We've heard about a number of DC Collectibles' offerings for San Diego Comic-Con, but they easily saved the best for last. It's an incredible looking 'Man of Steel' Superman Variant, and you can only check it out in the exclusive video below: Read More...

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Welcome to the latest installment of MTV Geek's Toy Throwdown! Plastic will melt, joints will be loosened, and paint is gonna get scratched as action figures of the world's most beloved characters tear each other apart in a battle to the death-- and YOU get to decide the victor!

UPDATE: The poll is now closed. Find out who the victor was below! Read More...

Soundwave Banner

Two words: "LASERBEAK, EJECT."

In the 1980s, there was no cooler "Transformers" toy than Soundwave, at least in this writer's opinion.  I mean, he was an evil monotone Decepticon filled with evil tape-bots!  And you could buy the tapes and hide them inside him!  How could you possibly get cooler than that?



Recapture the spirit of the '90s with Shout! Factory's 4-disk DVD set of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Season Three." In this popular children's TV show, six squeaky-clean teenagers try to stop the evil Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd from conquering Earth. But when Rita and Zedd get the upper-hand, the Power Rangers are forced to seek out help from the fabled master ninja, Ninjor. In order to save the city of Angel Grove from giant monsters, Ninjor gives each Ranger new powers and Zords to help them in their fight. It's morphin time!

The third season started after the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" - the franchise's heyday - so When the season kicked off, the four-parter "Ninja Quest" brought in aspects of the movie. The birdlike foot soldiers, the Tenga Warriors. Rita's brother, Rito Revolto, all were included in the villains' roster, while the ensemble cast dealt with their own additions and departures. Read More...


"Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen... We can rebuild him. Better. Stronger. Faster. Much, much smaller. And with a Bigfoot."

As 1970s TV-and-Toy hit "The Six Million Dollar Man" enjoys a nostalgia  revival with 8-inch Mego-style dolls and continuing high prices for the 1970s dolls with bionic vision, lifting, etc. on the collector's market, it's the perfect time for these new Kenner-style 3 3/4"  figures of Steve Austin and his hairy friend; but act now, because they won't be around for long. Read More...


If you've got a taste for cult Marvel Comics heroes sitting on your desktop, you're going to want to check out these new statues from Sideshow Collectibles and Bowen Designs!

Sideshow has posted on its website advance pics of new polystone statues of Spider-Man 2099 and Hellcat, which are available for pre-order.  Let's check 'em out and give you the 411 on these characters!

First up, Spider-Man 2099, the very cool Spider-Man of the future.  Great costume, huh? Read More...



Shazam! Mattel's subscription service Matty Collector has revealed among its exclusives for San Diego Comic-Con an exclusive action figure based on the original Captain Marvel...uh, we mean "Shazam." Sorry, Billy Batson is not included.

Based on the version of the character that's appeared as a back-up feature in Justice League by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, the figure's part of Mattel's "Club Infinite Earths" series and can stand alongside DC Universe Classics or the DC Signature Collection figures to battle evil!

Here's some of the pics from Matty Collector's website: Read More...


Batman. It seems like there's been a practically unlimited amount of action figures and toys coming out all the time that feature Mr. Wayne's cowled visage-- and I wouldn't have it any other way! Case in point: the latest high-quality import from Square-Enix' Play Arts Kai line of figures based on Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy! Without even trying, I've managed to amass quite a wide array of Batman figures, and recently it seems my favorites have come from Square Enix. How will this Christian Bale-version of the Dark Knight stack up? Will he randomly have pieces pop off and/or snap in twain, like some of my other Play Arts of years past? Or will he turn out to be my new favorite law-breaking-billionaire-orphan?! Read on to find out! Read More...


Ever miss the days when your Batman figure was held together with rubber bands and had oven mitts for gloves?   The kind of action dolls popularized by Mego in the 1970s are back with a crazy new line from Figures Toy Company that features everyone from the Dark Knight to J.R. Ewing!

The fully-licensed line not only recreates many of the classic dolls from the Mego line -- many of which fetch high prices from collectors -- but expand the collection considerably with all-new 8-and-12-inch figures from all manner of properties. Read More...


Bane has never been able to catch a break (no pun intended) when it comes to his movie appearances. In both "Batman & Robin" and "The Dark Knight Rises", the venom-infused fighting machine has basically been an unintelligible henchman-- far from the cunning strategist, of DC Comics' fame, that figured out how to beat Batman during 'Knightfall' and later led the Secret Six in it's own private mercenary war. Nope, Bane is simply a stooge for someone greater in both of his big screen appearances; but now, thanks to Square-Enix, he's getting a chance to shine as the first villain in their Dark Knight Trilogy Play Arts Kai line of action figures! Will he get a little redemption? are you kidding?! This toy is badass! Read More...

Pow! Zonk! Sock! Mezco! Believe it or not, old chums, because the Batmobile is heading to Ripley’s in the real Gotham City this June to deliver justice sweet, sweet Batman '66 toys.

Announced in a press release today, Mezco Toyz will premiere its Mez-Itz line based on the 1966-68 “Batman” TV series in super fashion by driving a replica of the Batmobile to Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium in New York City’s Times Square on June 25 at 11 a.m. Once it arrives, the Mez-Itz Batman, Robin and Batmobile will be on public display for the first time. The Batmobile will also remain parked for fans to check it out until 1 p.m.

As if this news isn’t enough to make you shout “Holy Fanboy Publicity Stunt!” Read More...


Welcome to the Toy News Roundup, our weekly compilation of some of the coolest -- and sometimes weirdest -- toy news of the past seven days. Read More...



Do you often feel like you're not quite official enough when strutting through town while swinging fistfuls of hatchets? Well, Mezco Toyz has got you covered with this brand-new Axe Cop Badge Replica! It's going to be available at San Diego Comic-Con 2013, but you can also order it early, and MTV Geek-readers will receive a secret bonus gift! Read on for how! Read More...


Image from Target

by Alison H. Mayer

…because all of us need the Hulk’s massive green fist pummeling through dry wall to punch our nightmares in the face. These nightlights, from 3D Light FX’s line of 3D Deco Lights, allow us…err…children to simultaneously decorate their room with their favorite Avenger AND feel safe after lights out. We just hope that Loki and Thor don’t start duking it out on a school night. Read More...



Superfans and scalpers, start your engines -- Hasbro has enough cool exclusives at San Diego Comic-Con to drain your bank account several times over!

As reported in USA Today, Hasbro has a slew of exclusives planned for this year's SDCC (July 18-21), that fans are going to be making a beeline for once the show opens...and which most of them will not actually be able to get and wind up paying hugely inflated prices for on eBay in the ensuing weeks.

We might be speaking from personal experience.

But here's the best of the best.  Prepare to drool. Read More...

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