Valiant Comics will meld the best of old and new next January, when 'Bloodshot And The H.A.R.D. Corps' authors Christos Gage and Joshua Dysart are joined for a very special two-issue story by one of the artists most identified with Valiant's 1990s heyday, the legendary Bart Sears.  We spoke to co-writer Gage about this upcoming storyline, his creative process, working with Sears, and some other related topics...  And we've teamed with our friends at Valiant to give MTV Geek readers an exclusive first look at Lewis Larosa's alternate cover to 'Bloodshot And The H.A.R.D. Corps' #18, the complete solicitation info for that same issue, and some previously unseen interior art for next month's #15.  (And for the sake of reference and reminiscing, we've also thrown in one of Sears' classic 90s pages from X-O Manowar.) Read More...


Each week, Matt Wilson, co-host of the War Rocket Ajax podcast and author of the Supervillain Field Manual, examines a major comic news item and reviews four of the week's comic book releases.

One of the questions that's been swirling around my circle of comics pals on Twitter is whether comics news sites are too focused on movie stuff.



Yesterday, Valiant announced that they would be resurrecting the "Unity" name with a new project starting in November.

So why does that have some old-school Valiant fans excited? What did the original universe-shattering (literally) event do for the line and more importantly... who is Mothergod?



By Matt D. Wilson

Each week, Matt Wilson, co-host of the War Rocket Ajax podcast and author of the brand new Supervillain Field Manual, examines at a major comic news item and picks a few winners and one loser among the week's comic book releases.



"Bloodshot" #0 by Matt Kindt and ChrisCross is Valiant's big August title from its Summer of Valiant initiative and we're thrilled to bring you an exclusive preview before it hits on August 21!


Valiant Sig Series Banner

by Alison H. Mayer

The folks at Valiant Entertainment released three new variant covers for the debut of their “Signature Series” in October, and we've got your exclusive first look!

Entering its second - successful - year, Valiant is moving the focus squarely on the gangbuster line-up of artists the Publisher has snagged for titles like Bloodshot, Harbinger, and Shadowman. Dinesh Shamdasani, Valiant CEO and Chief Creative Officer, says: Read More...

Summer of Valiant 2013 Poster.indd

What is "Unity" in the new Valiant universe? I'd hoped to get some clues to that in my chat with Valiant CCO Dinesh Shamdasani, Executive Editor Warren Simons, Editor Jody LeHeup.

Besides staying mum on the shape of the new "Unity" (Erica Pierce forever), we did talk about how the universe currently looks, as the publisher continues to reintroduce titles from the VH1 era, including a new "Eternal Warrior" series, while playing out storylines like the ongoing "Harbinger Wars" between "Harbingers" and "Bloodshot," and gaining new creative teams like Christos Gage and Joshua Dysart on “Bloodshot and the HARD Corps.” We discussed diversity among the upcoming titles, and while they shared a collection of exclusive covers from artists Rian Hughes, Dave Johnson, and Dave Bullock for a handful of the Summer of Valiant variants making their ways to shelves in the coming months.



By Matt D. Wilson

The first thing you should probably know is that "Quantum & Woody," the "world's worst superhero team" Valiant Comics is rebooting this summer with writer James Asmus ("The End Times of Bram and Ben") and artist Tom Fowler ("Venom," "Mysterius the Unfathomable"), have a sidekick who is a goat.



With issues 15 and 16 of Valiant's "X-O Manowar," time-tossed Visigoth Aric of of Dacia returns to Earth after taking the battle to the aliens that took his hand and enslaved his people. While we don't yet know how things went on the other end of known space, it's left the X-O armor-bearer feeling a little homesick. Unfortunately, his home disappeared some 1600 years ago, so he might need to take over a new one--and that's going to put him up against Gilad Anni-Padda, the Eternal Warrior.

Writer Robert Venditti agreed to answer a few questions about "X-O Manowar's" next big event, and what it means to have a guy in an alien murder suit go up against an immortal badass.



A new ongoing "Quantum and Woody" series is on its way from Valiant Comics -- without the original team who made the comic famous.

James Asmus will be scripting the new "Q&W," with Tom Fowler on art; the comic, about the misadventures of a pair of best friends-turned-superheroes, will debut in July. The book will also feature the return of "The Goat," a popular "sidekick" to the team that even had its own "inaction figure." Read More...




There's a new superheroine in Comicbookland! Valiant revealled the new Dr. Mirage today...and, unlike Mirage's counterpart in the old Valiant universe, she's a She!

Check out these exclusive images of Dr. Mirage, who will be debuting in the pages of "Shadowman" #5 on March 5th! Read More...


Valiant publisher Fred Pierce was joined by artists Barry Kitson and Stefano Gaudiano, Dinesh Shamdasani (he's the guy who bought the line a couple of years back in order to resurrect it), and marketing director Hunter Gorinson to talk about "Harbinger Wars" and beyond during this Emerald City Comic-Con panel.


crop Batman-17-CoverBy Ali Colluccio

Wednesday was the first time in a couple weeks that I was back to my regular routine: jumped on the subway after work, walked into my local shop, met my bestie, and then went for our weekly Comics and Beer time. It was a good day. A good Wednesday. But Hera help me, I could NOT get into my comics this week.

I mean, there’s were really solid books out this week. The Ramon Perez issue of Wolverine and the X-Men finally came out and I’d really been looking forward to it. But... I don’t know, call it malaise or ennui or meh-ness. I was half-way through my stack of comics and nothing was really jumping out at me.

And then Nick Fury and Frank Castle broke out of a Vietnamese prison. Read More...

2013 is the year that the newly-resurrected Valiant Entertainment goes to war. With events stretching across "Harbingers" and "Bloodshot" ("April's "Harbinger Wars") and the "Planet Death" arc spinning up in "X-O Manowar," it seems like this young universe might be a dangerous place to be for its espers, former government-trained killers, and Visogoths sporting alien suits of armor. Oh, and we can exclusively reveal that its newest addition, "Shadowman," is getting its first #0 issue as well, as we learn more about the strange legacy of hero Jack Boniface's alter ego.

Valiant Vice President and Executive Editor Warren Simons and I spoke recently about some of the big changes coming to the line in its second year.


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