorgeous fiancé and the FBI, he must hunt down the wolf that infected him before the disease turns him into a monster. Read More...

"Echoes" by Joshua Hale Fialkov and Rahsan Ekedal is the first book published by Top Cow's Minotaur imprint. MTV Geek chatted with Fialkov -- who has received kudos recently for his work on the serialized Kindle comic/graphic novel "Tumor" -- about Minotaur, "Echoes," and his own upcoming project for MTV Comics!

MTV Geek: What does it feel like kicking off Top Cow's new Minotaur line with "Echoes?" Any pressure?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: It's a great opportunity for us and the book. There've been some killer books under the banner the first time around, and I've seen some of the stuff they have coming up, so it's a big honor to be first out of the gate. As far as pressure, this is one of the biggest publisher's I've worked for, and they're really putting a ton behind the book, so, if anything, I just want the book to succeed to make them all know that their hardwork was completely worth it.

Geek: In your opinion, how is the Minotaur imprint different from Top Cow as a whole? In terms of tone, editorial involvement, etc.?

Fialkov: Well, I think people expect a certain kind of book from Top Cow, rightly or wrongly, and Minotaur is a chance for people to see what Top Cow is up to in actuality. I think that while there's been a ton of Read More...

Top Cow's pubisher Filip Sablik is getting a promotion of sorts -- working at comic book shop Collector’s Paradise in Winnetka, CA for a day to promote Toys for Tots. It's just another example of how comic book publishers and fans can use the hobby we all love to help those in need.

Sablik wil be playing the dual roles of Santa and sales associate at the store on December 15 (his birthday), ringing up purchases and hand-selling copies of new Top Cow releases "Velocity" #3 and Witchblade Annual 2010. But that's not all: every Collector's Paradise customer who either buys a Top Cow product or brings an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots will receive a special gift from Sablik!

Read the full press release for more details:

Press Release

LOS ANGELES, Calif., December 9, 2010 – Schizophrenia, resentment, doubt…murder? These are all things Brian Cohn inherits from his father in Top Cow Productions’ newly suspense/thriller, ECHOES, the first independent-styled series coming out of Minotaur Press.

From the creative minds of acclaimed author Joshua Hale Fialkov (TUMOR) and rising artist Rahsan Ekedal (CREEPY), the first issue of the 5-issue miniseries, ECHOES #1, debuts the end of this month. Brian Cohn was learning to deal with the Schizophrenia inherited from his father. Supportive wife, new baby on the way, drugs to control the voices. But when on his father’s deathbed, he learns that he also inherited the trophies of his father’s career as a serial killer. Will his madness send him further down into the crawlspace of his father’s mind?

"I could not be more excited for the world to see the hard work Rahsan and I have done over the past few months,” said Fialkov. “Echoes is by far the darkest book I've ever done, and I couldn't be more grateful to the folks at Top Cow for taking a chance on something so... outside the box. Now, do me a favor and give a try to prove them right for taking the chance!" Read More...

MTV Geek has exclusively learned from Top Cow Productions that the comic book “39 Minutes,” by William Harms and Jerry Lando, has just won the publisher’s 2010 “Pilot Season” competition. Pilot Season is an initiative by Top Cow in which a series of one-shots are previewed for the public and voted on -- the winner becoming a regular series. In a sense, it’s comics at its most democratic, putting the decision-making in the hands of the fans. As Top Cow publisher Filip Siblik describes it, “The format really allows us as a publisher and creators as well to explore some unique ideas and gauge fan and retailer interest in them. Each year, we've refined the process and broadened the appeal of Pilot Season and that's something we're committed to continue doing.”

As one can imagine, the creators of “39 Minutes” are ecstatic. Harms, who also wrote the comic “Impaler,” told MTV Geek, “I'm kind of speechless right now. All of the books in this year's competition are really good, so I'm excited and humbled that 39 Minutes came out on top.” Up-and-comer and Joe Kubert school graduate Lando said, “I can't accurately express how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be able to continue with the story. Our fellow competitors all turned in amazing stories and I am truly grateful to everyone who voted for 39 Minutes.” Read More...

This is actually only my second or third exposure to the Top Cow universe proper in my time as a comic reader. I vaguely recall thumbing through issues of both The Darkness and Witchblade around their inception but neither really did much for me. I suppose the greatest exposure I’ve had to these characters is through other media, in particular, the short-lived live action Witchblade show and its recent animated offering, as well as the video game adaptation of The Darkness. I suspect it speaks to the mutability and flexibility of these worlds and characters that they’re able to spin off works in other media, even if people like myself aren’t too familiar with the source material.

Which is kind of a long way of saying that at the core of it, Phil Hester is doing some clever remixing and revamping of The Darkness formula, making it a title that’s starting to grab my interest. For those of you unfamiliar with the series, it follows mob hitman Jackie Estacado, bearer of “the Darkness,” a kind of supernatural armor and weapons system which is one part Venom symbiote and another part Green Lantern ring. The Top Cow universe essentially focuses on artifacts like the Witchblade and the Darkness, fusing them with a sort of baroque Catholic-inspired mythology, featuring a never ending war between angelic and demonic forces. Read More...

Press Release

Like fast women? Top Cow Productions, Inc. proudly announced today that the third issue of Pilot Season 2007 winning title, Velocity #3, will speed into stores Wednesday, December 15, and Velocity #1 will be available for free digitally for those who have not jumped into the series.

Featuring the creative collaboration of writer Ron Marz (Witchblade, Artifacts) and artist Kenneth Rocafort (Cyberforce/Hunter-Killer), Velocity #3 finds Carin Taylor, the hero known as Velocity, racing around the globe in an attempt to save her Cyberforce teammates as the clock is literally ticking on her life. If Carin can’t beat the clock, she and her friends will succumb to a techno-virus and give Cyberforce’s greatest foe his greatest victory.

The 32 page limited series issue carries a cover price of $3.99.

The first issue will be available for free through many of Top Cow’s digital distribution partners, as well as through select comic book and pop culture news sites like Comic Book Resources, Newsarama and MTV Geek.

Check out Velocity #1 right here:

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