In a bit of news unfortunately timed with the upcoming release of the new Ghost Rider movie, it seems that ol' flame-head's creator, Gary Friedrich, has been given a $17,000 "bill" by Marvel Entertainment's lawyers. The said reason? Selling unauthorized prints featuring Ghost Rider at comic book conventions.

Had Friedrich been actually making big bank over these prints -- and his claim to be the creator of Ghost Rider -- I could understand, and even approve of, Marvel's position here. It would be very easy for someone to simply draw famous characters like Batman and Spider-Man, reproduce those images, and make a tidy business: "Batman Art Sold Here." They could even mix it up and have paintings where Batman fights Spider-Man; I'd buy those.

But Gary Friedrich is a 68-year-old man who, according to reports, is destitute and not in the greatest of health. He did not make a fortune selling those prints, or going to comic book conventions proclaiming to be the creator of Ghost Rider. Friedrich was doing the bare minimum in order to survive. And while I seriously doubt he will be thrown in jail for not paying the 17 grand out, he could spend his later years facing tons and tons of collection notices and calls -- which is really demoralizing. Read More...

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