Owning an actual piece of the original "Star Wars" trilogy would be a dream come true for any "Star Wars" fan, and thanks to an upcoming auction, some will be lucky enough to do just that. Profiles in History's Hollywood auction has recently added several items created for the original Star Wars films, including a X-Wing fighter and Yoda's head!


So one of the highlights I'd knew I'd be experiencing at Comic-Con, besides my lucky run in with Mark Hamill, was the chance to interview the Mythbusters crew - Kari Byron, Tory Belleci and my good friend from our old Lucasfilm days together Grant Imahara. While most of my crazy cohorts were out finding the hippest geek parties, I curled up in my hotel room, catching up on as many Mythbusters shows and I could, preparing my questions. I had interviewed celebrities before, but something about these guys made me nervous! Why God why???

Tory, Kari, Grant and I got to spend a lovely Saturday morning together discussing all things Mythbusters! These guys are so easy going and so much fun to hang with! We talked about Star Wars, vomit, ear wax candles, RPG's (Not role playing games!), sky diving and Grant's current bachelor status! We even talked about Craig Ferguson's crush on the entire team and poor Geoff Peterson needing some arm repairs...

Check out their awesome interview here!

SDCC 2011: The Mythbusters On Their Pal Craig Ferguson

Don't miss these guys and the new season of Mythbusters this Fall on the Discovery Channel!

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I watched the ILM documentary Creating The Impossible, directed by Leslie Iwerks, last Tuesday night and was pleasantly surprised. Having worked there I thought “what could I possibly learn from this?” Oh was I wrong.

George started ILM in 1975 in Van Nuys to create the special effects for Star Wars. John Dykstra was its first employee, along with talents like Lorne Peterson, Jon Berg, and Bill George. Lorne Peterson also wrote a great book called “Sculpting a Galaxy” which I highly recommend checking out!

George said “ILM was born out of the rebirth of the beginning of cinema...It’s all a trick and we’re the tricksters.” And to think that George only got 30-40% of what he really wanted out of Star Wars, way back in 1977! After the success of Star Wars George decided to move ILM up to San Rafael in Marin County, he wanted a film making center that was outside of Hollywood. Little factoid, did you know that Jodie Foster’s Egg Productions moved into ILM’s old Van Nuys building? Read More...

So every year our good buddy George Lucas throws an ILM Halloween party. And let me say, speaking from personal experience (wink wink) George does not disappoint.

Here is a gander at this year’s invite:

My first Lucas employee bash was the Holiday Party in 1993 where I drunkenly approached George to tell him how great I was. Now that’s a mistake you only make twice. Nonetheless it was a spectacular party and I thought “How in the galaxy will George outdo himself?” Read More...

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