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I'll admit, not much happened this weekend. Was everyone too busy with football, the Emmys and GTA V to do newsworthy things? Probably. In any case, here are some important things that happened last weekend. You probably missed them. Welcome to the Daily Geek.


Kleefeld's FanthropologyLet me share with you three of my favorite series.

My first real fannish interest was the Fantastic Four, particularly the comic book. Despite not liking the first FF story I'd read as a young child, I got an issue for my eleventh birthday and was just absolutely riveted. The characters were so engaging and relatable to me. I loved the dynamic of this sort-of-made-up-family going off and exploring the unknown reaches of another universe. So much so that when one of the lead characters "died" at the end of the twenty-some pages, I just had to find out what happened next! I went on to collect the entire series, going all the way back to the very first issue from 1961, and later put together a Fantastic Four fan site.



Ladies, their eyes are down there:

Welcome to MTV Geek's daily round-up of all things GEEK from the weird, wild world of the web! Got a cool link? Share it with us on Twitter at twitter.com/mtvgeek!


by Katherine Erlikh

Turn on your text to voice apps or widgets. Close your eyes. Let my words wash over you. You are safe now. You are listening to the Daily Geek, and here's everything you missed last weekend.


By Scott Neumyer

With Pixar’s latest film, the "Monsters, Inc". prequel "Monsters University" hitting theaters today, fans of Mike, Sulley, and the rest of the monsters that inhabit Monstropolis will finally get the chance to see how the beloved duo first became buddies while getting a very specific form of education in the hallowed halls of "Monsters University".

If you’re a Pixar mega fan, however, you’re going to want to head right over to your local bookstore, after you’ve seen the film, to grab a copy of Chronicle Books latest release "The Art of Monsters University." This beautiful coffee-table book is absolutely filled with concept art, character designs, and lavish artwork from the film. Read More...


By Steven Smith

The excitement I feel for the upcoming Guillermo del Toro film Pacific Rim can only be described as Dark Knight level proportions. I have been jonesing for big metal robots laying the smackdown on these kaiju since I first heard rumblings in the geek world. THEN we got to sit down with the honorable Guillermo himself and the nerd the fudge out at New York Comic-Con. His love for all the old “Man in suit” films from Japan was inescapable. I thought I was a fan before (Hellboy, Hellboy, Hellboy 2) but now I was target locked and ready to rock like a Jaeger.

I love robots. I always have, R2-D2 and C-3P0 are the ones you’d think I would say awakened my love for them but I trace it back to Disney’s The Black Hole. I couldn’t tell you item one what that movie was about but I remember all three robots, V.I.N.CENT, B.O.B., and Maximilian. I’m pretty sure I have a Maximilian action figure floating around somewhere. These robots were the first who made an impression on me when I realized I cared more about the them getting hurt than the human characters, and no, not in a sentimental Ewok way.

I also love me some Kaiju. The Godzilla movies were a staple in my house as well as Gamera. Godzilla versus Mecha-Godzilla is a personal favorite but I also like the first Gorija with his honor Raymond Burr. I knew it was a guy in a suit but my belief was suspended from on high and again, though humans got hurt I always found myself rooting for the monster. This feeling will be tested during Pacific Rim, but not by much. Read More...

Maybe I'm a sucker, being the son of an architect and all, but Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde's architectural renderings of famous fictional houses are awesome. There's tons of them on his Tumblr, but check out a few of the geekiest below: Read More...


Woo-Hoo! NECA has just announced a collaboration with 20th Century Fox to put out a limited set of figures celebrating classic guest stars on Fox's "The Simpsons," with Tom Hanks, Kid Rock, Hal Hefner, Yao Ming and James Brown in the first wave of 25 projected figures available in 2014.  They will have my money if the Brown figure goes, "This bandstand wasn't double-bolted!  Huh!"

But which guest-stars will make up the remaining figures in this line?

Now, what's of note is that these are guest stars playing themselves, as opposed to voicing original characters.  This is a gray and complicated area that demands deep thought, maybe.

I'm going out on a limb and saying that Mel Gibson won't get a figure, despite hanging extensively with Homer back in the day.  I am further uncertain as to whether this precludes Johnny Cash as the voice of the spirit-coyote Homer saw after eating Guatemalan insanity peppers, or John Waters as the very John Waters-esque John the kitsch-shop owner.   And what about David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as their "X-Files" characters?  And then there's the entire issue of Michael Jackson as "Michael Jackson."

At this point, I'm very confused.

Well, look: Here's a wish-list for some of our favorites, with appropriate outfits/accessories.  Ah, memories: Read More...

By Katherine Erlikh

Cosplayers attending AnimeNext this past weekend had a nasty surprise in store for them. A small company, 2 Image Solutions, was found to be selling body pillows with the images of cosplayers on them in the dealer’s room. The majority of the cosplayers involved were shocked to discover this. While some had done photoshoots with 2 Image Solutions, they had not okayed the use of their likenesses on body pillows. Others hadn’t done shoots with the company at all, and signed no agreements whatsoever with them.

For example, Marie Grey, the cosplayer depicted on the Dark Phoenix pillow, states that while she had done a shoot with Eric of 2 Image Solutions and signed a limited agreement allowing the company to use the photos from the shoot for some promotional materials back in February 2012, she had not been told that body pillows with her image on them would be made, then or at any point afterwards. She did not feel that the body pillows were an appropriate object to promote the company’s services: Read More...

Kleefeld's Fanthropology: A Fandom Dictionotomy

I first started studying fandom with particular interest about ten or twelve years ago. It was only after a few years of research that I decided to write a book about the subject, not having found anything else that came closer to what I was originally looking for. Almost everything that had been written at the point were academic texts, which had very useful information and insights, but didn't come off as very approachable.

So I got it in my head to write the book that I wanted to read. Read More...

by Alison H. Mayer

The battle for Eternia rages on in DC’s newest reboot of “Masters of the Universe”! “Masters of the Universe: The Origin of Hordak” #1 explores Hordak’s transformation from alien conqueror to demigod scourge, and we’ve got your exclusive first look. Read More...


For years, the only place to visit the final frontier of the official "Star Trek" universe was through archival episodes and films. Then "Fringe" and "Lost" co-creator J.J. Abrams came along and revitalized a dormant brand, relaunching it as an epic cash-cow film series featuring such beloved geek icons as Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch and more.

With the eyes of the world once again focused on space, it’s only a matter of time until Trek returns to the small screen that spawned it. Former Trek stalwarts Michael Dorn, George Takei and Jonathan Frakes have all been linked to attempted TV revivals of various concepts, but here are the ones we want most:


Angela_marvel comics mtv geek crop

By Matt D. Wilson

Back in March, The New York Times announced that the "Spawn" character Angela, one of the handful of characters who had been at the crux of a legal battle between Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and writer Neil Gaiman, would be making the jump to Marvel Comics in "Age of Ultron" #10 by Brian Michael Bendis and an army of artists.


Fans of the hit animated movie "Monsters Vs. Aliens" are in for a real treat: here are exclusive clips from the debut episode of the animated series, which airs this Saturday, April 6 at 11:30a.m on Nickelodeon. Read More...


On his personal blog (in a comment on a unrelated post!) "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comic co-creator Peter Laird answered a fan's question about his thoughts on casting Megan Fox* as April O'Neil in the Michael Bay-produced "Ninja Turtles" movie.


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