Justin Bieber and the TOSY mRobo

Justin Bieber and the TOSY mRobo

By Kevin Kelly

Justin Bieber might have the moves and the music, but he's not above turning to robotic friends for assistance. At CES 2012, TOSY Robotics showed off the prototype for their MRobo Ultra Bass robot along with the Biebs, much to the delight of the audience. The mRobo looks like a torso-shaped speaker when it's not in motion, and then suddenly comes to life by sprouting limbs and a head, and can gyrate and strut to the beat. His abdomen is a giant speaker that pumps out the music, he sports shades, and brings the funk.

TOSY, based out of Vietnam, was also showing off the DiscoRobo who you can watch below, and the SketRobot which can draw thousands of different images through facial recognition technology. They're also working on a Topio 3.0 "humanoid robot capable of playing ping-pong," and plenty of other robotic innovations.

Just wait until these things become self-aware and threatens to destroy the entire human race through ping-pong warfare. From their own press release, they make "Gigantic robots, Service robots, Industrial robots and High-tech toys. TOSY Robotics aspires to become the world’s leading manufacturer in robotics technology with its original design - TOPIO robots - living side by side with human everywhere." Read More...

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