Where's that missing part? That's the question that hangs over the entirety of "The Hive," the second installment of Charles Burns' trilogy of surreal tales. "The Hive" follows 2010's "X'ed Out" and leads us into the not-yet-released "Sugar Skull." When I reviewed "X'ed Out" for this site I wondered just what exactly the graphic novel was about and whether or not its confusing nature was in itself the theme of the story. After reading "The Hive," I'd say that's big YUP.


2010 provided us with a diverse and fascinating array of great graphic novels to choose from. A PI with a brain tumor, a person caught between two worlds, a godlike psychopath, Scott Pilgrim, a brave museum curator, and a Dapper Man are among the protagonists on MTV Geek's list of the top graphic novels of the year.

#10: Revolver

Publisher: Vertigo
Writer: Matt Kindt
Artist: Matt Kindt

This impactful narrative of a life caught between two realities -- one of order, the other chaos -- is a stellar follow-up to Kindt's hit "Super Spy."


What is Charles Burns latest, first fully-colored graphic novel, X'ed Out about exactly? Honestly, I don't entirely know. But that's the point.

I think.

X'ed Out is a book full of so many ideas that it might not be possible wrangle all the disparate thoughts that cropped up in my head as I read the tale and manage them into a concise review. X'ed Out is about a drug addicted and mentally unstable man named Doug who travels into an alternate reality made up of symbols that represent the many important moments and mistakes in his life.

And Tintin. It's also about Tintin.

For me, X'ed Out might be an examination of the artistic process. It is about the idea of ideas. The birth of inspiration. The moments in our lives that are digested and transformed into something different, something abstract, something that we don't fully understand. Every panel, every page is loaded with images that can only be interpreted as clues. But are they clues? Are they pieces in a puzzle? Will they connect? At this point, it's impossible to say as X'ed Out is only the first in a trilogy of tales. The next installment, The Hive is coming at some point in 2011. Read More...

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival was held last Saturday on December 4th at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Williamsburg. The show was not only a celebration of some of the best independent comics talent today, but of the exciting community of artists who live in Williamsburg.

BCGF, an ongoing project by Desert Island, PictureBox and Bill Kartalopoulos, is unique among comic book festivals and conventions in that it’s an invitation-only event. While this methodology is controversial among some people, it also delivers a highly-curated and talent-concentrated show -- a panorama of excellence in comic creation and graphic design at which it was hard to decide what to look at first.

The Festival's co-organizer, Desert Island's Gabe Fowler, described to MTV Geek about the selection process for BCGF:
"This event has become a curated event, which basically means that me and the other two organizers come to the table with long lists of people we wish could be involved as exhibitors. And we basically chip away at that list and are inviting people to rent tables from us. So that makes it a little unorthodox, relative to other comic events which are usually first come first serve. But because our event is small, the demand just exceeded the supply of tables basically so it just led us to the conclusion that it needs to be a curated event just to keep a small but potent room full of stuff. " Read More...

If you are in the New York City area on December 4th, the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is a must to attend. Held in the heart of Williamsburg, the BCGF is a one-day festival of cartoon and graphic art featuring such titans of the indie comics scene as Lynda Barry, Kate Beaton, Charles Burns, Evan Dorkin, Adrian Tomine, Paul Pope, Bill Griffith, and many more. There will also be lectures, exhibits, and satellite events.

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is an ongoing project by Desert Island, PictureBox and Bill Kartalopoulos. It will be held on Dec. 4 from 12-9 pm at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


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By David Paggi

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest has announced a date, a new venue, guests and posted an AWESOME poster by Anders Nilsen (Big Questions, Dogs and Water). The second annual festival will be held on December 4th this year, at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church in Brooklyn, New York – a bigger space than last year to accommodate bigger exhibitor demand, according to the show. That’s hardly surprising. The show last year was a huge success in the eyes of this attendee, and natural growth is welcome.

The announced guest list is pretty jaw dropping. Lynda Barry, Charles Burns, Jordan Crane, Renee French, Sammy Harkham, Anders Nilsen, Paul Pope, Johnny Ryan, Gabrielle Bell, Jillian Tamaki and more.

Keep an eye on their website for updates and programming news. If you’re in the tri-state area this is definitely something you should check out. Admission is FREE (really!), the neighborhood is awesome and guests/exhibitors are great. Hell, I think it’d be worth it to fly in. See the city — make a vacation out of it!

The Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival is a curated comics fest produced by Brooklyn’s Desert Island Comics, PictureBox Inc. and Bill Kartalopolous.

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