After a fairly spectacular round of manga announcements at Anime Expo three weeks ago, this year's San Diego Comic-Con was a quiet one for manga publishers. In fact, Yen Press cancelled their panel at the last minute, although they did have a busy booth on the main exhibit floor. Here's a look at what went on.


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Anime Expo brought plenty of good news for manga fans, and we expect even more at San Diego Comic-Con next week. In the meantime, here's a roundup of this week's new manga to pass the time between cons.


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The manga news continued all weekend at Anime Expo, and things are looking good for fans of Tokypop's series, as both "Hetalia" and "Deadman Wonderland" will be making a comeback. Plus: More "Attack on Titan" than ever before! I rounded up the highlights from the first day here; now here's what happened over the weekend.



Yesterday was a busy day at Anime Expo, with three manga and four anime panels, and some big news about the Godfather of Manga, Osamu Tezuka.

Digital's Tezuka Grab: The big news for manga readers came at the Digital Manga panel: Digital has signed a deal with Tezuka Productions to publish all of Osamu Tezuka's manga digitally worldwide. That includes new licenses and digital editions of manga that have already been published in print by other publishers. Digital has published several Tezuka manga, including "Unico," "Barbara," and "Atomcat" in print editions funded by Kickstarter campaigns, and they held out the possibility that if the Tezuka digital editions do well they could go to print as well. (The image of Tezuka and his characters is from the Japanese art magazine "Geijutsu Shincho"; I found it here.) In other Digital news, Yaoi-Con will take place in San Francisco in autumn 2014, and the eManga website is now accepting submissions from individual artists for digital publication on the site.


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Shonen Jump

Anime Expo, the biggest anime con in the U.S., starts tomorrow, with a stellar lineup of talent and the potential for some interesting news. If you're new to the anime world, check out AX MC Danny Choo's video intro. Or just read on.


Remember when Tokyopop announced that it was closing its North American manga division? CEO Stu Levy made a statement, they sold off all their books and office equipment, and their website dwindled down to a Facebook page.

Well, psyche! They're back! Fans packed the panel room at Anime Expo, and Levy had announced that they will publish the third volume of Psy-Comm, an OEL (original English language) manga. In addition, he said that the Japanese publisher Gentosha has confirmed that vols. 4 and 5 of Hetalia: Axis Powers will be published in North America. By Tokyopop? "We are talking to Gentosha," Levy said, but there are no more details yet. Tokyopop published the first two volumes of Hetalia before it closed down, and it is publishing the third (and bringing back the first two) in a print-on-demand partnership with the retail site RightStuf. Read More...

This weekend brings the first major manga and anime con of the season, Anime Expo, at the Lost Angeles Convention Center. Charles has already covered the first big anime story, Viz Media's announcement of their Neon Alley anime streaming service, but here's a look at the manga highlights.


eigoMANGA in 2012: It looks like this, Viz, and Tokyopop are the only publisher panels. eigoMANGA publishes Original English Language manga. Here's the blurb from their website: "Colleagues from eigoMANGA will announce and showcase releases of the company's mass-market publications, games, and animation titles since 2012." (Saturday at 10 a.m., Room 502AB) Read More...

Interval, one of the new manga announced by Digital Manga at Anime Expo

Interval, one of the new manga announced by Digital Manga at Anime Expo

The big manga news of the past week was the announcement of several new manga, most of them digital, at Anime Expo. Anime News Network and Animanga Nation have more detailed coverage of the con, and collects some Tweets by Japanese visitors to AX.

The really big news usually breaks at San Diego Comic-Con, which is in two weeks, and Deb Aoki looks forward to one of the announcements expected there: A group of Japanese publishers will unveil their J-manga online manga portal.

Best-sellers: Once again, Viz and Yen Press own the New York Times manga best-seller list, with vol. 51 of Naruto in the top spot and vol. 12 of Vampire Knight at number 2. There are a number of long-running series on this week's list—Fullmetal Alchemist, Bleach, Ouran High School Host Club—as well as both the first and second volumes of Blue Exorcist.

Secrecy of the Shivering Night (Japanese edition)

New books on the horizon: These haven't been officially announced yet, but Amazon sleuth Rachel S. found listings for two new boys-love manga from Digital Manga Publishing, Secrecy of the Shivering Night (Furueru Yoru no Himitsugoto) by Muku Ogura and Storm Flower (Hana no Arashi wa) by Runa Konjiki. Also hidden in the listings: a Megatokyo omnibus from Dark Horse. Read More...

The Digital Manga Guild got rolling at Anime Expo with the announcement of 23 yaoi manga that will be translated by fans and posted online; Viz announced several new comics for its iPad app, including InuYasha, as well as one freebie; and Bandai has licensed a cute Lucky Star spinoff and a new Gundam manga.


Anime Expo kicks off today and runs all through the long weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As the name suggests, this con has a strong emphasis on anime, although the biggest-name guest is music sensation Hatsune Miku. The roster also includes two major manga creators, Fred Gallagher (Megatokyo) and Izumi Matsumoto (Kimagure Orange Road), however, and several manga publishers will be making new license annoucements in their panels.

Megatokyo, the story of two gamers adrift in Tokyo, is one of the longest-running manga-style comics in the U.S., and it has actually been published in Japan as well.

Kimagure Orange Road has not been licensed for U.S. distribution (Sean Gaffney has some interesting thoughts on why it hasn't been licensed at his blog), but a fanbase has developed for the romantic-triangle story thanks to scanlations. Since the series ended, in 1987, Matsumoto has been busy with other things, including some pioneering work on digital comics. He took a break from 1999 to 2004 because of problems with cerebrospinal fluid disease, and part of his work now is drawing attention to that condition. Matsumoto will be exhibiting his work in a charity art show at AX. Masters in Manga has an interesting video of him at work.

Both Viz Media and Digital Manga are telling fans to expect some new title announcements during their panels at the show. At the Viz panel, scheduled for 4:15 today, "Attendees can learn more about the company’s exciting announcements, as well as newly acquired manga and anime licenses," according to the pre-con press release. Viz will also be screening its anime throughout the show, offering free manga to read (but not keep) in its manga lounge, and co-sponsoring the AX Idol talent show. Read More...

Get your flight suits ready, because another season of the aerial combat anime from Gonzo is getting a domestic release.


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