Toys"R"Us and Entertainment Earth are not only going to have exclusive action figures for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International, but they're even bringing along a few toys that you can get early, before they hit TRU shelves later this summer and fall! From an Adventure Time two-pack of Finn and Fiona, to an extremely stealthy Predator, and even 4 massive Heroes in a Half-Shell, there's a little something for everybody-- so go ahead and expect a long-ass line! Still, if you purchase any of the TRU-exclusives at the E.E. booth, you'll also receive a free limited edition gold Monsuno Lock and Core figure, while they last.


The Golden Domo Bobblehead will be gracing San Diego Comic-Con this year from Mezco, along with his creator, animator Tsuneo Goda. Goda will be at the Dark Horse booth, #2615 Friday, July 13th at 3pm and Saturday, July 14th at 11am signing items for fans.

While we've had no shortage of new toy coverage as of late, thanks to the tons of 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International-exclusives, this weekend saw the annual G.I. JoeCon take place in the sweltering party-haven known as new Orleans, Louisiana and with it, the reveal of a ton of new G.I. Joe action figures! Sure, G.I. Joe: Retaliation was pushed back until the end of time March 29th, but that didn't stop Hasbro from whetting fan's collecting appetites with a slew of new 3 3/4" Joes from the film. Not only that, but prepare yourselves for a look at some of the tiniest combat-ready troops from both the Joe and Cobra forces to ever hit the battlefield with G.I. Joe Micro Force! These have that Super Hero Squad kinda feel, and we're dead set on acquiring that tiny Zartan!

Read on for some info straight from Hasbro themselves, along with a bunch of product photos-- cause we love ya!


It has begun! As the flood of con-exclusives have been/are being announced from almost all of the fan-favorite companies, we're bringing you our first review of some toys only available at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International: the black & white versions of Batman and Joker from Square Enix' Play Arts Kai line! Both of these figures are monochrome counterparts to the previously released versions based on the incredibly popular Batman: Arkham Asylum video game that stole a week or so of our life when it was released. We only got to borrow these two arch-enemies for a few days, but are they going to be worth our hard-earned cash when we make it to SDCC? Read on to find out!

As we've already reviewed the original version of Batman here, this look is going to be more pic-heavy (since we both know that's what you really came for)-- and Joker-centric!


Hot Toys. Is there anything they can't do, when it comes to creating freakishly life-like 1/6th scale toys based on movie properties?! Hot on the heels of their action figure reveals from this summer's The Avengers, comes information and photos on a Spider-Man figure from this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man! As you can see in the below photo, the extra head, featuring the likeness of actor Andrew Garfield is blurred out. Looks like they weren't quite happy with the sculpt before this was being sent out. Probably doesn't look so real that you feel creeped out by it yet-- Hot Toys never stops until they're at that point!

Read on for all the info, plus more photos than you probably want to even look at!


No, your eyes have not began deceiving you as part of their secret plot to escape your skull, that is the first image of Jaga from the classic ThunderCats animated series in Minimate form! HELL and YES! This photo showed up last night on Diamond Select Toys' Facebook page, along with a bit of info:

Here is Tuesday's Comic-Con feature - The Spirit of Jaga Minimate!
Jaga returns to Comic-Con in his spirit form, ready to guide Lion-O and the ThunderCats on their journey. “LIKE” if you still remember Jaga’s self-sacrifice to protect Lion-O and the ThunderCats.

Check out Jaga at Action Figure Xpress' booth - #3345

...aaaannnddd that's it. Not a ton of text, but it's managed to peak our excitement to see further ThunderCats Minimates, and to try and snag this one from Action Figure Xpress! We'll keep you posted as more on these are revealed.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for all your Diamond Select Toys ansd SDCC 2012 coverage!

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At the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International, Hasbro is bringing along a ton of highly-anticipated convention exclusive toys. Their Transformers brand, in particular, sees a lot of love with limited edition figures based on video games, animation, and even a comic book-style crossover with another Hasbro mainstay: G.I. Joe! The G.I. Joe crossover toy has apparently become an annual event after last year's incredible Starscream/Skystriker combo.

Read on for all the info on Bruticus, Cliffjumper, and the Shockwave H.I.S.S. Tank along with plenty more photos!


You know, your living room could really use something to tie the whole room together. Something tasteful, yet eye-catching. We recommend the 1:1 scale Iron Man Mark VII Life Size Bust, from this summer's The Avengers flick,that was just announced from Sideshow Collectibles! Sure it clocks in at around eight-hundred bucks, but the eyes and arc reactor light up so in theory you could just use Tony's bust to read by at night-- thus saving electricity, and totally deferring the cost of this collectible! Okay, maybe that's a little unreasonable on our part, but just look at how cool this thing is. It's up for pre-order now, so you've got until March of 2013 to figure out how to justify the purchase.

Read on for all the tidbits from Sideshow Collectibles, along with a photo gallery.


Full Disclosure: I've seen 52 episodes of The Hub's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Am I a fan? Not really, but I don't hate it either. You see, I am beholden to the whims of a nine year-old evil genius who manages to run roughshod over me when it comes to TV viewing, so seeing Rainbow Dash rushing headlong into trouble is now as common as witnessing Spider-Man doing the same. The show is surprisingly funny, with some jokes hitting the same all-ages flair as those found in Adventure Time and Regular Show, and we watch it together while hating on Applejack -- She's so needy! Anyway, while recently roaming the aisles at Meijer and looking for the new Hasbro 3 3/4" Avengers Hawkeye, I came across a temptation beyond compare: blind bagged toys! Not just any old pieces of hidden plastic, mind you, but My Little Pony! Knowing my addiction to secret toys AND my daughter's love of the cutie-marked equine, I grabbed a few and decided to review 'em.-- Cause why the hell not, right?


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Well, after a few weeks of tantalizing teases, Hot Toys has finally released tons of pics of their hyper-realistic "Joker 2.0" sixth scale figure. Basically, it's like having a miniature replica of Joker from "The Dark Knight" with you to frighten brighten your days. He has a table and lamp to pose with, several weapons, multiple hands, and interchangeable heads (one with the intriguing-sounding "patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System"). A Sideshow Collectibles exclusive, you can pre-order this amazingly-detailed doll for only $274.99 right here...or simply feast your eyes on these eye-popping pictures below:


At the San Diego Comic-Con International 2012, it looks like Kotobukiya has a theme for their exclusives with all four being variants of their insanely popular Bishoujo line of statues. Not only that, but they're spreading the love around the con with the gray costumed Black Widow being distributed by Shop AFX! So, that means standing in two long lines, but for four incredible statues. Not bad. Well, it IS-- but that's sadly just the way of SDCC. Read on for info on Black Widow, X-23, Storm, and Arisa along with plenty of photos from Kotobukiya!


It's SDCC time once again...which means a metric ton of con exclusives! Fans of the show 'Dexter" will definitely not be disappointed, with four different all-new items featuring their favorite psycho and all his friends:

The Dexter "Dark Passenger" 3-3/4-Inch Action Figure features him with his cute little welder's mask accessory, as well as a an exclusive "blood slide":


If all those on Olympus would deny me my vengeance, then all of Olympus will die.

That is the type of sweet nothings Kratos spews through gritted teeth in Playstation's God of War series of games. In fact, Kratos is quite possibly the angriest video game hero in existence. His never-ending grimace and hate-choked voice signify his desire for vengeance and/or an incredibly heinous case of hemorrhoids. C'mon, there's no way he's that tensed up all the time and still manages to keep regular bowel movements! But enough about Kratos' poop schedule and onto the subject at hand-- his new action figure from Square Enix' Play Arts Kai line! Long time readers of Geek will know that we're big fans of these figures with many a Metal Gear review under our belt. However, Kratos is a whole different monster demigod when compared to the sleek lines of a figure like Sneaking Suit Naked Snake.

Read on as we see if Kratos is worthy of the Toy Gods us, alone in a room full of plastic.


You might know high-end doll action-figure company Hot Toys from their hyper-realistic 1/6 scale "replicas" of such icons as the Christopher Reeve version of Superman. Well, the new "Dark Knight" Joker they've been teasing on their Facebook page as of late might blow all previous figures out of the water. Owning one of these babies will probably feel like having the Clown Prince Of Crime right in the room with you (pleasant dreams!):


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