Marvel Comics announced today that Matt Fraction will be exiting as writer of both "Fantastic Four" and its sister title "FF", in order to better focus on the upcoming "Inhumanity" event and the ongoing "Inhumans" title that will spin out of that storyline.


Marvel NOW!: Matt Fraction On Doom

The above vid is a spoiler for "FF" #3. You've been warned!


In this installment of our exclusive sneaky peeks behind the scenes of Marvel NOW! "FF" writer and artist Matt Fraction and Mike Allred discuss why working together is a dream come true.

Fraction reveals how important Allred has been to him as a comics professional. He says, "The first pro who was ever awesome to me was Mike Allred. I would not be here if it wasn't for Mike Allred."


When I opened up the first page of "Wolverine and the X-Men #17," I did a double take. “Wait, Mike Allred is drawing this? When did that happen?” I said to myself, but really probably out loud. Doing some checking around, it turns out the reason I had no idea Allred was drawing this was because the originally solicited issue was an Avengers vs. X-Men tie-in, which has now been moved to next issue.

Well, thank goodness, because this might be the funniest comic book released all year.


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Are you ready for Madman's It Girl to spin-off into her own title? Writer Jamie S. Rich, and artist Mike Norton certainly are... They've been working on the book for a loooong time, and now, the first issue of It Girl and The Atomics will finally hit comic book shops on August 8th. In advance of the issue - which is a ton of fun, by the way - we chatted with Norton and Rich about what makes this book different, pleasing Dad - aka, Mike Allred, and why they've given up telling people that no, they're not working on a spin-off from Kick-Ass:

The current run on Daredevil, scripted by writer Mark Waid, with a bevy of insanely talented artists on call, has been one of our favorite comics since issue one, if not our favorite. Gorgeous to look at, hilarious and exciting to read, the team has been breaking new ground every issue on a character that is decades old.

So it was with some excitement that we jumped on to the latest of Marvel’s Next Big Thing conference calls with Waid, as well as artists Chris Samnee, Paolo Rivera, special guest Mike Allred, and Daredevil Editor Steve Wacker. Unfortunately... Allred may have gotten the time wrong, or wasn’t quite told about the call, because he, er, wasn’t on the call. Read More...

USA Today revealed that Madman and iZombie artist Mike Allred is jumping aboard Mark Waid's wonderful run Daredevil with issue #17.

By Danica Davidson

T-shirts can be a great way of displaying your personality. So if you like comic books, how about wearing comics T-shirts? And if you make your own comics, how about getting them on a T-shirt? Comic Strip Tees has a solution for you.
Each day the website will show a different comic, and you have one week to purchase a shirt with that comic on it. (Does this count as a limited edition comic book?) The artists receive $2 of every purchase, and they don’t have to worry about losing any of their rights.

Comic Strip Tees has three things in mind: helping artists showcase and earn money, giving people new comics to read daily, and to let readers discover new writers and artists they like. To begin with, they’re showing (on cloth!) the work of Mike Allred, Roger Langridge, Simon Fraser, and Pat Barrett. Read More...

2011 was a year of truly awesome artistic talent in the comic book world -- and picking 10 of the best was no easy task. Enjoy this trip through some of the most exciting artists working in comics today!

10. Tradd Moore (The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode)

We like to refer to Tradd Moore around here as "our" discovery -- in that we picked up The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode not knowing what to expect and realized Moore was one of the breakout new artists of the year. What can we say after looking at his art, but: "Moore! Moorrrrrre!"

9. Mike Allred (iZombie)

It is sooo good to see new Allred stuff hit the stands, and iZombie was the perfect project. One of the few artists to make undead women look sexy, smart, and definitely not mindless (though perhaps also with an appetite for minds).

8. Tyler Crook (B.P.R.D., Petrograd)


MTV Geek caught up with Chris Roberson at Emerald City Comicon last weekend and the comic book writer was so kind to chat with us about Superman, iZombie, his upcoming Elric story, Stan Lee, and a whole lot more!

Chris Roberson on...

Stan Lee's Starborn:

ECCC 2011: Chris Roberson Talks Writing Stan Lee's Starborn

Preview: Stan Lee's Starborn #4

Working with Stan Lee:

ECCC 2011: Chris Roberson On Working From Stan Lee's Creation


It's weird to think that Mike Allred's sci-fi spiritual adventure comic Madman has been around in some incarnation or other for the last 20 years. Allred has published the stories about good-hearted resurrected amnesiac and sometime-hero Frank Einstein in one form or another at Tundra, then Dark Horse, and most recently at Image with Madman: Atomic Comics. And in spite of changes in publishers and occasional lapses in publication, when the book's around you get a heady mix of action and heart with Allred's distinctive art accompanied by colors from his frequent collaborator and wife, Laura Allred.

2011 seems like it'll be a big year from Frank, Mike, and Laura. March 30th sees the release of the Madman: Atomica collection, a companion to the Gargantua collection from a couple of years back while, while on April 6, Allred will be releasing the Madman: Giant-Size, Super-Ginchy Special. Awesomely, Mr. Allred was kind enough to talk to MTV Geek about what's happening with everyone's favorite dead guy.

MTV Geek: So, what’s going on with April’s Giant-Size, Super-Ginchy Special?

Mike Allred: It's similar to the 56 page King-Size Super-groovy special we co-published with Oni a few years ago, in that it's an all-new extravaganza and has a big new story from me and three guest back-up stories. But this time it's 64 pages, and in addition to the backup stories from Emi Lenox, Matt Kindt, and Tonci Zonjic, it also has several amazing new pin-ups.

Geek: What set of circumstances back in the 90’s allowed you to bring a creation like Madman into the world of comics, and what do you think allows him to survive?

MA: He was created from the inspiration that I pulled from the several independent creations that were successful at the time, showing me you could do anything you wanted--to pull from deep inside yourself. And I think he's survived on sheer enthusiasm.

Geek: Looking through Gargantua collection, there’s a clear evolution in your technique—from your characters and dialog to your layouts. What kind of changes do you think Atomica will reveal about yours and Laura’s work?

MA: I would think a continuation of my natural progression. Frank "Madman" Einstein is as close a reflection of my Id as I can safely draw from. It allows me to be free and progress in story and art. With Laura, I think she has perfected a process which she has been striving for for quite awhile. If you look at the color techniques throughout Madman Atomic Comics and I, Zombie, you'll see hoe she hasn't been satisfied with combining the organic connection between my drawing and her colors. Here, it's fully realized.

Geek: When I was a kid, Madman Comics was always on my pull list. As a teen I couldn’t resist the mix of metaphysics and spirituality bundled in ostensibly an adventure comic and it felt like it was tailor-made for me. These days, who are you writing Madman for?

MA: It's my most selfish act. I love all my collaborations. That's where I feel like a comic book professional. I take joy from it. But with my Snap City world I entertain myself while inviting all comers to the party and hope someone shows up. So far so good.

Geek: I know you probably get this a lot, but is the Superman/Madman: Hullabaloo miniseries going to be part of this collection?

MA: The Atomica collection? Nope. Madman: Atomica, which should be in store in the next couple weeks, is a 1000+ page over-sized hardcover collection that collects The Atomics, The It Girl, Spaceman, and Mr. Gum one-shots, Madman Atomic Comics, and a bunch of other stuff. It'll fit perfectly next to the Madman: Gargantua collection.

Someday I hope to collect Hullabaloo, Madman/Jam, Nexus Meets Madman, and all of his other collaborative appearances in a nice big collection as well.

Geek: How is Frank Einstein doing these days?

MA: Happy and healthy.

Geek: What do you say to someone trying to track down the collected Red Rocket 7?

MA: Grab the definitive collection that Image published recently. It's my favorite edition. Still in print as far as I know.

Geek: What else do you have on the horizon?

MA: I, ZOMBIE is my monthly day job right now, I have a short ROCKETEER story coming out from IDW soon, and then before the end the year is the MADMAN 20th ANNIVERSARY MONSTER! This will have an all-new epic story from yours truly 20 strips from 20+ superstars, and then almost 200 of the various MADMAN pin-ups from the past 20 years. All in a 11 x 17 deluxe monster package! Read More...

By Alex Zalben

The Walking Dead #80

For those of you who complain that The Walking Dead is all talkin’, and no zombie action: A) you’re stupid; and B) pick up this issue, which is kicking off the most zombie killing heavy arc in the series’ history (probably).

Astute MTV Geekers will, of course, have read our Five Minute Recap of the series, and are up to speed. But just in case you didn’t: after a violent gun battle between our band of survivors – currently holed up in a “safe” walled community – and a gang of thugs, a huge mass of zombies are surging towards our heroes. We kick things off this issue with a small group stuck outside the fence, a huge blizzard beginning, and more and more ungrateful undead heading towards the walls en masse.

Rick Grimes, who is now in charge of the community, keeps people calm with an honest, but inspirational speech – which really shows how far the series’ characters have come from their run and panic days. Rick explains that, sure, there are hundreds of walkers and roamers outside their walls, and food supplies are low – but if they keep level heads, they should be able to survive. Contrast that with the Rick at the beginning of this book, and see how much has changed.

Also, credit to writer Robert Kirkman, who has gone some very non-obvious routes with the whole walled community storyline. We knew things would get bad eventually, but after a figurative and literal wandering in the woods, Kirkman has returned to what makes the book best: figuring out how you continue to survive when things are at their bleakest. I’m a bit of a mechanics junky when it comes to post-apocalypse stories, so this is certainly where my inclination lies. Rick’s speech, detailing how they need to check and re-check the walls for structural damage doesn’t sound scintillating when described in a review, but it all makes sense. Plus, it answers nagging questions that would come up in a reader’s mind, before we even have to ask them. And on Kirkman’s side of things, it limits and challenges him as a writer: if you say the characters have checked and rechecked the walls, those walls aren’t coming down – you’re going to have to find some other way of ratcheting up the tension. Read More...


Berkeley, CA - 30 September 2010 - In December, another Golden Age classic will get its next issue with the NEXT ISSUE PROJECT: CRACK COMICS #63.

The NEXT ISSUE PROJECT: CRACK COMICS #63 picks up where Quality Comics' CRACK COMICS #62 left off in 1949, with all-new stories by modern day creators. The all-star line up includes ALAN WEISS (Captain America, Amazing Spider-Man, Tom Strong), ERIK LARSEN (SAVAGE DRAGON, Amazing Spider-Man), HERB TRIMPE (The Incredible Hulk, BPRD: The War on Frogs), PAUL MAYBURY (POPGUN, COMIC BOOK TATTOO), TERRY AUSTIN (Uncanny X-Men, Superman Adventures, Green Lantern), ADAM McGOVERN (Dr. Id), PAOLO LEANDRI (Dr. Id) & CHRIS BURNHAM (OFFICER DOWNE, ELEPHANTMEN). Weiss provided the cover, and MIKE ALLRED (MADMAN) contributed a gorgeous variant cover.

"The NEXT ISSUE PROJECT is for any fan of comics, not just fans of Golden Age books," says editor Erik Larsen. "Often, the promise of Golden Age comics -- where creators were making up the rules as they went along and were blazing new trails -- was more exciting than the reality of Golden Age comics, where creators were essentially mimicking some of the same dull formulaic writing found in other mediums at the time. Everyone who contributed to CRACK COMICS #63 was intent on fulfilling the promise of the Golden Age and delivering a book that was more than a mere homage, but also a thrilling glimpse of what comics could be -- if only creators were allowed to run wild with the characters they were handed! These creative dynamos jumped at the chance to present their own take on these Golden Age heroes and demonstrate comics' true potential!"

NEXT ISSUE PROJECT: CRACK COMICS #63: Captain Triumph! The Clock! Spitfire! Molly the Model! Alias the Spider! Space Legion! Some of the greatest creations from yesterday are brought back to life by some of the greatest creators of today! Fans have marveled over the years as, one by one, characters from comics' Golden Age have been revived for a modern audience. The NEXT ISSUE PROJECT is an ongoing series that continues a classic discontinued title for a modern audience! All stories are complete, self-contained and cool as all hell! All books are Golden Age sized, but these aren't simply an homage to Golden Age comics: They're updated classics by modern masters for a new generation!
NEXT ISSUE PROJECT: CRACK COMICS #63 (Weiss: OCT100451; Allred: OCT100452), a 48-page full-color Golden Age sized comic book for $4.99, will be in stores December 22, 2010. Previous issues of Next Issue Project -- NEXT ISSUE PROJECT #1: FANTASTIC COMICS #24 (OCT071967) and NEXT ISSUE PROJECT #2: SILVER STREAK COMICS #24 (OCT090364) -- are available now.

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