Mattel recently revealed lots of upcoming action figures throughout their entire library of Collector Toys. One of the sets that really wowed us was the Crime Syndicate! They’ll be released as a Wal-mart exclusive box set, and are part of the ever-incredible DC Universe Classics line. Thanks to the recent DC Animated JLA: Crisis on 2 Earths movie, these evil doppelgangers have worked their way into the consciousness of society, and therefore, this box set is going to prove hard to find. Diabolical!

Ultraman, Owlman, Superwoman, Power Ring, and Johnny Quick all look like they’re ready to beat some heroic ass, and with the exception of Ultraman, are debuting in DCUC for the very first time! Ultraman was released previously in a Matty Collector Exclusive two-pack, but this is his first time wearing his modern outfit.

Check out our video interview from Toy Fair 2011:

Toy Fair 2011: Eric 'Cornboy' Mayse On Mattel's DC Universe Action Figures, pt 1

Toy Fair 2011: Eric 'Cornboy' Mayse On Mattel's DC Universe Action Figures, pt 2

Let’s take a look at closer look at these criminal masterminds:


Mattel’s reveals of their Masters of the Universe Classics were the highlight of their Collector-Media Event during Toy Fair. The display of new characters was quickly swarmed like… something that gets swarmed, we guess. For fans of the line, some long awaited characters made their triumphant debuts, along with a few that people weren’t expecting. You wanna know who? You wanna see the photos? Of course you do, because you’re just as addicted to the unstoppable power of He-Man as we are!
The current release list, as announced during the presentation is:

March: King Hiss and Battle Armor Skeletor

April: Sy-Klone, Panthor, and the Weapon’s Rack

May: Catra

June: Faceless One and Battleground Teela (The Quarterly figure)

July: Clawful

August: Man-E-Faces and Megator (The Oversize Beast)

Check out our video interview from Toy Fair 2011:

Toy Fair 2011: Eric Treadaway On Mattel's Masters of the Universe Toys


At Toy Fair, one of the top things on our list was to see McFarlane Toys’ upcoming figures based on The Walking Dead comic and television series, and see them we did! There were four 2up prototypes (the large scale sculpts the factory uses as a model for the smaller production pieces) on display, along with mock ups of the packaging for the line. These were all from the comic book-based line, since only a placard with photos of the characters slated for the television line was shown. Officer Rick Grimes, Michonne, and two zombies were visible in the display case and looked be very limited on articulation, but high in detail.


Ahhhh, 1984! It was the year the world was introduced to 3 things that could possibly bring about an apocalyptic future: the minivan, The Cosby Show, and the dreadful discovery that Terminator androids would soon wipe out humanity. Yes, 1984 was the year Arnold Schwarzenegger became the Terminator to millions of Americans as they sat in the dark theaters, witnessing him gun down random women named Sarah Connor and just about anyone else who happened to cross his path. Fast forward 27 or so years later and NECA Toys is finally bringing the original T-800 into your home. Sure there have been Terminator figures before, but those have all been based on later films, and while good, just didn’t have that 80’s feel to them. This was long before Schwarzenegger was the protective robot guardian to John Connor. No, this was the Terminator that rarely spoke and had no qualms about pulling the trigger on anyone that got in his way!

At the 2011 Toy Fair, NECA had 5 figures on display from their Terminator line. 3 were versions of the T-800 from the original film, while the other 2 were based on the T-1000 from T2 played by Robert Patrick. While other companies have produced Terminator toys in the past, and with NECA even doing their own for the later films, it’s surprising after all this time that there can still be innovation in the sculpting of this line. The figures all look fantastic, from the gaping hole in the face of the menacing T-1000 to the dated haircut on the T-800. It looks like the figure line up will include: The Terminator, Police Station Assault Terminator (from the time he was killing cops left and right while hunting down Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor), Battle Damaged Terminator (from the time he was…battle damaged), Motorcycle Cop T-1000 (showing off the look when he was hunting John Connor through the streets of L.A.), & Steel Mill T-1000 (from the end of T2). All of the figures shown looked fantastic, and would be welcome additions to anyone’s collections… unless they have a thing against killer robots. Buncha wimps. The figures look to be tentatively slated for later this year.


For all of you that are rabid gamers, look no further than NECA Toys for your action figure fix! At the 2011 Toy Fair, NECA unveiled a number of figures that fans are sure to get excited over. While packaged copies of their current lineup was shown (Dead Space 2, Splinter Cell, Crisis 2, & Bulletstorm), the protyopes for Gears of War 3 and Duke Nukem were shown. Yes, THAT Duke Nukem! He features a spot-on sculpt, massive amounts of articulation, and even his trademark cigar! After years for waiting for a new game, now fans of the toughest s.o.b. in the universe can now have him standing on their shelves, guns in hand and ready to unload on any alien/monster/jerk that gets in his way!

The Gears of War 3 line mirrors the look of the videogame, with Marcus and his squad of kill-machines getting an upgrade in the detail department. Each figure looks to have plentiful articulation that stays relatively unseen thanks to the ingenious way it’s worked into the sculpts. One big reveal of note is the inclusion of Anya, the female soldier in the squad. She is the first female figure to be released in the Gears line to date, and is a welcome addition. Also on hand was the statue of Cole in his Thrashball uniform, and a full-sized Lancer Assault Rifle complete with splattered blood-deco. Overall, NECA seems to know exactly what kind of toys gamers want to own, and we can’t wait to get our hands on these releases later this year!


Spider-Man is like a force of nature! Like most of Hasbro’s toy brands, Spidey always has a presence on the shelf. This year sees the release of quite a few comic-based versions while we all wait patiently for the new Spider-Man movie set to be released in 2012. While adult collectors might be able to pass on a lot of this (no doubt for other Marvel figures), kids will have an absolute blast! Do you have the burning desire to shape some up and coming child prodigy to the ways of geekdom? Well, look no further than Hasbro’s assortment of Spider-man Web Battlers, which feature action features and non-removable weaponry. That means you’ll never find some web-nunchucks stashed in your toaster. You all know how manacing kids can be! The 3 ¾” figure assortment does have a few collector treasures in the villains department. Scorpion and the Lizard were both present and look very cool. While the 3 ¾” figures are available now, the Web battlers won’t be out until spring… of course, according to the groundhog that should be soon, right?


Hasbro’s biggest showing this year went to the Transformers! With Transformers Prime currently airing on the Hub Channel, and Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon revving up to hit theaters on July 1st there was just no escaping the draw of those shiny, metal alien overlords… errr, protectors. We meant, ”protectors”. The biggest surprise from the show didn’t come from the toys however, because parked outside the Times Center was none other than Optimus Prime himself, complete with trailer!

Granted, it did take an actual Transformer being present to pull away any excitement about the toys which are really a step above what was seen with the previous 2 films. There are two lines of figures: the Mechtech, and Cyberverse assortments and look to be what most collector’s desire from their Autobot and Decepticon toys. The Transformers Prime figures, which MTV Geek has previously reported on, were also present and look even better in person. It’s really amazing just how show accurate they are able to get the figures and still allow for articulation and proper transforming. This is definitely shaping up to be a huge year for Transformers fans, and we are right there with ya! Most of the toys are scheduled to start hitting stores in May, while larger items like the Ultimate Optimus Prime and The Ark playset will be released soon after the film.

Let's first take a look at the Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Cyberforce sets:

Cyberverse Action Sets



Hasbro has a lot in store for their Marvel Universe 3 ¾” action figure line. Some of the most requested and obscure characters are going to be popping up in coming waves and 2 packs, 3 packs, Masterwork box sets, Giant battles assortments, and tons more! While tons of items were revealed during their Collector-Fan Event presentation, some of those sadly weren’t present on the showroom floor (we’re lookin’ at you, Thanos and Adam Warlock 2 Pack). Still, there were plenty of new figures, and we here at MTV Geek are bringing you our Top Ten list of the coolest soon-to-be-released Marvel Universe toys!

10. Dr. Doom


Hasbro’s Collector-Fan Media Day had so many exciting reveals that it’s tough to categorize them by importance. However, we here at MTV Geek were patiently awaiting any and all news on 2012’s relaunch of 6” Marvel Legends to the action figure aisle. Although no photography was allowed during the slide presentation, we can fill you in on the info, and show off Hasbro’s Marvel Legend predecessor, the 6” Iron Man line.

At the presentation, a 6” Marvel Legends figure was shown, and it was epic! Thor stood there stoically on the screen wearing the uniform he is currently seen sporting in his Marvel Comics’ appearances. Both the sculpt and paint deco were very detailed, and it was announced that he will kick off the line as one of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives! It was also hinted that he would feature special packaging with possible light and sound features. The only other ML reveal was an early look at a computer-aided sculpt for an Ultimate Hawkeye figure. He appeared to be garbed in his uniform from Ultimates III which includes the bullseye-emblazoned full-face mask. His tentative accessories were also pictured, including 2 crossbow pistols. While this was an extremely unpolished sneak peek, we really like the way Marvel Legends seems to be headed! Geez, the line doesn’t see actual release until 2012, so the apocalypse better just hold of for a while, cause we have to own these!


Back in the early 80’s, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi had a very different moniker. Yep, right up until its initial release, Episode 6 was better known as “Revenge of the Jedi”. Why change the title? Oh right, that whole thing with Jedi being peace-loving, non-revenge-getting hippies! What’s the use of having a stinkin’ lightsaber if you can’t use it to reap tons and tons of hardcore revenge?! Oh well, everyone can’t be as enlightened as us in such matters. Hasbro has decided it’s high time “Revenge” is celebrated with some cool new action figure releases!

At Hasbro’s Collector-Fan Media Day, it was unveiled that there will be 12 new Vintage figures released on the Revenge of the Jedi cardback. Not only that, but they’re going to be chase figures randomly packed in case assortments. We were told that the Revenge figures wouldn’t be quite as hard to find as the Treasure Hunt versions of old; but, we don’t foresee finding all 12 out in the wilds of the local toy aisles to be an easy accomplishment. The 12 figures are: Jedi Luke Skywalker, Stormtrooper, Endor Han Solo, R2-D2, Darth Vader, B-Wing Pilot, Admiral Akbar, Boba Fett, Endor Rebel Trooper, Wicket, Slave Leia, & a Tie Fighter Pilot.


Lightning is set to strike as Marvel’s Thor film makes its way into theaters on May 6th! Hasbro has unveiled a full line of 3 ¾’ figures to accompany the movie, and all feature weapons with enhanced features like pop-out blades or more pop-out blades. Norse gods just can’t get enough of melee weapons! Plus, is there anything cooler than having a toy of Sir Anthony Hopkins (Odin) sporting an eyepatch and full battle armor?! Well, yeah there probably is, but we sure can’t think of it at the moment. These figures, along with scads of other collectibles and toys should be hitting store shelves this Spring, so you’ll have plenty of time to track down that badass Destroyer figure before the film sees release.


Hasbro’s line of Pursuit of Cobra G.I. JOE action figures has been wildly successful. The extreme attention to detail, strong construction, intuitive articulation build, and insane amount of extra accessories has helped push this latest line to a lot of fan’s favorite’s lists. Thankfully, it looks like 2011 is going to see the quality of the JOE figures not only rise, but see a new packaging format and theme. The JOE line will have 3 carded variations: G.I. JOE, COBRA, & Renegades. Yes, to the elation of fans, the regular G.I. JOE line and its style are not being phased out for the new animation-based figures. Instead, much like the earlier Resolute toys, the Renegades figures will be done in a realistic style that still manages to channel the look of the show. After seeing some of these figures, we are astounded that Hasbro can produce such fine detail in this scale while still not having the figures fall apart in our hands. The first of these new figures will find their way to the toy aisle this Summer!


Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger battles its way to the big screen on July 22nd, and Hasbro is set to deploy a whole brigade of new 3 ¾” figures based on Cap’s movie and comic appearances! Cap’s supporting cast of heroes and villains are also seeing the light of day as action figures with such standouts as Captain Britain and the mercenary Crossbones. U.S.Agent, Bucky Cap, and the Winter Soldier are but a few more of the standouts, not mentioning all of the toys bearing a striking resemblance to Chris Evans. These guys are set to invade store shelves this Spring!


Hasbro unveiled quite a few new products during their Collector-Fan Media Day. Every toy line that we salivate for from their company was represented with amazing new toys, and a few surprises. One of the biggest announcements was the release of an all new Skystriker jet for the current G.I. JOE line! During the early 80’s that jet was the epitome of JOE transportation and weaponry, and every “cool kid” had one. However, at some point the molds were lost or destroyed, so Hasbro had no way of re-releasing the Skystriker back into any future lines. Now after all this time, Hasbro decided to finally just say “screw it” and made a whole new Skystriker to the delight of fans everywhere!


Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hits theaters on May 20th, and Jakks Pacific is going to make sure you have all of the no-good scoundrels you can handle in toy form!  From the stumbling bravery of Jack Sparrow to the intimidating badassery of Blackbeard, the entire main cast is present and accounted for. The 4” line of figures that feature Blacklight Reveal and a massive playset (in the form of The Queen Anne’s Revenge ship) is just one of the many plans to capitalize on the masses lust of all things “pirate” that Jakks has in store.

While touring the Jakks Pacific showroom, we were surprised to find out that the upcoming 6” collector line has been outfitted with the age-old fan favorite: The Build-A-Figure! Yes, you read that right – if you snatch up the entire series of 6 inchers, you can build a full-sized figure of Gunner. While we’re not quite sure what kind of role Gunner plays in the film, he looks like one tough s.o.b.!

We recently talked with Andrew Kovall, National Sales Manager for Jakks Pacific, about the upcoming lines and why the Blacklight Reveal feature is not to be missed:

Andrew Kovall On Jakks Pacific's 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Toys

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