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If you're looking for the season finale of "Archer," it'll be under the sea. With Jon Hamm!

Plus, the AV Club has confirmed that the FX animated series will be making returning for yet another season after this year's spy spoof hijinks wrap up. Plus, another crossover (kind of)!


Archer_30_Bang_FXWEB_1280x720_13009987726By Zack Smith

“Daaaayyyyyynger Zooooooonnnnnnne!” The most important toy announcement of 2013 is here: FX’s animated spy comedy Archer is getting a slew of merchandise, including action figures.

Factory Entertainment has the license for the acclaimed cartoon, featuring plushes, Shakems and yes, action figures – and who’s more of an action figure than Sterling Archer? Read More...

What's this? Sterling Archer actually grows as a person in the latest season of the FX spy series? Okay, maybe he doesn't exactly "grow," but lessons are kind of learned and emotions are felt in the wake of his fiancee's death at the end of season two.


With the fourth season on the horizon, FX will be bringing the cast of "Archer" on a four-city tour starting in January.


There's the good, the great, and then there's the BEST. Welcome to MTV Geek's Best of 2012 -- what we thought were the cream of the crop this year in the world of GEEK!

By Valerie Gallaher, Eddie Wright, Alex Zalben and Charles Webb


In news that will no doubt thrill H. Jon Benjamin fans, FX's spy parody "Archer" will have a crossover episode with Fox's generational cooking epic, "Bob's Burgers." Benjamin, who voices both Sterling Archer and Bob Belcher, revealed the bizarre meeting of two very different cartoons to EW:

"[Archer creator Adam Reed] really likes Bob’s Burgers...And the fourth season has a Bob’s Burgers tie-in, which is really bizarre."

In the episode, which is described as having "a Bourne Identity-type plotline," Archer will find himself as fry cook Bob, with no memory of his former life. When the spy automatically takes down some thugs who enter the diner, he begins to question who he is and how he got there.

As for how the crossover will blend two vastly different animation styles, Benjamin told EW, "it’s Archer-style animation, but with all the accoutrements and characteristics of the [Bob’s] characters."

FX hasn't announced an air date yet for this ground-breaking meeting of cartoon giants.

Watch the "Bob's Burgers" gang chat with MTV Geek at San Diego Comic-Con:

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The complete third season makes its way to home video next January complete with commentaries and more. Check out more details on the Fox release after the jump.

This should make fans of the FX Network's animated workplace espionage comedy Archer: the network has ordered another 13 episodes of the series as well as locking down a two-year deal with the show's executive producers Adam Reed and Matt Thompson for any projects they might deliver in the that time with their studio, Floyd County Productions. For more on the agreement, check out the rest of the article after the jump.

This second time through the most recent season of the FX Network's first animated series wasn't just an opportunity to revisit one of the funniest comedies on TV, it was also a chance to rediscover the show and figure out precisely why it works so well. If I had to distill it down to the one trait that defines the series, it's the ping pong match-like rhythm set by the voice cast, the way the dialog bounces back and forth and feels in the moment (versus something like Family Guy's sometimes laborious setups), and it's this quality that defines the show and which actually allows it to rise even above quite a few live-action comedies on the small screen.

The 13 episodes of the second season (and really the first block of episodes in the first) comprise what feel like the first animated recession spy comedy (with its big box retail clockwatching lead, NBC's Chuck would be the first in the live-action category). One of the main threads working its way through the show is how the agents of the ISIS spy organization ostensibly try to keep us free from America's enemies abroad and within while working around dwindling budgets and HR disasters. Its lead, the hard-drinking, womanizing, egotistical but strangely ultra-competent spy Sterling Archer (H. Jon Benjamin, Bob's Burgers, Home Movies) is frequently about one disastrous decision away from causing international calamity, and it's usually up to the group of lunatics, sexual deviants, and possible Hitler clones to back him up/save the country from him.

Could FX's hilarious, crude spy comedy be one of the big winners in this major animation competition? (Note: tinfoil duck is not actual Annie award)

We're gonna have a TV party tonight! Alright!

[In shakiest old man voice] When I was a boy, we didn't have all of these wonderful animated shows on TV. ABC was trying to convince us that something called Fish Police would be something we'd want to watch. We didn't! Now the range of animation for kids and adults on television has grown to a staggering, unexpected degree--and the MTV Geek staff had some opinions of the best titles from this past year.

So you've got someone one your holiday list who you want to keep entertained for a few hours--maybe even in hi-def? Well, look no further than this lineup of 2011 TV on DVD and Blu-ray releases for a couple of ideas of what to get that special someone who's into the living dead, disavowed secret agents, drunk secret agents, and grimy, sci-fi adventure.


And like that, we now have to wait until January for new episodes of Archer. Sob. Still, it was nice to see the team experiment with a new format, a three episode arc aired over the course of three weeks. And even if they didn’t totally knock it out of the park, Archer still stands as one of the smartest, funniest shows on TV.

We picked up this week where we left things, with Archer and team all imprisoned on the pirate island where he was once King (sort of). Ray is missing an eye, Lana is pissed off at Archer, and Noah (guest star David Cross) is trying to cut through stone with a spoon. Meanwhile, back at ISIS headquarters, Cyril and Pam are desperately trying to figure out where they hid all of the spy orgs money during a blackout drunken night of debauchery.

So, you know: business as usual.

Not a lot more happens over the course of the episode, actually, other than the gang breaking out of prison, witnessing an intramural pirate lacrosse game, and Ray getting crippled. Also, Rip Riley loses an eye, and gets pissed off - leading to Archer to call him, “Nick Furious,” which is hilarious and nerdy and go team Archer.

Last week, I wondered whether there would be some real change Read More...

We’re now two thirds of the way through this Archer mini-season, and I’m going to go out on a limb and say: Archer is a very funny show. Okay, fine, so last episode, I think I said something about Archer being one of the funniest shows on TV – and it still is – but this episode relied a little more on plot, and the jokes weren’t as insanely dense as they were in part one. Don’t get me wrong: this is still really good, and whip-smart; its just clearly the middle chapter, and those are never as interesting as the beginning and ending. Read More...

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