It's loud and dumb (not in a fun way), but the greatest sin of "Kick-Ass 2" is that it has no idea what it's supposed to be.


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On August 16th, Universal Pictures' "Kick-Ass 2" will be in theaters-- shoving unrelenting amounts of dark comedy and vigilante violence into your eyeholes! As if that weren't enough to satiate fans of Mark Millar's superhero tale, NECA Toys has recently released Series 1 of their action figures based on the film... and now I'm gonna review them. For justice!



By Matt D. Wilson

Each week, Matt Wilson, co-host of the War Rocket Ajax podcast and author of the Supervillain Field Manual, examines a major comic news item and picks a few winners and one loser among the week's comic book releases.

I've never really subscribed to the old saying that any publicity is good publicity. Anthony Weiner's political career should be evidence enough of that. But some people...some people sure do know how polish up a PR turd. Nobody seems to be better at it than Mark Millar.


Kick Ass 2 Poster

On August 16th, Universal will unleash the sequel to 2010's hit teen-hero movie Kick-Ass, based on the comic series by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.  We got the opportunity to speak with Romita as the film's publicity campaign gears up, and discussed his involvement with the adaptation, the difficulty of developing a property as a comic and movie simultaneously, and his plans for upcoming projects:

MTV Geek: What's your degree of participation in the new movie?  Have you been working with the studio on it as it progresses?

John Romita, Jr.: Well, I know what is coming, I know the story.  There's some parts of it I haven't seen, and I don't know just what they did with them… I'm excited to see how they work onscreen, and how they interpret our ideas.  I'm the guy who drew the comic, but I still want to see how it all plays out.

I've had the script, but I'm curious to see what changes they've made, what's changed over the course of production, and see what made it in and what didn't.  I don't know for sure what got edited out… I know my scene was edited out, which is part of the process, I guess.  I'm excited to see what's kept and how they fit it all together.

Geek: Are they working directly from your visuals and story? Read More...

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In this episode: Jim Carrey upsets Mark Millar, Matt and Will Smith are out, and much more!





When I started reading Mark Millar and Frank Quitely's latest superhero saga, "Jupiter's Legacy," I couldn't help but groan at the concept of another story about fallen heroes in a world gone wrong. "Watchmen," "Dark Knight Returns," and "Marshal Law" were all published almost 30 years ago, and honestly, not much else has skewered superheroes quite as effectively as those books. Sure, we've had Mark Waid's great combo of "Irredeemable"/"Incorruptible," Garth Ennis' "The Boys," Millar's own "Kick-Ass" and "Superman: Red Son," Grant Morrison's everything, plus countless indie and creator-owned books from a multitude of creators. But there's only one "Watchmen." Is this the best these two influential creators can do, I asked myself? Superheroes who aren't as super as they seem/used to be? But then something happened that made my cynicism taper and my judging judgement machine cool down..."Jupiter's Legacy" #1 turned out to be really, really good.


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- FANT-MAN! Watch Edgar Wright's "Ant-Man" test footage, recreated by a fan. [MTV Splash Page]


This March 2013, Marvel is taking the prose adaption of its "Civil War" event to the realm of audio with GraphicAudio's "Movie in Your Mind" audio entertainment. According to an official Marvel press release, GraphicAudio productions are 6 hours long and feature sound effects, cinematic music and narration.

Reading an issue of Mark Millar's CLiNT magazine is like being exposed to an entire comic book universe's-worth of premises and new ideas in one shot. It is the "Millarverse" complete, being transported to a self-contained alternate dimension of comics storytelling and related news items. One could only imagine what a CLiNT-like version made by Marvel or DC would look like, and why those distinguished publishers haven't thought of the rather brilliant idea of grooming their fans through such an inviting tabloid.

Sure, there are magazines produced by the Big Two on the racks, but none incorporate the aesthetics of CLiNT: contemporary, in-your-face, design-savvy, dangerous. How do you get new comic book readers? Make comics look cool, package them in such a way that they would not look out-of-place at a bar or sticking out of one's duffel-bag at the gym.

Oh, and then there's content.

In case you haven't heard by now, Mark Millar's CLiNT magazine is getting a revamp with issue #2.1, out in May. The issue will feature four all-new stories, including "Death Sentence" by newcomer writer Montynero and artist Mike Dowling.

CLiNT has given us an exclusive sneak-peek at one of the characters from "Death Sentence," Verity:

Following the last weeks of graphic designer Verity, failing indie guitarist 'Weasel' and roguish media personality Monty, Death Sentence is a vibrant, thrilling tale bursting with wit. By turns hilarious, dark, sad and spectacular, it’s a comic that skewers celebrity culture and sexual mores without losing sight of its heartfelt characters. While powers manifest and landmarks topple, the real explosions take place inside the minds of three people facing their own mortality! Read More...

By Danica Davidson

CLiNT has it going on. This March the magazine will have an exclusive “in-continuity lead-in” to Mark Millar’s new series Supercrooks. A live-action trailer has made its way on YouTube to announce this special offer, so check it out. Close-ups on newspapers and dolls have never been this freaky!

To be clear, what CLiNT is offering in the March issue is not a preview. It’s not the opening chapter or anything like that. This is going to be a comic in and of itself that won’t be published elsewhere but will give a closer look into the world of Supercrooks. Read More...

The publisher seems pretty confident that you'll be up to pony up 17 bucks for 88 pages this holiday season. Read More...

The nominations are in for the first annual Stan Lee Awards, being held this year at London's Kapow! Comic Con on April 9th. "The Walking Dead" led the noms with 4, including best comic series, best TV show, and best writer. The likes of Batman, Iron Man, Green Lantern and Scott Pilgrim will battle it out for "Best Hero," and Iron Man & Pilgrim will also be also be going toe-to-toe with "Inception" and "Kick Ass" for the Best Movie category. Judges this year include Seth Rogen, Damon Lindelof, and our own Valerie D'Orazio at MTV Geek.

Voting for the Stan Lee Awards is open to the public and ends March 4th; winners will be announced at Kapow Comic Con on April 9.

Official Press Release:


Hey Flash Fans! We’re kicking off a new feature today called Flashpoint Facts, where we give you the rundown of everything that’s going on in the DC Universe leading up to this Summer’s big Flashpoint event – plus a little bit of our analysis.

First, what we know so far: Flashpoint is a time based event where Barry Allen is racing against time to battle… Someone… In order to repair the DCU timeline. Either one thing, or multiple things happen that cause nearly irreparable damage to time; so much so, that people in the future can’t properly view 2011 without getting some really bad eyestrain. Or at least, the history books seem to be a little vague on the subject.

Flashpoint will run (puns!) through five issues of its own series, as well as the current Flash title, and fifteen separate series that will help flesh (not really a pun!) out the world of the book.

Okay, now that you’re caught up, here’s what we learned this week:


By Chris Arrant

At both major superhero comic publishing power-houses DC and Marvel there exist a core group of creators that serve as the most valuable players and the engines for both companies' comics. Marvel recently identified its key writers with December's "Architects" announcements, but what about their counterparts – both across town at DC as well as their collaborating artists?

It's with that idea in mind that I've put pen to paper – or in this case finger to keyboard – to draw out the top talent in several categories. This exercise follows in the footsteps of Marvel's recent "Architects" announcement and "Young Guns" from years past, while taking a big picture look at both major companies' talent roster in five categories: writers, artists, special teams' creators, future franchise players and overlooked creators. Using sales charts, creator workloads as well as reader sentiment, I've compiled this list.

Take note: this looks at the talent pool based strictly on each company's primary lines of titles – the company-owned superhero lines.


They're where the ideas start, and where ideas turn into plots that turn into scenes and then dialogue. Both DC and Marvel have in-person meetings (called "summits") with their top writers to plan out story-arcs and goals for the future of individual titles, groups and lines as a whole. With the rise of readers following creators just as much as they follow characters, writers have become a key selling point as well as behind-the-scenes and behind-the-scenes coordinators with editors.

DC: Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, James Robinson, Peter J. Tomasi, Gail Simone
MARVEL: Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker


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