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"Simpsons" comics are something of an institution, so it's no surprise that another smart, hilarious Fox animated show, "Bob's Burgers" is making its way into comics pages as well.



Dynamite sent over a pair of exclusive extended looks at their "George R.R. Martin's A Game of Thrones" #19 and "The Bionic Man" #19 before they hit shelves on May 1!

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We're pleased to present you with an exclusive extended sneak peek at "The Bionic Woman" #9, hitting stores April 24 from Dynamite Publishing:

Dynamite says:



By Jorge Solis

As Tyrion Lannister is held prisoner, he must face trial for his crimes or be executed in "Game of Thrones" #13 (Dynamite Entertainment). If Tyrion is found guilty, then he will be thrown off the cliff of a mountain. But, Tyrion isn't going to lose his edge, because he has one last trick up his sleeve.

Heavy on plot, there is a lot going on in a single issue. Jon Stark has just been sworn as a brother of the Night's Watch. Unwanted by his family, Jon tries to find his place with his new brothers. But something troubles his mind, which is why Jon has to take leave during the midnight hours. Elsewhere, Catelyn and Lysa want their prisoner, Tyrion, to face his trial and execution. Tyrion's death will be the only thing that will quench their bloodlust. Read More...


We're pleased to present you with an exclusive extended sneak peek at "Dark Shadows" #14, hitting stores Feb 27th from Dynamite Publishing:



This July, "Birds of Prey" and "Batgirl" writer Gail Simone will be joining the sword and sandal set for an all-new ongoing "Red Sonja" series at Dynamite. We spoke with Simone about this ECCC announcement, the legacy of Sonja as a character


We're pleased to present you with an exclusive extended sneak peek at "Voltron" #10, hitting stores February 6th from Dynamite Publishing:


We're pleased to present you with an exclusive extended sneak peek at "Dark Shadows" #13, hitting stores January 30th from Dynamite Publishing:


One of the bigger bits of news out of New York Comic Con - for TV fans at least - was the announcement of Dynamite's license for "Grimm." The NBC cops vs. storybook characters show is only just over a season old, but that doesn't mean it isn't time to hop head first into a new medium. Particularly after nearly ubiquitous ads for the show's second season invaded pretty much every comic publisher back in August. We had a chance to chat with Chris Lucero (Director of
Licensing for NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products) over e-mail about the title, and here's what he had to say:


Writer Fred Van Lente is no stranger to zombies. He's been writing the adventures of superpowered brain-eaters for years at Marvel, and now he's coming at things from a decidedly different perspective. In 2013, he'll be launching a new zombie series for Dynamite that focuses on the other side of a zombie apocalypse the pencil pushers who's job it is to maintain order, and quell the outbreak before it spreads. For more, we chatted with Van Lente, and also, found out how we're all going to Broadway: Read More...

We'll find out more about this at New York Comic Con, but here's the big news: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are heading back to space for a brand new Battlestar Galactica series. As we found out later, it picks up right where Marc Guggenheim's apocalyptic tale left off... But with a DnA twist:

MTV Geek: Just to start off, if you guys love space so much, why don’t you marry it?

DnA: Alex you’re a nut!

What if you could go back and relive every party from your entire life in one night? Would you do it? Would it be awesome? Would it be too embarrassing to handle? To horrifying? Those are the questions Greek comic creator Ilias Kyriazis poses in his comedic, fantastical one-shot It's My Party.

MTV Geek is featuring It's My Party in its entirety right here on the site, but before you break out your party shoes, check out what Kyriazis had to say about the inspiration and themes behind his tale of a life re-partied.

Suit up for our latest exclusive reveal from Dynamite Entertainment!

32 pages FC • $3.99 • Teen +

The traitor has been revealed, and #686 finally has the smoking gun necessary to bring him down once and for all. Only one problem though---central command has been infiltrated by zombie robots, and they’re promising to execute a “flesh sack” every ten minutes until their demands are met. And cut off from the rest of his team, Commander Sven has no choice but to form an alliance with the same man he’s sworn to expose at all costs. Finally face-to-face with his enemy, yet on the run from ones even more dangerous, what Sven does next changes everything. “Fearless Leader” goes penultimate, and this is where the future becomes set in stone... Read More...

Pantha must face Mamba in the newest issue of Pantha, hitting in August 2012 from Dynamite Entertainment!

This month, Al Ewing plans to go back to the past of the Garth Ennis creation Jennifer Blood, delving into the fateful past of the mom and sometime murderous vigilante. Ewing, a novelist who's also doing work for 2000 A.D. answered a few questions for MTV Geek recently about bringing Jennifer's past to life, as well as the future of the hitgirl squad the Ninjettes.

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