Laurianne Uy's Polterguys is not quite manga—it's an American graphic novel done in a manga style, a reverse harem story with some nice Japanese-style flourishes but a definitely American sensibility.

The setup is pure manga: A pleasant but nerdy girl gets an apartment in a house that turns out to be haunted—by the ghosts of five cute guys. Four are teenage hotties, while the youngest one, Simon, adds a cuddly note to the group and gives everyone someone to be protective of. The guys don't remember how they died, and they aren't sure why they all ended up in the same house, but they don't get out much, so they are happy to see their new neighbor. So happy that they clean the house, fix her pancakes, and accompany her to classes. This part reminded me a bit of dating-sim manga like "Ugly Duckling's Love Revolution," where the guys exist mainly to please the girl. (Well, we can dream, can't we?) A sinister note enters the story, however, when a bounty hunter shows up to claim his prey, and Bree risks her own life to keep the guys on this side of the Rubicon. Read More...

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I should start this piece off by saying that I've only ever seen the pop culture-heavy ADV English dubs of 20-episode anime, Ghost Stories (Gakk? no Kaidan). The series aired here in the U.S. on Cartoon Network and had a DVD run from the now divided and conquered publisher, so the only version I've ever seen is the one that its creators didn't necessarily intend to be seen.

Still, in spite of some humor that was stale as soon as it hit the recording booth (did you know Paris Hilton has a bad reputation), this animated series from Bleach and Emma - A Victorian Romance Studio Pierrot still has a few chills and scares that peek through the hokey humor.


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