The sales figures for this years Origins Game Fair have been announced, and while the event did experience a decline, the final tally surprised many attendees who expected worse. As reported by ICv2, Origins experienced only a 1.5% dip in badge sales. However, these numbers have been hard to swallow by a gaming community that insists this year's Origins had a distinctly different vibe, one indicative of a much larger drop.

But is the number of badges sold explicitly linked to the vibe of an event? The short answer is no, so I reached out to convention organizers and attendees alike to determine how both the sales figures and observed attendance can both make sense.


Hobby gaming is still searching for its definitive award, but over the weekend, a crowd of game designers and industry professionals gathered to partake in the 2012 Origins Awards ceremony. Little metal statues exchanged hands. Many tweets were written. Now you're going to read about it!

The Origins Awards are presented by the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) for outstanding work in the game industry, and cover all manner of games, books, and accessories. Members of GAMA narrow a wide field down to five nominees per category, and the final results are determined by popular vote of attendees as the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH.

While often panned for a nomination process that somehow manages to overlook critically-acclaimed titles year after year, the good news here is that more often than not, the best of the nominated products took home the trophies this year. Let's take a look at who won:


Top Categories

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