Don't buy that overpriced pizza slice. Buy these exclusives that you can only get at the Con. Or on eBay a couple of days afterwards.


San Diego Comic Con is this week, and we just got our mitts on an action figure exclusive that’s fit for the gods! While we first saw the Heroic Age Thor during Hasbro’s slide show presentation at Toy Fair, that was only a quick shot of a prototype and then…nothing. Nope we didn’t hear a peep about this guy again until the other day and we were worried he had been scrapped. To our surprise, the Asgardian Prince showed up on our doorstep right before his debut at SDCC, and we couldn’t be happier! Here’s our look at the SDCC-Exclusive Marvel Legends Thor! Read More...

The exclusive toys for San Diego Comic Con are pouring in and Mattel’s Queen Marlena w/ Cringer from their incredibly popular Masters of the Universe Classics line is next on our agenda! This is the first time she has been represented in action figure form and is a great way to kick off Mattel’s presence at the big show. We were interested in this figure upon first hearing about its interchangeable costume, so let’s get into the review and find out how (and if) it all works!


HBO's first season of Game of Thrones may be over, but fans of the new television series are just getting started. Flickr user Dufresne07 (Sam Beattie) must be as excited about the second season as I am because he turned a bunch of LEGO mini-figs into the Lannisters, the Stark family and more!

It’s not only characters from the show. Beattie has also created mini-fig characters from George R.R. Martin’s books that have yet to appear on the small screen. It’s a pretty impressive showing -- I’m surprised he was able to do this without heavily modifying anything. Head past the break to see some of our favorites! Read More...


ThunderCats are back! And in honor of their triumphant return and thanks to Mezco Toyz we're giving one lucky Twitter follower the opportunity to nab not only a 20-inch, Mega-Scale Lion-O action figure but, we're also giving away the very, very exclusive prototype/test shot of the figure as well! Read More...

Next week, San Diego will be the geek capitol of the world as Comic Con makes its way there once again. We’ve been bringing you looks at some of the SDCC-exclusives from most of the major toy and collectible companies, but todays going to be different. Yep, we finally got our hands on one of these treasures! Today we’re taking an advanced look at the SDCC-exclusive Young Justice Superboy figure from Mattel.


"I'm such a huge nerd for you!!" -Finn

Two of our favorite fictional adventurers, Finn and Jake from Cartoon network’s Adventure Time, are about to melt your faces off! The two friends, along with an assortment of their oddly-shaped costars are going to be coming to you in toy form thanks to a new partnership between Cartoon Network and our friends over at Jazwares! While details are sparse, there is mention in the following release info about a special SDCC surprise! Consider us stoked.


In honor of the assembling of the Avengers we're giving away a collection of Hasbro Captain America: The First Avenger action figures and toys based on the upcoming patriot-fest from Marvel Studios!

The collection includes:

- Captain America The First Avenger Assemble Disc Launching Shield

- Captain America The First Avenger Assemble Hero Mask

- Captain America The First Avenger Assemble Super Shield Action Figure - Captain America

- Captain America Avengers Assemble Hero Power Captain American Action Figure

- Captain America Avengers Assemble Comic Series Deluxe Action Figure - Captain America Air Assault Glider

- Captain America Avengers Assemble Comic Series Action Figure- Crossbones

- Captain America Avengers Assemble Comic Series Action Figure - Captain Britain


Young Justice quickly won us over as fans during the first few episodes. It’s mix of action, awesome animation, character choice, and great characterization really set it apart from other animated series currently on television. Of course, being a comic-based cartoon we knew that action figures wouldn’t be far behind and at this year’s Toy Fair we were treated to our first looks at the teen superheroes. Now, months after that tiny taste, we got our hands on some of the actual figures. Join us as we take a look at Young Justice Series 1 from Mattel’s 3 ¾” line of figures!

Kid Flash

Wally West idolized the Flash – then discovered his Uncle Barry Allen’s secret journals and used them to recreate the experiment that turned Barry into the Flash. The literally explosive result gave Wally the super-speed to become Kid Flash!

Kid Flash comes with a bag of fast food. Get it? "Fast Food"! Hi-larious!... or not. Still it fits the toy since wally is always having to replenish his energy after a run.


Remember the LEGO Barad-Dûr (Dark Tower) from Lord of the Rings we showed you a few weeks back? Well, it turns out that massive project was only a small part of a much larger vision. Kevin Walter, the guy who built it, collaborated with Chris and a bunch of other LEGO builders from MOCpages to build Middle-Earth. Yes, THE ENTIRE MIDDLE-EARTH! Read More...

The God of Thunder has made his way back into our toy collections and stands proudly at the towering height of two inches! Yes, we’re talking about Diamond Select Toys’ Thor Minimates! These are based on the recent film incarnation of the Odinson and the set includes some of the major players. Mercifully, there isn’t one based on Natalie Portman and her character’s poor driving skills.


Doctor Who collectors aren’t going to be left out at this year’s San Diego Comic Con! Underground Toys, makers of the myriad of Doctor Who action figures and collectibles, are releasing a limited edition figure of everyone’s favorite enigma—River Song! Not only that, but she comes equipped the Pandorica Chair so you too can help recreate the universe… or just have your toys sit back and relax. Your choice.

Underground Toys is pleased to announce details of their 2011 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Doctor Who item – River Song and Pandorica Chair from 'The Pandorica Opens'

This item will be available for sale at Underground Toys’ booth # 3949 and also on BBC America’s booth #3629 for $30.00.


Of all the people who have traveled or will travel with the Doctor, River Song is the most enigmatic of them all. She always seems to be one step ahead of the Doctor, even when he is in her past. Nobody has been able to figure out how River knows the Doctor so well, although there have been plenty of guesses! Although River is a force to be reckoned with, she sometimes needs the Doctor’s help – whether it’s against the Vashta Nerada or the Weeping Angels, or any of the other foes they have faced, or even will face in future. Confused? It will all become clear... one day...


Legend has it that the Pandorica is a prison, a cage to contain the most feared warrior in the universe. But it is all a lie – the Pandorica is a box created to contain just one person – the Doctor. When his TARDIS exploded, all parts of time and space were wiped out, never having existed. The massed armies of all the Doctor’s foes – Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans and others banded together and created the legends of the Pandorica, and then locked him inside it. But the Pandorica energy was a restorative, it could bring things back to life, and the Doctor piloted the Pandorica into the heart of his exploding TARDIS and set off Big Bang 2, rebooting the entire universe.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your SDCC and Doctor Who coverage!

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The ThunderCats are making their presence known at this year’s San Diego Comic Con and now, so is their greatest enemy! That’s right, Mumm-Ra will be making appearance in the form of this sweet limited edition Staction from our friends over at Icon Heroes and Action Figure Xpress!

Thundercats Mumm-Ra and Exclusive Ma-Mutt Deluxe Staction Figure Set to Invade 2011 San Diego Comic Con Booth #3345


In the 1990s, Gambit rose to fan-favorite status thanks to his stint on The X-Men Animated Series that aired on Fox during the Saturday morning hours. His stereotypical Cajun dialect along with his constant work to win the heart of Rogue put him right up there with Wolverine as the cool guy of the bunch. Since then, Remy LeBeau has worked his way in the comics from X-Man, to Horsemen of Apocalypse, and back again. The latest offering from DST’s Marvel Select line is Gambit in all his pink-clad, 90s glory has managed to win us over with his creepy red pupils. Welcome to our review of the Marvel Select Gambit!


Surprise Looks like the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) is gonna be lined out the doors this year at San Diego Comic Con thanks to the recently announced exclusives filling it’s shelves from the fine folks at Toys “R” Us. Ugh. We are going to have to redo our entire schedule in order to make time to pick up the likes of the MOTUC Bizzaro vs. Battle Armor Faker (Yes!) Two-Pack and the metallic-hued Lion-O figure from Bandai’s ThunderCats 8” line (with a chance for an autograph from the original voice actor)! There’s a little something for everyone from flocked Sonic the Hedgehog to metallic Master Chief, including an appearance by Todd McFarlane. Read More...

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