With the cat of the bag regarding Marvel’s upcoming plans, we now know big things are in store for their comic book universe... Though we don’t know a whole lot. There’s the first three titles, of course, but with the promise of plenty more down the pike, we thought it was time to play armchair Editor and beg Marvel for the return of a few books to the schedule; and new takes on some old ideas. Here are ten comics we want from Marvel NOW!... Now:

10. Nova/Guardians of The Galaxy
This is just a no brainer, right? Given that Marvel is rumored to be prepping a big budget GotG movie, plus the team showing up in Avengers Assembled, plus Nova playing a key role in Avengers vs. X-Men, there’s no way one or both of these titles won’t be showing up, and soon. If we had to choose, we’d err on the side of Guardians of the Galaxy, with a top notch creative team, and then launch Nova out of it. But hey, we’ll take it the other way, too. Read More...

From the first appearance of Luke Cage in his own solo book in 1972, to the anxiously-anticipated launch of the new series this week, comic book readers have long embraced the concept of “Heroes For Hire.” Now writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning promise a new “Heroes for Hire” with gritty, street-level action but also with an eye back to the iconic qualities that made the original so great. Let’s take a brief look at the history and lineups of the many incarnations of the series.

Power Man and Iron Fist: Luke Cage, the original “Hero For Hire,” was joined on his title by martial arts master Danny Rand -- Iron Fist -- during a storyline in issues #48-50. The team-up proved to be so popular that by issue #50 the comic’s title was changed to “Power Man and Iron Fist” with “Heroes For Hire” sort of dropping off the cover (there are only so many words you can fit on logo). Cage and Rand set up shop as “Heroes for Hire” and often had friends Colleen King and Misty Knight make appearances (and battle baddies alongside them). Read More...

Check out the new crop of titles shipping from Marvel Comics December 2nd! We know new books usually ship every Wednesday, but due to the big holiday last week, new stuff will hit the shelves on Thursday, December 2nd!

Click each cover for a preview!

Captain America: Patriot #4 Preview


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