By Kevin Kelly

Gelaskins have been creating artistic skins and prints for everything from iPhones to MacBooks to Xbox 360 Controllers and beyond since 2005, and they are continually adding multiple artists to their folds to bring plenty of different options that you can wrap your gadgets in. They also allow you to create your own designs, so you can finally cover your Kindle in that LOLCAT picture you're so proud of.

Their normal skins feature tiny air channels courtesy of 3M technology, which eliminate they air bubbles that get left behind by people who suck at applying them, like me. However, while these make your tech look spectacular, they don't offer any real protection other than keeping your device from getting scratched up. Enter the Hardcase, Gelaskins first polycarbonate shell-type case that wraps your device in both plastic and artwork, making it secure as well as stylish.

Right now the cases are only available for the iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 3/3GS, and are priced at $34.95 and $29.95 respectively. Hopefully they will expand the line beyond Apple's iPhone because after using one for the past few days, I'm already in love with it. Geeks will appreciate the Derek Prospero "Action Packed" hardcase which I've been using, but they literally have dozens of designs, all with matching wallpapers.

Check out their full range of skins as well as the hardcase, and figure out what you'd like to dress your gadgets in while reading the rest of MTV Geek's CES 2012 coverage.

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The iLounge at CES 2011 was full of accessories for your favorite iDevice. Whether it's a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad or a nice new dock for that iPod Touch, you could find just about anything you wanted. GelaSkins had a booth set up to show off all their removable skins for electronics. Of course, with us being the geeks we are, the Marvel character skins really got our attention. They started off with Spider-Man, Iron Man and the X-men but, recently GelaSkins added Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Hulk, Thor, Storm, Phoenix and Ghost Rider to the line-up!

GelaSkins use a patented adhesive from 3M so, if you get sick of looking at Spider-man on your laptop you can peel it off and throw your new favorite character on their, whenever you want. Marvel isn’t the only company putting characters on these skins. Frank Miller (the man behind Sin City and 300) has also signed up to make some of his stuff available. Read More...

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