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Look, it's San Diego Comic-Con, you've got Dan DiDio on the microphone, so why not ask him the status of the popular DC Comics character. While he was still a bit cagey about what's happening with Stephanie Brown in the revamped DC Universe, he cautioned fans that it's better that she show up later than when originally planned in the line-wide "Forever Evil" event.



By Kevin M. Brettauer

It’s very apparent, to anyone who’s analyzed his work to any degree, that living comic book legend Grant Morrison loves the human race and wants us to be the greatest versions of ourselves that we can be. "The Invisibles" builds, over the course of three separate series, into a crescendo of salvation for the human spirit, creating not a technological but a spiritual singularity that would make Eckhart Tolle blush. "All-Star Superman" culminates with the titular Last Son of Krypton making the ultimate sacrifice – at least for now – as Lex Luthor realizes the value of the interconnectivity of the human race. "The Filth" wraps up as a reimagined millennial Gaia is approached by the desperate lead, who is literally clutching the “filth” his life has become, asking what to do with it. Telling him to turn lemons into lemonade, she tells him to “spread it on [his] flowers”.



The stakes are high in "The Phantom Stranger" and we've got an exclusive first look at the latest issue.


Syfy's "Face Off" - one of the best shows on TV - is about to get superhero-ified on an upcoming episode thanks to DC Comics' Dan DiDio, Jim Lee and several artists.


Want to know what's happening with Batman? How about the origins of the big Superman/Wonder Woman kiss? The (non)-status of Stephanie Brown? Dan Didio and Jim Lee sat down during this weekend's New York Comic-Con chat to lay out some of the whats, hows and whys of The New 52.


Are there more "Watchmen" comics on the horizon? We caught up with DC Comics Co-Publisher Dan DiDio at Baltimore Comic-Con and his answer was: maybe.

It all depends, he explained, on the sales of the collected editions of "Before Watchmen". In other news, there are going to be collected editions of "Before Watchmen," which "will sit side-by-side with the 'Watchmen' books". Here's the full scoop:

BCC 2012: Dan DiDio Discusses If There Will Be More 'Before Watchmen'?


The last day of FanExpo Canada also brought the last DC Comics panel of the Con. Wipe away your tears, though, because there was some big news items awaiting the crowd of excited attendees. On the panel moderated by DC's John Cunningham were Dan Didio, Greg Capullo, Jason Fabok, and David Finch.

First, Cunningham talked to Capullo about bringing the Joker to Batman. “We’re going to scare and frighten the s**t out of you all,” said Capullo. “This is going to be Joker meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Joker had his face on ice, and he’s robbed and stolen the face back. I think it would be cool to have this stuff rotting away, so there’s flies buzzing around him. You guys think that’s cool? I hope all your pants will get tight, and your nipples will stiffen, and you’ll enjoy it.” Read More...

Over the past few weeks there’s been a battle for a demographic who, traditionally, don’t get much attention in mainstream comics. The homosexual community. Perhaps it’s a sign of the times. There's been recent political moves on both the left and the right to push for legal gay marriage or ban to it altogether and comics can't ignore that.

In comics, we had the announcement of an all-gay superhero team, Archie Comics introduced Kevin Keller, and featured his wedding. And in the biggest moves Marvel married Northstar and Kyle Jindu in "Astonishing X-Men" #51, and DC Comics reinvented Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern as gay.

Exclusive promo image for "The Phantom Stranger" (not final cover)

As announced earlier this morning, one year after launching the New 52, in September the DC Universe is rebooting... Again. Okay, that’s not totally true, but DC is reverting all of their comics to the number Zero, and giving one month to reintroduce the world to the DCU. Along with the tried and true titles, they’re also launching four new books, including The Phantom Stranger, written by Dan Didio, with art by Brent Anderson. After the zero issue, the title continues in October with a new #1, and keeps going from there.

To find out more, we chatted with Didio about the announcement, rebooting the classic character, how this may be a lynchpin book for DC going forward... And found that Didio is even more mysterious than the title character: Read More...

There's been a lot of controversy around Before Watchmen since DC's announcement 2 weeks ago. While we're psyched DC is bringing in the likes of Len Wein, J. Michael Straczynski, Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner, Jae Lee, Brian Azzarello, J.G. Jones, Adam Hughes, Lee Bermejo, and Andy and Joe Kubert to takes the reins on Alan Moore's and Dave Gibbon's masterpiece, we've been hella curious about what went on behind the scenes that lead to DC greenlighting BW a quarter of a century since the original series.

Well LUCKILY we came across this account of Jim and Dan's weekly Ouija board session! Annnnnnd now it all makes sense!


There are only days – maybe hours, even, if ya wanna be a jerk about it – until DC’s massive New 52 initiative launches. Once Midnight hits on August 31st, there will be no turning back, as the publisher completely reboots their superhero universe for a new generation, launching fifty-two brand new number ones, and (they hope) changing the face of comics forever.

FanExpo Canada, while not exactly the calm before the storm, did give us a chance to sit down with a visibly relaxed Co-Publisher Dan DiDio to chat about his plans in the next few days, how recent (incredibly positive) sales figures have affected DC’s bravado, and a little bit about where they’re going next:

MTV Geek: With about a half a week until New 52, it’s pretty clear what DC’s game plan is, but what’s your personal game plan for the next few days?

Dan DiDio: We’re attacking several problems, or several concerns all at the same time. First thing we’re trying to do is attack the issue of slowly eroding sales. Biggest issue is that, too. First thing you want to do is find a way to strengthen the base of your audience, so that you can bring new people in and get them hooked.

Second thing is to create a diversity across the line, wider than we are – really just, rather than going in with a narrow margin of superhero projects, really open up the breadth, and give the more eclectic corners a chance. Because personally those are the things I love the best. So I’d love to see War books, and Western books, and Science Fiction, and Horror on the line… Because I think that’s just what makes comics fun! Read More...

Jeff Lemire and Dan DiDio

Though FanExpo’s spotlight panel on writer/artist Jeff Lemire didn’t start until 5:00pm this Thursday, fans were packed wrapped around the block for days to make sure and grab a seat in the convention center’s airy Room 713. Most were dressed as their favorite characters from Lemire’s seminal Top Shelf series ESSEX COUNTY STORIES, though it was shouts of, “Sweet TOOTH! Sweet TOOTH!” that rocked the center as five o’clock drew near. And when Lemire entered on stage, it recalled nothing less than Springsteen in his heyday, if The Bruce was instead a Canadian comic book creator. So a totally different guy, we mean.

The cover to Animal Man #1

Okay, we’re kidding around a bit, but as Jeff Lemire (who will be writing ANIMAL MAN and FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. for DC's "New 52" ) is Canadian born and bred, and a dual threat talent on the rise, there was a fair amount of interest in getting a one-on-one hundred interview with the creator; particularly as one of the kick off panels to this year’s FanExpo. As an added bonus, DC’s Co-Publisher Dan DiDio moderated the panel. Read More...

In September, DC will taking a bold new step: rebooting and relaunching their entire superhero line of comics, with fifty-two brand new titles. It was certainly the hot button issue of San Diego Comic-Con this year, with daily panels allowing fans to question the DC brass, visuals everywhere, and every friendly conversation turning – at some point – to armchair quarterbacking the decision.

Lucky us, then, we got to snag some one-on-one time with two of the three heads of DC Comics, Co-Publishers Dan Didio and Jim Lee. In the first clip, Didio gives the lay of the land, and how DC hopes to, “make comics the leader in the pop-entertainment business.” For Lee, he addresses one of the big questions inherent in the relaunch: why 52 books at the same time?

SDCC 2011: Dan DiDio And Jim Lee Talk 'The New 52'


Or as it should be otherwise referred to: "DC's totes serious about giving Wildstorm characters a go in the DCU."

I actually have a lot of love for some of the Wildstorm properties under all-star creators like Morrison, Millar (I enjoyed his work there), Brubaker, Ellis, Ennis, Simone, and on and on. But after a series of relaunches and reboots over the past 5 years, readers made it pretty clear they weren't interested in the Wildstorm universe any longer, or at least books under those titles. I can't help but respect the guts in going back to the well like this, but I just don't think the names or concepts behind Stormwatch carry the cachet they used to, especially when they were essentially responses to the JLA, a team which now inhabits the same universe. I think Stormwatch is essentially a good core concept, but giving them their own title feels like a bit of unintentional oversaturation. Read More...

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