Spy Monkey Creations Inc. is bringing an arsenal of new weaponry to your toy collections, specifically Masters of the Universe Classics! The company is no stranger to fans of MTV Geek or toy collectors thanks to their high-quality aftermarket weapons, and after temporarily shutting down their online operations, Spy Monkey is back and better than ever with a new line of Glyos-system based customizable swords, hammers, shields, and whatever your mind can think up! We were recently sent a review set of Spy Monkey's Armory Series 1 in the Bloodlust color-scheme, so we invited Hordak (evil despotic ruler of Etheria) over to gives his take on these new tools of the trade!

MTV Geek: Hello your Lordship... Majesty...errr, how would you prefer to be addressed, Hordak?

Hordak: *snort* Damn your eyes, feeble Earthling! I'd much rather have Leech drain the silly incompetence from your skull *snort* than be talked down to by a pale recluse like yourself!

Geek: Ah, this is going just as swimmingly as we figured it would! Well, we asked you here to weigh in on these weapons from Spy Monkey Creations. What are your initial thoughts?

Read on for more of what is sure to be a violent end for us all:


You know what we’re seriously lacking? More t-shirts with toys on ‘em, that’s what! Thankfully, companies like Fistful Apparel are filling that void in our life with clothing like this new design featuring Pheyaos, one of our favorite designer vinyl toys! This design is made in collaboration with Real X Head/Onell Design, who make the highly-addicting Glyos -- interchangeable toys that steal lots of our time with their customizable-tomfoolery. The company also has many other shirts that would be of interest to the geek community, including such gems as “Monster Slaughter” which features an image of a luchadore hacking up the classic monster archetypes with a machete. Yes, a machete!

Here’s all the info on the Pheyaos Man shirt straight from the folks over at Fistful Apparel:


Onell Design’s Glyos series of figures has received a rabid following from toy customizers and collectors alike. With its interesting character designs, Passcode 8-bit videos, and Gendrome Chronicles webcomic --  Glyos is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the toy world. The figures are unique in that they can be broken down to the tiniest component. This means that you can effectively create any kind of design and monstrosity your twisted little mind can imagine! New figures are released (or “dropped”) on special release days, and sold on Onell Design’s official website. It just so happens that the next drop is coming up very soon and includes some parts that fans will be clamoring over.

Here’s the info straight from Matt Doughty of Onell Design: Read More...

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