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By Matt D. Wilson

Next month, the worlds Vertigo's of "Fables" and "The Unwritten" will collide, as the lead character of "The Unwritten," Tom Taylor, comes into contact with some of Fabletown's residents.

In advance of the release of the first part of a five-part arc in June 26's "The Unwritten" #50, MTV Geek chatted with that series' writer, Mike Carey, and "Fables" writer Bill Willingham to see how it all came together.



Welcome to MTV Geek's New Comic Book Day Pull-List! Each Wednesday, we'll look at the best new releases hitting comic shops (but because of the Memorial Day holiday, shipments were delayed this week, so we're posting on Thursday instead).

This time around we've got picks from DC/Vertigo, Marvel and Kaboom!



Vertigo sent over this exclusive reveal of P. Craig Russell's variant cover for the special 50th issue of "The Unwritten."



By Matt D. Wilson

Four years and two months after writer Brian Azzarello and artist Eduardo Risso wrapped up their pivotal Vertgo crime series "100 Bullets," the creative team is joining forces again to revisit their creation -- sort of.

I chatted with Azzarello about why the new miniseries "Brother Lono" is anything but a sequel and how it's like "mariachi death metal." I snuck in a question about "Wonder Woman," too.



For the graphic novel adaptation of Stieg Larrson's massive blockbuster "Millenium Trilogy," Vertigo initially broke each the first book, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" into a pair of graphic novels written by Denise Mina, with art by Leonardo Manco and Andrea Mutti. Now, for the release of the second book, "The Girl Who Played with Fire," the company has elected to change its plans. Read one for full details.


crop TSTRONG_POP_1[1]

Tom Strong is back -- with an all-new miniseries at Vertigo! "Tom Strong and the Planet of Peril" features original Tom Strong co-creator and artist Chris Sprouse and British writer Peter Hogan, and will hit stores July 31st.

Here's the official plot synopsis from DC Comics:


Last month we announced Kurt Busiek's highly-regarded "Astro City" would be returning this coming June. But there was one change, the long-running Wildstorm series would be released under the DC proper label. When I asked Busiek about the possible changes that might come to "Astro City" as a result of the imprint shift, he said:



"Fables" creator Bill Willingham returns to spin-off series "Fairest" with issue 14 and we've got a look at some of Barry Kitson's interior art.



If you've missed the hard-hitting Vertigo series "100 Bullets," there's going to soon be something to whet your appetite.

DC Comics has announced "Brother Lono," a limited series bringing back the entire "100 Bullets" team, incartist Eduardo Risso, colorist Trish Mulvihill, letterer Clem Robbins and cover artist Dave Johnson:

"Following the events of 100 BULLETS, the highly acclaimed and Eisner award-winning crime series, BROTHER LONO focuses on one the baddest Minutemen in the bunch."

Find out more about it during our Emerald City Comic Con coverage!


Back in December we announced that Vertigo would bring some of the coolest writers and artists into the world of sci-fi with the anthology series "Time Warp." Now, on the official Vertigo Comics blog, we have our first look at four of the stories from the first issue.


crop UNWRITTENognpromo[2]

Spinning out of the pages of the popular Vertigo title "The Unwritten" is a brand new graphic novel: "The Unwritten: Tommy Taylor And The Ship That Sank Twice."

The regular "Unwritten" creative team of Mike Carey and Peter Gross are on-board for this OGN, along with Kurt Huggins and Zelda Devon. Acclaimed artist Yuko Shimizu is also back for the cover.

Here's the official description of the plot from Vertigo: Read More...

Get ready for some strange happenings from under the Arctic Circle in Vertigo's "The Wake," by acclaimed creators Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy. The 10-issue miniseries starts in May, and here's the official synopsis straight from Vertigo:

When Marine Biologist Lee Archer is approached by the Department of Homeland Security for help with a new threat, she declines, but quickly realizes they won't take no for an answer. Soon she is plunging to the depths of the Arctic Circle to a secret, underwater oil rig where they've discovered something miraculous and terrifying… Read More...

By Ali Colluccio

I read a lot of comics. Like, A LOT a lot. I’ve got my Wednesday comics, trade paperbacks for my commute, my perpetually growing to-be-read stack. But there are always a few books that stand out. Comics that are so great you want hug 'em the second you finish reading them, and then tell all of your friends (and a few strangers) about 'em--the Best Stuff. This is the Best Stuff I read this week.

Fifth Wednesdays are always weird shipping weeks. It's like no one knows what to do when there's a extra Wednesday in the month. I get to the shop and I'm all "Didn't I already buy my comics for the month? Why are there still things? --Oooh!! Shiney!!"

Then I remembered "Hawkeye" was coming out and I did a happy dance. Read More...

While some wonder aloud if the future of Vertigo proper is in doubt -- with the relatively recent exit of Karen Berger, the cancellations of several titles, and the exodus of certain characters like John Constantine to the DCU -- the imprint ups the ante with a May crossover of two of its most popular ongoing titles, "The Unwritten" and "Fables."

Details are sketchy regarding the crossover event, other than that it will start with "The Unwritten" #50 and will feature Tom Taylor and Bigby Wolf. DC also released this promo art, by Peter Gross and Mark Buckingham with colors by Chris Chuckry: Read More...

Following the exit of Karen Berger as long-time Senior Vice President and Executive Editor of Vertigo Comics, the imprint announced new shifts in editorial responsibilities. Shelly Bond, a nearly 20 year Vertigo vet will assume half of Berger's double gig as Executive Editor.


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