At this year's San Diego Comic-Con 2011, ThunderCats were unleashed onto the hordes of fans in the form of the latest animated series premiere, and an exclusive figure from Bandai America's ThunderCats Classic line. The figure was available at the Entertainment Earth booth and was even able to be signed by the original voice actor for Lion-O, Larry Kenney. That opportunity was too good to pass up, so we here at MTV Geek got one signed, and then proceeded to tear it open for a review... because that's just how we do things! Welcome to our convention-based review of the convention-exclusive ThunderCats Classics Lion-O figure!


For the last few years, Mattel has had the exclusive license to produce action figures and other toys based on the larger than life Superstars of the WWE. During this time, Mattel has proven to have been a perfect choice as wave after wave of current wrestlers and beloved classic Superstars of old have been represented in well sculpted, accurately painted, and highly articulated detail. Today, at San Diego Comic Con 2011, Mattel is hosting an event to announce new WWE product and just happens to have a few special guests in tow.
Here are all the highlights from the panel:

-The room is crazy busy, and everyone is excited…making me nervous.

-Slide show presentation starts with WWE brand manager Enrique Rualcaba, showing basic figures including Survivor Series Legends that include Legends like The Rock in the basic line.


Just in case you guys haven't used up every inch of shelf/closet/drawer/display case space, we're giving away a collection of Mattel's Matty Collector action figures!

The collection includes:

- Ghostbusters Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

- Masters of the Universe Classics Queen Marlena Figure

- Young Justice Superboy in Cloning Chamber

- Hot Wheels Franken Berry Vehicle

- MOTUC Polly Pocket Collection

- Monster High Ghoulia Yelps™ Doll

- Green Lantern Kilowog

- Carol Ferris Barbie Doll


Marvel Legends was the toy line that started the super-articulated superhero genre in the toy world.
It featured so many various Marvel Comics characters, from A-listers to the bottom of the barrel.
After Hasbro's somewhat false start with the line a couple of years ago, after taking the over from Toy Biz, it looks like the Legends will be showing up on toy shelves (and into collector's waiting hands) in early 2012. We recently reviewed the SDCC exclusive Thor Marvel Legend figure, so after entering San Diego Comic-Con 2011 we made a b-line to the Hasbro booth in order to get a glimpse at the series 1 lineup. While there, we were fortunate enough to talk with Dwight Stall, senior production designer for Marvel Legends, Captain America, and Avengers at Hasbro about Series 1, what's coming up, and even some of the Legends that could use a do-over.

MTV Geek: So, we can now see that Marvel Legends are definitely back and we're excited to see them. What Marvel Legends product is Hasbro showing here on the con floor?

Dwight Stall: What were showing off this week at Comic-Con is our wave 1 relaunch of the Marvel Legends.we're going back to the Build-A-Figure format and have some exciting news in all aspects
of this product from packaging to product.


It’s heartbreaking to think the Space Shuttle program has officially ended, but it has. Thankfully LEGO is here to cheer us up with an updated LEGO Space Shuttle set complete with launchpad, ground crew and satellite!

The set was originally introduced in 2010 and aimed at the older (16+) LEGO crowd, but they have now released an updated 1,230 brick version after realizing younger builders liked the set too. The booster rockets have been reinforced as well as the landing gear to better accommodate playtime. The payload doors have also been beefed up and “can now be more rigorously opened and closed.” Lastly the astronaut minifigures now come with hair pieces and helmets, and their facial features have been updated. Read More...

There were no crowds of outraged customers. No screaming matches. Not a single punch was thrown. The apocalyptic predictions proved to be unfounded. No, the Shocker Toys panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 was quite laid back and without incident... except for legal papers being served. Yeah, you read that right. Let's get into it, shall we?


Marvel Legends is back, suckas! After being canceled over a year ago, the line that began with Toy Biz and then died with Hasbro has been resurrected and will be on shelves at the beginning of 2012! In its stead, Marvel Universe has risen up (in all of its 3 3/4" height will allow) and now has gained its own fair share of fans. Needless to say, the panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 opened to a packed room and massive applause. David Voner and Dwight Stall, product managers for Marvel Universe and Marvel Legends, respectively, ran through their lines upcoming highlights to the anticipation-filled crowd. Now, we're gonna tell you how it all went down.

The presentation began with this year's Comic-Con exclusives. While people are very familiar with the M.U. Sentinel and the M.L. Thor, there were also a Spider-Man Mighty Muggs with a removable mask and a Mighty Muggs Avengers set, featuring an over-sized Giant Man. Read More...

DC Direct consistently churns out better and better product of the character’s from the massive DC Comics’ universe. From prop replica power batteries, to waves of action figures from the most recent of comic storylines, DC Direct stays on their game. At San Diego Comic-Con 2011, the DC Direct team held a panel to detail some of the upcoming product they have slated for this year and beyond.


At San Diego Comic Con 2011, the Disney Store has partnered with Funko to bring some very exclusive Disney POP! Vinyl toys to the con floor. We spoke with John Balen, the Director for merchandise, toys,& hardlines for the Disney Store about the new toys and his excitement and love for the line was genuinely overflowing.

“We did these special for Comic Con to really introduce the Disney Store POP! Series to the con guests and as a way of saying, “Hey, here’s what we have at Disney Store. We have cool collectibles too, for guests of all ages.” Read More...

At this year's San Diego Comic Con 2011, Mattel once again held their annual Mattypalooza event in order to showcase their upcoming collector action figures. All of the fan-loved lines were present: DC Universe Classics, Voltron, Ghostbusters, and of course Masters of the Universe Classics! We were here, just as psyched as everyone else as the revelations were unleashed. We'll be doing posts for each line, but for now here is the big news as it was announced by the various directors of the lines:

DC Universe Classics
Club Infinite Earths will be a new subscription service for this year in the same vein as the Club Eternia sub.
Some figures were announced: Red Lantern Atrocitus, Jay Garrick Flash (to booming applause), and Starman.
Fans will get to vote on upcoming figures from Black Lantern Swamp Thing, The Shaggy Man, and more.


We’ve seen some awesome LEGO builds lately and this well-equipped Batcave put together by Flickr user Orion Pax is another great example. Not only is it full of Bat’s gadgets, but there’s also a pretty sweet Batmobile parked inside.

The Batcave took Pax about a week to build which is pretty impressive considering the timeframe other LEGO builds we’ve seen required. Inside you’ll find all sorts of Bat-goodies including the Bat-computer, the Batmobile -- which is based off the one we saw in Tim Burton’s films -- and of course Batman in minifigure form. Read More...

This year, DC Comics’ editorial brought Swamp Thing back into the DC Universe proper at the conclusion of their Brightest Day event. At almost the exact same time (as if it were planned?!), Mattel announced their San Diego Comic Con 2011 exclusive figure for their DC Universe Classics line was also the elemental force of nature. Now, with SDCC looming before us, we have Dr. Holland in hand and are bringing you the review!


The LEGO Group, Marvel and DC Comics made a pretty awesome announcement at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. The three companies are joining forces for a new line called 'LEGO Super Heroes' that will turn characters from both universes into mini-figs!

LEGO’s new DC line-up will be an extension of their Batman sets, but new characters -- including Superman, Lex Luthor, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern -- will be added to the line come January. It’s not just mini-figs; brand new DC construction sets, and buildable characters and creatures will all be available at launch. Read More...

On Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, Mattel had their toys displayed in full force. While a lot of the yet-to-be-released figures had been seen earlier at this year’s Toy Fair, one display case in particular got our attention…and then mesmerized us with its sheer awesomeness! That case held the previously-unseen lions, figures, and giant blazing sword for this year’s Voltron Lion Force!

The 3 3/4" figures and lions will be part of a subscription service available exclusively through the Matty Collector website called the 2012 Club Lion Force. Full details on the releases haven’t been announced yet, but you better believe we’ll be finding out during their upcoming fan panel. However, since we can’t give you the full lowdown—here are some photos to fill that giant robot-shaped hole in your heart. Read More...

Remember the classic tale of Alice in Wonderland? The one where she throws down on a steampunk-ish death train and helps the Walrus devour singing oysters during a live theater performance? No? well, then you obviously haven’t played Alice: Return to Madness, the video game sequel to American McGee’s original Alice game. In honor of the games release, and Diamond Select Toys’ acquiring of the license for toys, statues, and collectibles, they’re releasing an San Diego Comic Con exclusive! Today we’re taking an advanced look at Diamond Select Toys’ SDCC-Exclusive Alice Minimate!


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