You're never quite sure what you'll see from a game publisher at Toy Fair, with the trade show being overshadowed by Gen Con and the Essen Spiel, both of which serve as the launching point for most new game products. Every now and then, though, the timing matches up, and a game times perfectly for a Toy Fair preview. Such was the case at the Publisher Services Inc. (PSI) booth, where the distributor had representatives from Steve Jackson Games, Stronghold Games, and Stratus Games on hand to show off their upcoming releases.


Toy Fair 2012: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

A few weeks ago, MTV Geek had the honor of debuting the entire lineup of new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Playmates Toys. While we thought it couldn't possibly get any better, during Toy Fair 2012 Playmates had a few tricks up their sleeves and unveiled 2 painted figures, an unpainted prototype, and 3 pieces of character artwork based on creatures old and new from the TMNT-universe! Naturally, upon seeing this we geeked out right there in front of the Playmates Reps, and then proceeded to take a bunch of photos. Now it's your turn!

Read on for closer looks at the upcoming figures that will give the Heroes in a Halfshell something to fight.


It may not be an "unexpected journey" (the Hobbit movie game rights have been split between Wizkids, Cryptozoic, and LEGO), but Fantasy Flight Games has enough Tolkien titles to take you on their own trip through Middle-earth.


A packaging mock-up for the upcoming Clue Elimination shown at Toy Fair 2012

Of all the games I was expecting to see from Hasbro at this year's Toy Fair, a dart shooting version of Clue was not among them. Color me surprised, but also color me impressed. Clue Elimination draws more inspiration from the free-form live-action game of Assassin than it does from traditional Clue, but Clue Elimination also looks quite fun.


Toy Fair 2012: Square Enix Visits Arkham

Being huge fans of Square Enix' Play Arts Kai figures, the company's booth at Toy Fair 2012 was one of our most anticipated stops. While we are anticipating having the upcoming Batman and Joker from their 'Batman: Arkham City' line in our collections very soon, we are already anticipating even more figures after seeing the Armored Batman and Harley Quinn on display! Square Enix is producing figures that , while more expensive than some, are works of highly-articulated art. Don't believe us? Just check out the upcoming photos!

Read on for a case file's worth of photos from the Batman: Arkham Asylum display!


Toy Fair 2012: Cornboy Talks Mattel's DC Universe Figure Lines

Welcome back to our coverage of Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro! while the first part concentrated on the party itself and the amazing Outer Space Men customs, this round we're concentrating a little more on the darker side of things-- the Gothitropolis side of things, to be exact! In 2011, Scarabus (the first figure from the line) made his presence felt in our annual Top Ten Toys list, and the two new figures unveiled during the Toypocalypse show at TT Undergound will be hot on his heels hooves! While Toy Fair 2012 allowed us to see many, many great new action figures at the Javits Center, this gallery show blew us away. Long live the independents!

Read on for a photo-filled look at some incredible toy sculpts and upcoming releases from Gothitropolis!


So some of you may remember my interview at last year's NY Toy Fair with the fabulous Robyn from Underground Toys. She gave us the scoop on all their fabulous Star Wars plush toys and we got the special preview of their 24" plush Chewie, which was a HUGE HIT in my office this past year.  It literally brought tears of joy to many an MTV employee!! This year Underground Toys has even more cool stuff to show us, including these ball plush toys AND keychain size toys like Jawa! I squeezed the Jawa and it immediately screamed UTINNI at me!! I think that's my favorite Star Wars soundboard bite ever.


Hasbro's Nerf line includes traditional sports balls, foam dart and disc guns, and also the Super Soaker brand, but all of them managed to receive impressive updates at this year's Toy Fair. The focus of these new products' features were either ways to play at night or ways to make blasters larger and more powerful. Either way, I can't wait to get my hands on them.


Toy Fair 2012: NECA Hunger Games Toys

On March 23rd "The Hunger Games" battles its way into theaters, giving fans of the book trilogy a (hopefully) faithful adaptation to the prose full of teenaged death battles! To celebrate the release of the first film, NECA Toys is set to unleash a ton of new merchandise based on the film, including their signature style of incredible action figure goodness! During Toy Fair 2012, we stopped by the NECA booth to see what we can look forward to seeing the Tribute's faces plastered on.

Read on for a look at everything for "The Hunger Games" from action figures to socks!


Think Risk, but with a lot more political back-stabbing. And fun.

In that cool "we read the books long before they were popular" sort of way, Fantasy Flight Games has publishing Game of Thrones board and card games for 10 years. Now don't you feel late to the party?

Lucky for you, we got to chat with Fantasy Flight's sales manager, Bryan Bornmueller, at Toy Fair 2012, where he gave us a rundown on the publisher's history with the franchise, as well as a first-hand look at the newly-released second edition of the Game of Thrones Board Game.


If hanging out on Free Comic Book Day and New York Comic Con wasn't enough, Liz Lee recently took over Toy Fair 2012! The My Life As Liz star cavorted with Power Rangers, oohed and ahhed over R2D2, and geeked out over Adventure Time!

Watch...Liz Lee's Toy Fair Adventure!

Toy Fair 2012: Liz Lee's Toy Fair Adventure

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These games have put Cryptozoic on the map, but are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what the publisher has in store for the remainder of 2012.

One hobby gaming company making their Toy Fair debut this year was Cryptozoic Entertainment, and if first impressions don't lie, the Cryptozoic booth will be a fixture for years to come. The publisher made a splash in 2011 with games based on World of WarcraftThe Walking Dead, Penny Arcade, and even some of their own original creations, but Toy Fair gave us a look into the company's future.

Most of those previously mentioned licenses will continue on this year, but several more will be joining the pack. These include The Big Bang Theory, DC Comics, The Hobbit movie series, and Castle. This is all in addition to the just-released Locke & Key card game and other future releases we have already previewed, giving Cryptozoic quite the 2012 release slate


We've been singing the praises of Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select line for a while now. It seems with each new release, their take on Marvel Comics' most influential characters just keep getting better and better in sculpting, paint, and articulation. This year, the Marvel Select line also shares some it's releases with not one, but two upcoming movies: "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man"! During Toy Fair 2012, we got a good look at the upcoming figures and were blown away by what we saw-- and now it's your turn!

Read on for looks at each of the Marvel Select offerings, starting with a couple of toys based on "The Avengers".


Before Toy Fair 2012 officially began, the Four Horsemen and Toy Tokyo started things in style with the second annual Toypocalypse show at TT Underground Gallery in New York City. The show titled "Futuretro" kicked off with an exclusive set of "Cosmic Creators" Outer Space Men with a special color-scheme by original O.S.M.-creator Mel Birnkrant, a print from Horsemen-collaborator Nathan Baertsch, and signatures from the Horsemen themselves along with Mr. Birnkrant! While we attended and had a helluva time, we also managed to snap a ton of photos so those of you that weren't able to attend could feel like you did-- minus the open bar.

Read on for photos of all the unabashed awesomeness!


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