The 90s were full of awesome (and cheesy) animated TV shows and Netflix has a bunch of them streaming instantly for us to browse through. Unfortunately, finding a series you grew up watching can be quite a hassle sometimes, so we decided to put this list together to make things a little easier. First up is the world's coolest hedgehog... Read More...

Netflix customers may have had a frustrating Labor Day weekend as it seemed they had added new restrictions to their Instant Streaming service. Netflix has always asked Instant Streaming customers to limit the amount of devices they stream content on simultaneously, but those limitations had never really been enforced -- until now.

Before the new restrictions took effect users could easily stream a movie on their Xbox 360 in one room and, let’s say, their PC in another room at the same time. Over the recent holiday weekend it seemed as if Netflix was limiting streaming-only customers to one stream at a time, but that was apparently an unexpected error. Read More...

Netflix Instant Streaming subscribers got some bad news Thursday as Starz announced it would not be renewing its current streaming deal with Netflix. The change will strip users of new content from two of Hollywood’s biggest studios.

The premium cable channel brought new movies from Disney and Sony Pictures to the online streaming service and news that Starz had left negotiations wasn’t taken lightly by Wall Street. During after-hours trading Netflix stock fell almost 9%.

Starz President and CEO, Chris Albrecht, released the following statement: Read More...

Netflix has done a great job adding new content to instant streaming over the past year, especially when it comes to animated series. We know Marvel and DC have made a ton of their TV series available recently, but we’re not talking about those here. Nor are we talking about Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob. We’re more interested in the cartoons we grew up with -- and the classics we can’t help but love.

After browsing through all Netflix had to offer we found a bunch of animated series' we feel should not only be revisited, but celebrated. Head past the break to see what we dug up! Read More...

Don’t know about you, but we here at MTV Geek! just love our Netflix subscriptions more and more. The streaming masterminds just struck a new 5-year deal with Miramax bringing a bunch of awesome movies to Instant Streaming.

There have been rumors of this deal going down for a couple months now and it has finally happened. Netflix broke out that fat wallet of theirs and got Miramax to give up streaming rights for movies like Kill Bill, Chasing Amy, Scream, From Dusk Till Dawn and Pulp Fiction! I seriously don’t know if I’m going to be able to pull myself away from Netflix anytime soon, it just keeps getting better.

"Netflix is thrilled to enter into this deal with the new team at Miramax," said Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos. "Existing relationships with management and a shared affinity for these great films make this an important deal for both companies and for our members, who will enjoy instantly watching movies from one of the truly great film libraries for many years to come."

"From day one, we've been very clear about the importance of digital and our desire to respond to the significant pent-up demand for our films -- delivering to consumers whenever and wherever they want," said Mike Lang, CEO of Miramax. "This agreement is an important first step in our digital strategy.  Netflix has always been a trailblazer, with a tremendous track record of innovation and quality customer service.  We're thrilled to now be in business with them as we build and revitalize the proud Miramax brand."

The long list of Miramax films coming to Netflix Instant aren’t there just yet. Unfortunately, we eager fans will have to wait until June before we can jump back into Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill but, at least we know these great films are finally on their way.

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We’ve all been waiting very patiently for Netflix to show up on Android devices, and it finally has… sort of.

Ok, so not all Android devices have access to Netflix streaming yet. In fact, only a few handsets from HTC and Samsung’s Nexus S are compatible. It seems Android’s fragmentation is the real problem here -- a lot of the Android devices floating around don’t have the DRM Netflix needs in order to stream videos to our handsets. However, they are saying that they’re working on it (heard that before) and we should see support for more devices arriving in “the coming months.”

As far as features go, well, they’re the same you’ll find anywhere else. If you’re watching a movie or show on your TV or PC and you suddenly have to stop and jump on the subway you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off. Also, we can manage our Instant Queue, search and browse through instant titles just as we can on the iOS app.

Head past the break for a list of compatible Android devices. Just a heads-up, it's pretty short. Read More...

All of us Netflix-loving-nerds are in for quite a treat this summer. According to a recent announcement a bunch of Marvel’s TV shows from 1966 to present will be filling up our Instant Queue with superheroes and villains very soon!

The first batch will land April 29th and includes animated series like The Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, Spider-Man Unlimited and Iron Man: Armored Adventures! That’s only naming a few and there will be more series’ to come as we move through the summer towards fall. Marvel has already announced 20+ titles and all of them will be available for Instant Streaming!

DC animation has been all over Instant Streaming for quite a while now so it’s great to see Marvel finally bringing titles to the service. It’s even better that they have decided to bring so many! Head past the break for the full list! Read More...

Netflix isn’t shy when it comes to busting out that wallet. In fact, back in December they offered any network interested $100,000 per episode of original content to make an appearance on their Instant Streaming service! And now, it looks like that invitation has worked out pretty well for them.

CBS has jumped on board signing a new 2-year agreement with Netflix to bring geek classics like the Twilight Zone, Star Trek and Twin Peaks to Instant Streaming devices everywhere. The addition of Star Trek is huge news, not only will it include the original series but, all generations of the hit show will be available to all Netflix customers via Instant Streaming! Yea that’s right Trekkies, whether it’s The Next Generation or Star Trek Voyager you want to watch, Netflix and CBS will have you covered!


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