An Iron Man in Mk. VII armor with motion-activated LEDs! Justice League of the New 52! The promise of an Iron Patriot figure!

Those are some of the highlights of host Steven Smith's chat with a Kotobukiya rep at Toy Fair about the figure and statue maker's upcoming line of comic-related releases.

After the jump, get a look at some of Kotobukiya's 2013 lineup in video form as well as pictures of their Daredevil, Vash the Stampede, Huntress, and more.


Archer_30_Bang_FXWEB_1280x720_13009987726By Zack Smith

“Daaaayyyyyynger Zooooooonnnnnnne!” The most important toy announcement of 2013 is here: FX’s animated spy comedy Archer is getting a slew of merchandise, including action figures.

Factory Entertainment has the license for the acclaimed cartoon, featuring plushes, Shakems and yes, action figures – and who’s more of an action figure than Sterling Archer? Read More...


"The Walking Dead" was all over Toy Fair 2013, and one of the coolest spots for undead goodness, and more based on "Dead" creator Robert Kirkman's other comic output was Diamond Selects Toys. DST teased its line of Zombie Bust Banks, Minimates, ice cube trays, and more from "Walking Dead" as well as minimates from the comics "Invincible" and "Thief of Thieves."

In non-Kirkman news...but in KIRK news (boom!) DST showed off a series of great looking toys based on "Star Trek: The Original Series" including Tribbles and even Khan...though he doesn't look like Benedict Cumberbatch at all. Back to the drawing board DST!

Check out all that and more in the video below!



Even though McFarlane Toys seems like a big company considering its amazing figures from such awesome lines as "The Walking Dead," "Halo," and multiple movies over the years, it really is an independent operation. It can't compete with the huge billion dollar companies like Hasbro and Mattel, and that's something that irks CEO Todd McFarlane. "Every time there's a really big license, they back up the breach truck, they dump the cash. And I can't compete with them." When asked about which license he would work on if he could, McFarlane said that he wishes he could strike a very unique deal with said huge companies. He said, "You are the master license of it, but McFarane gets to make one figure."

Find out which ONE figure he would do, if he had access to the licenses that are currently in the hands of the big boys in our Toy Fair video below:



Get a look at DC Collectibles' "Man of Steel" statues based on the upcoming movie. Check out how the company nails the likenesses and costuming of each character, including details about how the skintone is not painted, but constructed using colored material. Very cool stuff!

See more in our video tours from Toy Fair!


bandia power rangers mtvgeek

In honor of the 20th anniversary of the "Power Rangers", Bandai had the latest and greatest kaiju-tastic goodies at Toy Fair including the Power Action card game, masks, gloves, swords, and a wide array of action figures from the itty bitty, to the massive!

See more in our video tour of Bandai's booth below!



During Toy Fair, Funko revealed their new Pop Vinyl toys based on the great "Planet of the Apes" series. The first line consists of friend of human, and series ape hero Cornelius, General Ursus from "Beneath the Planet of the Apes," a working stiff Ape Solider, and of course, conflicted antagonist Dr Zaius from "Planet," "Beneath" and the TV series. No word yet on a smooching Taylor and Zira two-pack, but I'm crossing my fingers. And toes. Ape toes.



Ever wanted to have a little "Dark Passenger" from "Dexter" of your own? And by that I totally don't mean, have you ever wanted to secretly live a double life as a regular blood-splatter analyst by day and as a serial murderer of bad guys by night. I mean have you ever, like literally, wanted a little Dark Passenger of your own, that you could play with in the yard, pose on a shelf, or take to the tub? If your answer is yes, then Bif Bang Pow has what needed at this year's Toy Fair. If your answer was yes to the first question, then please seek professional help.



During Toy Fair, Jazwares gave MTV Geek's Steven Smith a super-awesome sneak-peek at two never-before seen "Adventure Time" toys: Marceline's Guitar and the Jake-To-Cake reverseable plushie! Check it out:



At Toy Fair, Dark Horse gave us an exclusive first look at the beautifully sculpted statue of one of "Game of Thrones'" undead White Walkers and we're thrilled to be able to show it off. Also, you'll get to see Peter Dinklage in statue form, ready for battle as Tyrion, and a pair of lovely "Thrones" bookends.

See your first look at the White Walker and more below!



Hasbro is celebrating "The Rise of Darth Vader" with its new line of "Star Wars" toys at Toy Fair complete with the transforming Anakin Skywalker to Darth Vader action figure, which sees the Jedi change into his role as the sinister Sith lord as you assemble parts of Vader's suit onto the poor, heartbroken Hayden Christensen. Also, get a look at the lightsaber that swaps colors when the Dark Side takes you over, and see what's coming up in the amazing "Star Wars Black" series in video tour of Hasbro's booth below!



Todd McFarlane was on hand at Toy Fair to unleash the next horde of the zombies and humans from "The Walking Dead" TV Series 3 and 4. The line includes (get out of here) Carl 2-Up Deco, Merle, several zombies and a special Michonne pack with two zombie pets. Check out more from Todd himself in our video tour of McFarlane's booth below!



The new Joker, Pandora, and a weird and wonderful Swamp Thing headline DC Collectibles' "New 52"  Toy Fair debuts!

Check it out:


To help celebrate "Doctor Who's" 50th Anniversary, Underground Toys is set to release a TARDIS-load of "Who" goodies (Whoodies?) upon you lucky Whovians. At Toy Fair, they showed off plushies, screwdrivers, and a special silver(?) TARDIS in honor of the big 5-0. But, you might ask, isn't gold traditionally the material for 50th anniversaries? Yes it is. But Underground has a special reason for why they went with silver. Check out that and more in our video tour of Underground's booth below!


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