Vibe takes on Kid Flash in this month's new issue of  "Justice League of America's Vibe" and we've got an exclusive first look!



The fallout from "Death of Family" begins in "Teen Titans" and we've got an exclusive first look at the latest issue.


A day couldn't pass by with a new round of post-Flashpoint announcements from DC. This time, the teen characters of the DCU get their time in the spotlight, with revamps of Teen Titans, Hawk & Dove, Legion (it wouldn't be a relaunch without a new Legion), and Static Shock.

An overall note based on a thought that's still kind of taking shape in my head about the direction of some of the titles in the relaunch: along with the character redesigns -- making their threads more uniform-like and less like costumes -- and the tone of the some of the announcements (the Titans facing off against teen-kidnapping/killing organizations, John Constantine joining a sort of A-Team of magic) there's a sort of militarist vibe from the whole thing. It's not consistent, and I could very easily be tugging at an imaginary thread here. But if that is the case, it really reshapes the character of the DCU into something a little more hard-edged, for good or bad.

Anyway, on to the new books!

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