Barrage is a fresh new shonen series that just took the place of Bakuman in Shonen Jump Alpha. It's the story of Astro, a plucky kid from the slums who is suddenly whisked off to the palace to take the place of the prince. This isn't just a retelling of the old Prince and the Pauper story, though. With cool character designs and plenty of action, this is a shonen battle story that's a cut above the rest.

Warning: Spoilers ahead! But since chapter 3 of the manga runs in this week's Shonen Jump Alpha, you'll need this backstory to jump into this week's episode.

The planet of Industria is going through a period of war, with the human-like inhabitants under attack from dog-faced aliens. Only the capital city is safe, and life isn't all that good there for poor kids like Astro. But Astro works hard, because he has taken in a gaggle of abandoned children and he needs to support them. When he loses his job after defending his boss from an alien attack, things look grim. Read More...

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