FRINGE stars John Noble and Joshua Jackson are practically family at the DC Entertainment booth for the WonderCon signing. (©2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

When asked about a possible happy ending to the "Fringe" saga, Joshua Jackson told us at WonderCon 2012 that it might not seem likely...

"I don't even know if the end of the Fringe story is a happy ending, I'm not sure if it's that show. So no, I don't anticipate happiness in Peter's future!"

WonderCon 2012: Joshua Jackson Says Peter Will Never Be Happy


Scott Snyder explained to us at WonderCon 2012 just how he's going to "scare" the Caped Crusader during the new "Court of Owls" arc running through "Batman":

"I'm really trying to make it something that is scary to Bruce Wayne on a very personal level -- where the villain is the city, essentially. Where the thing that he thinks of as his greatest friend and ally, Gotham City, is revealed to be a stranger and an enemy."

WonderCon 2012: Scott Snyder Scares Batman

Batman #7 hits stores today.

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Good news for fans of artist Dale Eaglesham: he’s coming back to the Hulk, and bringing Alpha Flight - and some other friends - with him to battle the Mayan prophecy of 2012. Writer Jeff Parker, who’s been chronicling the exploits of everyone’s favorite non-mustached Red Hulk for the past few years brings us the blockbuster story, which teams Rulkie, Alpha Flight, Machine Man, and a slew of other Hulks versus Mayan Gods threatening to destroy the world.

We chatted with Parker in advance of the announcement this past weekend at WonderCon, and found out that he hasn’t watched a certain John Cusack vehicle nearly enough times: Read More...

As announced by Marvel Comics at WonderCon, writer Brian Wood is about to take over the X-Men books in two universes. No joke. The writer - who returned to the House of Ideas after a long stint at the Distinguished Competition to pen the currently running Wolverine: Alpha & Omega - will be taking over X-Men with issue #30 along with artist David Lopez, and Ultimate Comics X-Men with issue #13, art by Paco Medina, both in June. To talk more about the unprecedented move, how he keeps his scripts straight with so many of the “same” characters, and which Editor he likes the best, we chatted with Wood over e-mail before the announcement: Read More...

A bit of a bombshell was dropped yesterday at Marvel’s WonderCon Next Big Thing panel: Thunderbolts is no more. Enter, instead, the all new, all deadly Dark Avengers, who will be taking over the cast roster and name from T-bolts in June with Dark Avenegrs #175. The book will be spinning out of current events in New Avengers that find a new team of evil doppelgangers – Dark Scarlet Witch, Dark Spider-Man, Trickshot, and Ragnarok – now being led by the one guy that hates them more than anyone: Luke Cage. Oh, and Skaar, Son of Hulk is in there somehow, too.

The good – nay, great news is that the same team that made Thunderbolts one of our favorite titles is still on board, with Jeff Parker handling writing duties, and Declan Shalvey and Kev Walker alternating on art. To find out more, we chatted with Parker about what’s going on with the roster, who they’re going up against, and how we might not be done with the Thunderbolts after all: Read More...

Are you ready for an all new, all different X-Treme X-Men? As announced yesterday at WonderCon, writer Greg Pak is spinning off the alternate universe X-Men from his recent run on Astonishing X-Men into a new ongoing series, with art by Stephen Segovia. Along with Howlett (basically cowboy Wolverine), Kid Nightcrawler, and a few others we’ve already seen, the team will join up with none other than the one and only Dazzler to fight crime throughout all the Marvel Universe’s many dimensions.

That’s right: Dazzler.

To find out more, including whether this is a secret Exiles series, whether we might see any other familiar faces on board, and if this might cross over with another alternate universe X-Men series, read on: Read More...

As announced yesterday at WonderCon, this July, Marvel Comics will be releasing an all new Captain Marvel #1, written by New York Times best-selling writer Kelly Sue DeConnick (Castle) and rising star artist Dexter Soy (Army of Two). Only this time, the Captain in the title is someone we know very well: Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel. To find out why Danvers finally steps up to the plate, what we can look forward to in the series, and what artist Jamie McKelvie’s secret nickname is, we chatted with DeConnick over e-mail: Read More...

Since it was first announced, DC Comics Before Watchmen has been a non-stop source of discussion for the comic book industry. However, other than an initial round of interviews, the creators on the projects have been rather silent… Until now. In advance of the first public chat with fans at WonderCon, we talked with writers Len Wein and J. Michael Straczynski, who are working on two stories each about their experiences working on the books. Read on to find out about how far ahead they are, what their reaction to the fan reaction is, and also, the possibility of EVEN MORE Watchmen:

MTV Geek: We’ll get into actually talking about the books in a second, but I wanted to first address the reaction to ‘Before Watchmen’ as a whole... The first set of interviews were done before the announcement, to coincide with it, so there was a certain feeling of, “Okay, we know you might be upset, but here’s why you shouldn’t be.” Since then, though, there’s been the expected reactions, but also a lot of extremely positive feedback, too. What have your experiences been like? What surprised you in terms of fan and critical reaction, and how do you think the conversation will continue to develop? Read More...

If you’re in Anaheim, you’re about to get all the skinny on the second act of Avengers Academy’s Avengers vs. X-Men arc at the WonderCon Avengers vs. X-Men Panel… But if not, you’re in luck, because we’ve got all the dirt for you right here, right now from series writer Christos Gage!

The conflict continues in issues #31 and #32 of the series, with Generation Hope’s Sebastian Shaw taking center stage in the former, and a focus on Academy student Sentinel in the latter. That’s right: Avengers Academy will be double shipping in June, with the second issue coming out just two short weeks after the first! We talked in advance of the panel with Gage on these issues, got a tease on some of the big throwdowns, and his opinion on which Academy student would be most likely to host the Phoenix Force: Read More...

There are some concepts, some ideas that are just so obviously awesome, you wonder why no one ever thought of them before. Yesterday at WonderCon, Marvel announced one of those projects, with the Frank Tieri written, Mark Texeira drawn Space: Punisher. That's right: Frank Castle, the Punisher, is going into outer space to kick some serious alien butt. To find out more about the project, including why this title might be just the tip of the space-berg, read on:

MTV Geek: Is this Frank Castle the one we know, but in space? Or is it a brand new, all different Punisher?

Frank Tieri: While there are certainly elements of the Frank Castle we all know and love—man loses his family, man goes nutso, man starts killing a %^&*load of bad dudes—this is actually a different version of the character. Living in a very different world than we’re used to seeing him in.

Geek: Are we going to see Frank work his way up the food chain, starting off killing Brood, until he ends up just shooting Galactus in the face in the last issue? I hope?

FT: While I would love nothing more than to have Frank shoot Galactus in the grill, I’m afraid I can’t—the big G’s dead, having been whacked by the Avengers Federation. The AF just so happen to be what passes for the law in our universe-- and also just so happen to be the biggest gang of bastards you’ll find in any universe.

As for the Brood though, it’s funny you mention them since they’re a part of the main threat to Frank in this book… the enigmatic Six Fingered Hand. (Actually, in our series, the Brood and Venom symbiants have merged into one single race.) The 6FH are the undisputed rulers of the intergalactic underworld and the ones responsible for the death of his family… the only question is do they actually exist at all or are they the Marvel U’s answer to Keyser Soze? Frank is determined to find out, even if he has to burn the entire universe and everything in it to do it.

Geek: How does space crime differ from Earth crime, other than the lack of gravity?

FT: Well, in this case, crime of all kinds—space or otherwise—is controlled by the whispered true power behind the Six Fingered Hand. Who, what or even if they exist at all is one of the main mysteries of the series. Frank’s way of trying to draw them out is by going after the faces of the organization, their “capos” the Red Skull, Magneto, Ultron, the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and the Sym-Brood-ant Queen.

So really, it’s not so much typical crimes that Frank’s worried about in this series. He wants to eliminate the Six Fingered Hand and everyone wants to eliminate him. So he really has to spend more time worrying about surviving.

Geek: For Frank, if he hasn’t been able to eliminate all crime on Earth, how’s he ever gonna clean up the whole Universe?

FT: Earth? Who ever said anything about Earth?

Believe me, Earth is the least of Frank’s problems what with him having to contend with the likes of the Six Fingered Hand, the tyrannical Avengers Federation and the Hulk. (Think of the Hulk as sort of this cosmic Moby Dick that preys on ships, making space travel in our universe a VERY dangerous proposition.)

Geek: Talk about what Mark Texeira brings to the table here… What’s it been like to work with him?

FT: He brings beer, which is always very nice of him. Although her tends to drink it before it actually gets to the table, which is not.

As an artist, well… PUNISHER, GHOST RIDER, HERCULES, BLACK PANTHER, SABRETOOTH, and so on. I’d say his record sort of speaks for itself.

He’s a friend of mine so it’s always fun to work with him, especially since he’s so damned talented. When Tex is on his game, I put him up there with the best in the business—and believe me, with SPACE:PUNISHER, the guy’s as good as he’s ever been. The whole thing’s fully painted and looks absolutely GORGEOUS. He’s really outdone himself.

Geek: I’m curious about the syntax of the title… Is this the first of a new line, like the Noir books? Are we going to get “Space: Wolverine” next, or “Space: Mole Man”?

FT: I would so totally write SPACE: MOLE MAN, dude.

But yeah, that’s sort of what Marvel has in mind with this. The basic premise behind what became SPACE: PUNISHER was originally my pitch to take over the regular PUNISHER book. In other words, it was going to be the usual Frank Castle we all know and fear jetting off into space, fighting cosmic mobsters and bizarre creatures, etc. While that would’ve been a blast too, Marvel saw the potential in this as a bigger thing… like something akin to MARVEL ZOMBIES, they saw it as a whole new universe to play with and possibly spin off from.

So really, it’s up to the fans now. You always hear fans complain that they’re tired of the same, old things—well, this is very much not the same old thing. And if they support it, you better believe there’ll be more.

And why stop at space? UNDERWATER: PUNISHER, KUNG FU GRIP: PUNISHER, LACTOSE INTOLERANT: PUNISHER… The possibilities are endless!

Geek: See, now I really want to read “Punisher: War On Milk.” Anyway, just to wrap up, you’ve written a bunch of iterations of The Punisher by now; what makes the Punisher in this series unique, and fun to write?

FT: Well, you mean other than the fact that he’s in mother$%^&in’ space?

Seriously though, I think part of it is that it’s just so much damned fun to put the Punisher into a world so different than the one we normally see him in. Yeah, he’ll be fighting warped versions of Marvel characters so there’s that touch of familiarity there… but he’s also doing stuff like space jumping from his space ship and using things like black hole bombs and hanging out with a killer robot named Chip (Yes, that’s short for Microchip. So yes… I went there) There’s all these little bits and moments and cameos that we put in there that the Marvel fan will recognize… and yet, it’s nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

And it was a complete blast to write so I hope fans embrace it and we end up doing more. In other words, yes… I’m looking forward to writing SPACE: MOLE MAN.

Space: Punisher blasts off in July from Marvel Comics! Check out the full cover to issue one below:

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In June, Spider-Man will just be recovering from his world-wide battle with the Sinister Six, but that doesn't mean Marvel - or writer Dan Slott - will be cutting ol' Peter a break. Nope, as announced last night at WonderCon, our favorite web-slinger jumps right into his next deadly battle in Amazing Spider-Man #688 called "No Going Back," with artist Giuseppe Camuncoli in tow. The story finds vampire Morbius trying to cure one of Spider-Man's arch enemies, The Lizard, while The Lizard has a few deadly plans of his own.

To find out more about the story - which features variant covers by J Scott Campbell, Shane Davis, Matt Clark and Adam Kubert - we chatted with ASM Assistant Editor Ellie Pyle, who also let us know how this ties into a certain blockbuster movie: Read More...

The official comic book convention season opens with a blast at WonderCon 2012, and MTV Geek will be there all weekend with on-the-spot interviews, announcements, videos, and other cool content! Stay tuned to learn the latest about such topics as "Avengers Vs. X-Men," "Before Watchmen," "Ultimate Spider-Man" the animated series, Cartoon Network's "DC Nation" block, Fringe, "Locke & Key" scribe Joe Hill's latest project, and so much more! Read More...

WonderCon 2012 attendees will get a special treat this Friday: a screening of "Superman Vs. The Elite," based on a comic considered by many to be one of the best Superman stories of all time! But in case you can't wait to watch the screening -- or won't be at WonderCon this year -- we have the exclusive trailer to show you right now!

Superman vs. The Elite Trailer

"Superman Vs. The Elite" asks the question: "what does it really take to be a hero?" A hot new group of "edgy" superheroes, "The Elite," step on the scene, using no-holds-barred tactics that involve violence and even, potentially, killing large numbers of people. Enter Superman, who definitely prefers non-lethal combat. But can the Man of Steel defeat the super-powerful Elite? Read More...

On November 11, visual impresario and director Tarsem Singh's swords, sandals, and gods epic Immortals is hitting the big screen, but in September, Archaia will be providing fans with a glimpse of the world behind the story in the anthology Immortals: Gods and Heroes. Featuring talents like Francisco Francavillia, David Mack, Jock, Chris Roberson, and David Gallaher, it's a new title through Archaia's recently-created Black Label line of books, which are high-end multimedia tie-ins to film and television properties, joining Jim Henson's The Storyteller and The Dark Crystal later this year.

Recently, our own Alex Zalben had a chance to talk to Archaia editor, Nate Cosby about the book, but for those of you who didn't take the opportunity to check the piece out (what, you can't make one little click?), both Immortals and its companion book Gods and Heroes are a gritty retelling of Greek myth, where the heroic Theseus (played by Superman-to-be Henry Cavill in the film) rising up to challenge a mad King Hyperion played by Mickey Rourke, a haunted villain who is seeking a weapon which will allow him to unleash great evil upon the world.

Gods and Heroes weaves in stories around the film--as these things tend to go--taking place as a prequel without trampling on the events of the movie. Archaia has announced that this hardcover will be a flip book with stories featuring the gods on one side and humans on the other. During WonderCon, Cosby explained that it was about characters "fighting not because they can win but because it's better to fight than not" --

                   WonderCon 2011: Nate Cosby Talks Immortals: Gods and Heroes

We'll know more about Immortals closer to its release. Until then, enjoy the new images by Jock!


Writer/artist Nate Simpson’s Nonplayer joins the recent club of Image Comics’ first issues that have sold out amid critical acclaim. The first issue of the miniseries was released in April (with its second on the way), and it’s a blend of sci-fi and gaming about the blurring between the online world and the real. Its heroine, Dana, immerses herself in a popular MMO set in the world of Jarvath—the the exclusion of the real world.


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