After winning the Academy Award for Best Animated short for the utterly charming "Paperman," producer Kristina Reed returned to her seat in the mezzanine and began tossing paper airplanes adorned with smooches over the edge of the balcony. For those of you who saw "Paperman" -- which played in theaters before "Wreck-It Ralph" -- it's a fun tribute to the romantic device in the film, and a charming gesture by an excited, celebratory creator.



Stiffed for an award: E.T.

By Steven Smith

I loathe award shows. LOATHE them. And I’ve been to a couple. The key to keeping everyone happy is to open the bars -- but the best way to keeping everyone in their seats is to keep them closed. It’s tricky. Now having stated my loathing, I will say I end up watching the Oscars every year AND I end up getting disappointed every year. It’s long, no one ever gets to finish their speech, who cares who’s wearing what, blah blah BLAHHHH but what is really getting my nerd hackles in a twist is how this year’s Oscars are touting how the Avengers are all reuniting for the ceremony. LAME. Not as lame as referring to Robert Downey, Jr. as RDJ but still pretty darn lame. And their film, one of the highest grossing of all time is nominated for only ONE award. Read More...

Basic CMYK

Ignore me: I'm just sour because I haven't seen most of this year's Oscar nominees. But I have seen these new posters from Mondo and they're pretty dope.


"Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane has been pegged to don the tux once worn by Steve Martin, Billy Crystal, David Letterman, Chris Rock and others as the host of the 85th Academy Awards.

Betcha didn't know they all wore the same tux, did ya?*


Will Rango take home the Golden Fishie this year?

After a stunning Oscar win last year for Toy Story III, Disney was nowhere to be found in today's Academy Award nomination announcement for Best Animated Feature Film; neither was Steven Spielberg's mo-cap epic, The Adventures of TinTin. Instead, the noms were a mix of critically-acclaimed indie films and DreamWorks sequels...and a strange chameleon with the voice of Johnny Depp.


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