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During the "Age of Ultron" crossover in pages drawn by Marvel C.O.O. Joe Quesada, Angela -- a character co-created by Todd McFarlane and Neil Gaiman and drawn Greg Capullo for McFarlane's "Spawn" Universe -- suddenly appeared and quickly became a major player in Marvel continuity, joining the Brian Michael Bendis-scripted "Guardians of the Galaxy." But how do the logistics of the character's existence in Marvel work? Is she completely rebooted? is her past in the "Spawn-verse" still relevant? What the hell is she doing in Marvel anyway?


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By Matt D. Wilson

Back in March, The New York Times announced that the "Spawn" character Angela, one of the handful of characters who had been at the crux of a legal battle between Spawn creator Todd McFarlane and writer Neil Gaiman, would be making the jump to Marvel Comics in "Age of Ultron" #10 by Brian Michael Bendis and an army of artists.


Watch: Inhumans Clip 1

By Jorge Solis

Coming this spring, Shout! Factory releases Marvel Knights Animation's "Inhumans" on DVD. From the acclaimed team of writer Paul Jenkins and artist Jae Lee, "Inhumans" follows the Eisner-winning adventures of King Black Bolt and his royal family as they attempt to protect Attilan. Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer at Marvel Entertainment, chatted with MTV Geek about Marvel Knights Animation, getting the pages to leap right off onto screen, and what Marvel fans should be looking out for next.


"Ultimate Spider-Man" head back to Disney XD in January in a two-part premiere as the network adds interstitials hosted by Marvel CCO Joe Quesada.


Dan Slott and company are bringing "Amazing Spider-Man" to an end with issue #700 this December and to celebrate, Joe Quesada unleashed this really lovely variant cover. Reminds me of the "ASM" comics I used to read when I was a kid. It feels big and this issue, which promises to be about "one of the biggest shocks to hit the life of Peter Parker."


If you're not caught up on "Avengers vs. X-Men" consider this your big fat SPOILER ALERT!


So far, there's been scant info about Marvel's new Marvel NOW! initiative, and only a single piece of art, by company CCO Joe Quesada. And while fans have been poring the piece for clues about what's coming up for the Marvel Universe post Avengers vs. X-Men, we snagged some time to sit down with the busy creator (and businessman) to talk about what goes into redesigning a Universe, what title he'd draw if he could, and overall, how Marvel NOW! fits into the big picture for Marvel Entertainment:

MTV Geek: First thing I was curious about, when you’re creating a piece of art like this that’s supposed to encapsulate a seismic shift in an entire superhero universe... How do you even start approaching something like that?

Joe Quesada: [Laughs] All I was really trying to do was create a compelling piece of art, something that would catch the reader’s eye... That was really the assignment. What encapsulates the Marvel NOW! of it all is that so many of the heroes have some subtle, and some radical changes to the way they look. The guys who designed the characters did the work, and really my job was to organize it into a piece that hopefully would grab the viewer’s attention. Read More...

On the way to Midtown Comics’ release party celebrating Disney XD and Marvel’s new cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man, the following exchange happened between me and my two year old daughter, whose only knowledge of Spider-Man is based on stickers I’ve given her:

Me: Hey, we’re going to a Spider-Man party!

Her: Oh! Will Spider-Man be there?

Me: Maybe, I’m not sure. Some of the guys who wrote the show will-

Her: I want to see Spider-Man! Say, “Nice to meet you Spider-Man!”

Me: That would be great! I’m sure he’d love that.

Her: I want to give him a hug.

Me: That would be nice, too!

Her: (Pause while she thinks) Will Spider-Man’s parents be there?

Me: Oh… Probably not.

Her: His Uncle then?

And then I explained to her how death works, the transience of life, and impressed on her that with great power comes great responsibility. Just kidding, I handed her some Cheerios so I didn’t have to talk about it. Read More...

At San Diego Comic Con, Hasbro has once again released a massive figure in their, usually much smaller, Marvel Universe line. While last year brought us the Eater of Worlds known as Galactus, while this year fans were lucky enough to be offered the mutant-hunting automaton-- The Sentinel! These genocidal robots have been around for years in the Marvel Comics' universe, and have recently upped their appearances thanks to the latest X-Men: Schism storyline. Seems like perfect time for a toy, right?


The House of Ideas borrows one from DC.

On Wednesday May 11th a most extraordinary event took place at The Society of Illustrators in New York City...three of the most important comic book artists of the last fifty years were gathered together to discuss their craft. Jim Steranko (Nick Fury), Walt Simonson (Thor), and Joe Quesada (Daredevil) -- along with moderator Dennis Calero (X-Men Noir) -- entertained and educated the audience of the lecture "Drawing The Line" with tales of breaking into the business and their approach to life and art.

The following are highlights from this magical night with comic book legends:



"Whoever you are, whatever you bring it into your work," commented Steranko, who was, among myriad achievements, an accomplished escape-artist and a successful advertising artist. "I brought suurealism, op-art, pop-art, and expressionism into my comics as much as a possibly could." Jim Steranko's ground-breaking work in books like Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Strange Tales influenced multiple generations of comic book artists...but who influnced Steranko?

"I learned to draw by looking at comics and comic strips. That was my school. And the people who initially inspired me would be Wayne Boring and Superman, Chester Gould and Dick Tracy, Frank Robbins and Johnny Hazard."

He also described the first time he saw Wally Wood's art in an E.C. comic as "one of those rare moments when we remember exactly where we were."


By Chris Arrant

At both major superhero comic publishing power-houses DC and Marvel there exist a core group of creators that serve as the most valuable players and the engines for both companies' comics. Marvel recently identified its key writers with December's "Architects" announcements, but what about their counterparts – both across town at DC as well as their collaborating artists?

It's with that idea in mind that I've put pen to paper – or in this case finger to keyboard – to draw out the top talent in several categories. This exercise follows in the footsteps of Marvel's recent "Architects" announcement and "Young Guns" from years past, while taking a big picture look at both major companies' talent roster in five categories: writers, artists, special teams' creators, future franchise players and overlooked creators. Using sales charts, creator workloads as well as reader sentiment, I've compiled this list.

Take note: this looks at the talent pool based strictly on each company's primary lines of titles – the company-owned superhero lines.


They're where the ideas start, and where ideas turn into plots that turn into scenes and then dialogue. Both DC and Marvel have in-person meetings (called "summits") with their top writers to plan out story-arcs and goals for the future of individual titles, groups and lines as a whole. With the rise of readers following creators just as much as they follow characters, writers have become a key selling point as well as behind-the-scenes and behind-the-scenes coordinators with editors.

DC: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, James Robinson, Peter J. Tomasi, Gail Simone
MARVEL: Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker


Today, Marvel announced the promotion of Vice President, Executive Editor Axel Alonso to Editor-in-Chief, replacing Joe Quesada, who will stay on as Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment.

Alonso oversaw popular and cutting-edge runs of such acclaimed Marvel titles as Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, X-Statix and Rawhide Kid. He also shepherded the collaboration between Marvel and ESPN to meld the comic book world with NBA superstars for ESPN Magazine's NBA Preview issue, which we spoke to Axel Alonso about in October.

Quesada will now focus more fully on the development of Marvel Entertainment-oriented film, television, and digital media, as well as publishing. Read More...

Well, True Believers, Marvel Comics has held us in suspense for a week regarding their major "Fear Itself" event in April, their teaser images tapping into the very heart of our fears: fears about the economy, losing control, losing our faith, and much more. And "Fear" was definitely the watchword at Marvel's press conference at Midtown Comics in New York City today. Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada opened the anncouncement by admitting that "times are tough" in the real world, and that the "Fear Itself" event was inspired exactly by these real-world anxieties: "Fear is the great motivator."

Marvel then played a short film featuring Franklin Delano Roosevelt's famous "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself" quote over a montage of the various "Do You Fear?" teaser images. The event's writer Matt Fraction then did a bit of a "Julian Assange" and broadcasted a few words about "Fear Itself" while located in a "secret underground location."

Here's what we know so far about "Fear Itself" based on the press conference, in a nutshell: Read More...

We've seen the classic red and blue. We've seen the symbiote-y black. We've seen cloned-out, mutated, futurfied, and more! As we can tell, Spidey likes to change it up. And now we've got a first look at ol' Web-head's newest Spider-Armor debuting in Amazing Spider-Man #656 ! Souped-up suit for a souped-up battle? Heck yes!


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