Lords of Waterdeep

In the last few years, gaming behemoth Wizards of the Coast has expanded its "Dungeons and Dragons" product line with several board games. Last year's "Lords of Waterdeep" drew critical praise and awards for its drafting and questing mechanics. Recently, Wizards released "Scoundrels of Skullport", the first expansion for "Waterdeep." How was the original game created? And how challenging was it to expand upon it? We talked to game designer Rodney Thompson.



In the hobby gaming industry, it caused something of a ruckus, a promising Kickstarter project for a board game was canceled after long delays, despite being successfully funded. "The Doom That Came To Atlantic City" has become a cautionary tale for board games on Kickstarter and those who want to enter the industry.


The Doom That Came To Atlantic City

Over 1,000 board game fans are squealing with delight today as canceled Cthulhu-meets-Monopoly board game "The Doom That Came To Atlantic City" was reborn. After the publisher of the game canceled the board game, the game's designers moved to return it from the dead.


Catan big news

Mayfair Games, publishers of the massively successful "Settlers of Catan" board game, have announced that at Gen Con in August they will be holding a game of "Catan" with 1000 players. Billing it "The Big Game", the company is pursuing the record for most people at once playing a board game. There will be judges from the Guinness Book of World Records on hand to witness the event. That will be a lot wood-for-sheep trades.



By Kevin Ohannessian

In the last few years, Kickstarter has given a chance to indie game makers to create products. But what about medium-sized companies with a slew of releases already? Why did Cheapass Games and Days of Wonder seek funding from the crowd?

The crowd-funding site Kickstarter has been instrumental in indie game makers in finding a way to launch a product--one need only look at Cards Against Humanity for the perfect example. But now known game companies are seeking the same success from fans willing to finance a game before it is made. Read More...

When one little girl noticed that there were only 5 female characters in the game "Guess Who?", and 19 males, she did what any 6-year-old would do -- fire off a letter to Hasbro.

Here's the letter in full, via Jezebel:

"Dear Hasbro,

My name is R______. I am six years old. I think it's not fair to only have 5 girls in Guess Who and 19 boys. It is not only boys who are important, girls are important too. If grown ups get into thinking that girls are not important they won't give little girls much care.

Also if girls want to be a girl in Guess Who they'll always lose against a boy, and it will be harder for them to win. I am cross about that and if you don't fix it soon, my mum could throw Guess Who out.

My mum typed this message but I told her what to say."


USAopoly has released versions of Monopoly pulling themes from Star Trek, Futurama, Star Wars, Metallica, The Three Stooges, Pirates of the Caribbean, Family Guy, Elvis and even Nintendo. The list just keeps on growing and now another franchise is getting the Monopoly treatment – Capcom's Street Fighter! Read More...

By Kevin Kelly

One of the coolest things I've seen in the world of board games was a version of Settlers of Catan running on the Microsoft Surface. But the only problem is that I don't have $15,000 to drop on a gaming peripheral. Luckily, ePawn understands that, which is why they've created the ePawn Arena: a 26" IPS screen that allows connects to your iPhone or iPad and bring a whole new world to the game table.

The demos they showed us included chess, air hockey, and a rudimentary version of Dungeons & Dragons, but I'm more excited about the possibilities down the road like an electronic version of Arkham Horror that keeps track of all the goings on, Axis & Allies enhanced by sound effects and wartime videos. There's an endless amount of possibilities, and hopefully board game developers will embrace this technology once it comes out later this year.

For more visions of the future, keep reading MTV Geek's CES 2012 coverage.

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With 2011 now firmly in our rear view mirror, it's time to look back on the year in board games. And what a year it was. The release schedule for 2011 was as crowded as ever, with most publishers upping their output to capitalize on surging board game popularity, and an army of indie developers trying their luck with Kickstarter projects. There's simply no way you could play them all, so now it's time to break down what titles you should be looking for as you game it up in 2012.


Star Trek fans who like their board games with a little Klingon flair have a quite a treat landing in November. The gaming geeks over at USAopoly are prepping 1,701 sets of Monopoly: Star Trek Klingon Limited Edition and we can preorder the game beginning September 1st.

The rules of the game remain unchanged just like all of the other limited edition Monopoly titles we’ve seen roll out lately. However, game tokens, properties, houses and hotels are going to look a little different than they do on your classic Monopoly board. Read More...

By George Holochwost

Fans of Descent and the original Dune boardgame thrilled at two new previews at the Fantasy Flight booth this weekend at GenCon.

First up, Descent: Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. This massive tactical dungeon crawler comes in a box about the same size as FF's Mansions of Madness. Set in the Terrinoth – the same world as of DungeonQuest, RuneWars, RuneAge, and Runebound, Descent Second Edition will integrate campaign elements to the core game drawing from mechanics and concepts originally presented in the Descent expansions Road to Legend and Sea of Blood. Descent Second edition boasts the same quality components that we've come to expect from Fantasy Flight. Don't worry, if you went deep on the original Descent, you will be happy to hear that a conversion pack for first edition components will also be made available to long time fans.


Today Fox Consumer Products and USAopoly are showing off a brand new collector’s edition Monopoly board game at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 and they gave us an exclusive first look at the box art! Get ready humans -- Futurama Monopoly is on the way and a special Bender token is along for the ride if you order in advance! Read More...

Hasbro’s Operation game has been around forever, but a new version hitting store shelves in September takes Cavity Sam off the operating table and replaces him with everyone’s favorite astromech droid! That’s right, R2D2 is apparently suffering from some less than pleasing mechanical issues and it will be up to us to sort things out. Read More...

We have been waiting for an Angry Birds board game for quite some time now. The gameplay on smartphones and tablets just seems like it would lend itself to a real-world game so well and our wish has finally been answered. Knock on Wood is the official Angry Birds board game and it’s available right now! Read More...

This awesome A-1 Scrabble Designer Edition Board comes from Andrew Capener. It was originally an art project while attending BYU, but it could one day be the board we all play on.

Scrabble has been around forever and the game board and tiles have looked the same since day one, but this board is all about customization. When ordering the board we would select which font we want on the letter tiles. We could choose any font we want or mix-n-match fonts to create a truly unique Scrabble game. Read More...

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