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We Love Fine Leg Banner

by Alison H. Mayer

The folks over at WeLoveFine just released a set of brand spankin' new leggings, and they are tight (pun totally intended). The current line features geek favorites such as 'Adventure Time,' Hello Kitty, and Marvel, but that's not all WeLoveFine has up their sleeve!



Outer space invaders! Vampires! The bloody 3,000 Year War which leads to the events of the novel/animation/manga phenomenon "Vampire Hunter D" begins here in this excerpt from the recently-released novel by horror novelist and series creator Hideyuki Kikuchi ("Demon City Shinjuku," "Wicked City").


Watch: Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King Trailer

[Update: In the original post, we originally said the tickets for the double feature were $8--they are, in fact $25.00]

Hey, San Francisco: Are you looking forward to the first two entries in Studio 4°C's "Berserk: The Golden Age Arc"? You're in luck: this weekend, VIZ will screen both "Berserk: The Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King" and "Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II - The Battle For Doldrey" and we've got trailers for both features as well as details about the screening after the jump.



The manga and anime publisher has a collection of original graphic novels planned for the Cartoon Network/Man of Action series, thus enabling it to conquer nearly every medium. Oh, and there's going to be a 17-hour "Ben 10" marathon this weekend.



A high school girl who finds out she is Santa Claus, an aspiring voice actress at a special seiyuu academy, and an Arabian-nights tale of adventure and trickery are among the latest batch of new manga titles announced by Viz this week. Here's the rundown.



My familiarity with "Tiger & Bunny" begins and ends with last year's feature, "The Beginning," a Reader's Digest-sized version of the corporate superheroes' origin stories as they worked together to protect (and become the most popular) characters on the capes and tights set in Sternbild City. But I really, really liked what I saw, the show bringing a fresh take on the whole "cynical heroes learn to do better" concept, and the animation in the feature was terrific.

The 26-episode series has been streaming on Hulu for a while now, but if you're too lazy (like me) to navigate a couple of menus to check it out, Viz is releasing the series on Blu-ray and DVD starting next week.


Viz has just announced that they will be producing original comics based on legendary character Hello Kitty. They will publish a series of several graphic novels, as well as a special-edition comic.

The comic book, which features a cover by Eisner-nominated Jacob Chabot ("SpongeBob Comics", "Strange Tales"), will launch at 2013, San Diego Comic Con. It will feature art by Chabot, Victoria Maderna, Ian McGinty. The graphic novels, which will start in the Fall with "Here We Go!", are described as "a collection of comic stories about Hello Kitty’s travels." Read More...

The first film in the three-part "Golden Age Arc" has made its way to DVD and Blu-ray this week from U.S. publisher VIZ. "The Egg of the King," which was released theatrically in Japan and streamed via VIZ's Neon Alley service sets up a three-film adaptation of the complete "Berserk" series.

And you know what? It's pretty good.


VIZ takes on competing video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu while going head-to-head against Crunchyroll with their unorthodox subscription service on PSN. Offering animated series, features, and Asian films on a dedicated streaming platform sounds great, right?

Well, some of the quirks in how Neon Alley handles its content, a curiously barebones interface, and the overall vision for the service are things you might want to think about before plunking down your $6.99 a month.


Japanese author Project Itoh's sci-fi novel Genocidal Organ envisions a future where a mix of therapy and drugs allows soldiers to be inoculated against the horrors of combat, allowing them to drop into global hotspots using hybrid bio-mechanical ships. The author's work here (real name, Satoshi It?) scratches at the future of combat, a world where the war on terror won't end--can't end, while the increasingly damaged men and women on the frontlines become incapable of dealing with life away from the field of duty.

For anyone who's had the chance to read the late author's Metal Gear Solid 4 novelization, you'll find some parallels between that adaptation of the Kojima Productions game series' paranoia about the war being franchised and commercialized, but without the benefit of a hero as charismatic as Solid Snake. Instead, we've got the hopelessly damaged and disconnected career Special Forces man Clavis Shepherd, and in lieu of a series of increasingly bizarre super-soldiers, his battle is with a man whose very presence can set off waves of genocide in a country.


More awesome than The Avengers! Higher flying than The Amazing Spider-Man! Greater than Green Lantern! If Tiger & Bunny studio Sunrise were into the sort of old school style comics, hype, I'd hope this is the approach they would take with their superhero series, whose animated heroes' adventures get the digest treatment in Tiger & Bunny: The Beginning. Read More...

The subscription channel--not a streaming services--promises round-the-clock anime on Sony consoles with a free starter week for the curious.


The first novel from the sci-fi author gets its U.S. release through VIZ's Haikasoru imprint. A full synopsis after the jump.


THE MR. MEN SHOW™ and DILLYDALE™ © THIOP (a Sanrio Company). All rights reserved.

By Danica Davidson

The iconic Mr. Men and Little Miss characters were created by British writer Roger Hargreaves, and more than forty years later they’re still entertaining readers . . . and coming out in new forms. The Mr. Men Show recently aired on Cartoon Network, and VIZ Media, the American company that licenses manga like Naruto and Bleach, has begun to come out with an original line of Mr. Men and Little Miss comic books. MTV Geek wanted to know what it was like to bring these characters to a new medium, so we spoke to John Hardman and Michael Daedalus Kenny, writers of the comics Mr. Bump: Lights, Camera, Bump! and Little Miss Sunshine: Here Comes the Sun!, respectively.

MTV Geek: How did you get involved writing the Mr. Men graphic novels?

John Hardman: I wrote two episodes for the TV series. VIZ reached out to the producers of the TV series and asked them for recommendations, and the producers recommended me. It was very nice.

Michael Daedalus Kenny: I got involved with the Mr. Men graphic novels because I had written an episode for The Mr. Men Show a few years back. I was a storyboard artist on that as well, so I got to spend months and months with Mr. Strong and Little Miss Sunshine before writing these adventures. Read More...

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