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Dead is dead for Damian Wayne — but there's a possible future where the dearly departed Robin is still alive and kicking.

The New York Post reports that DC Comics will launch a four-issue miniseries called "Damian: Son of Batman" in October, written and illustrated by Andy Kubert. It centers on "a possible future that may never be" in which Damian dons the cape and cowl and takes on the Batman mantle — a possible future previously glimpsed in "Batman" #666, illustrated by Kubert.



If there's one thing we know about Marvel Studios, its that they like guys named Chris: Chris Hemsworth as Thor; Chris Evans as Captain America; and Chris Pratt as Starlord in the upcoming "Guardians of The Galaxy." So with rumors swirling about Marvel's Phase 2 - and Phase 3 - films, we decided to guess which people named "Chris" Marvel will cast in their next round of blockbuster hits:



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We've got the most adorable Batman and Robin (is that Carrie Kelley or Stephanie Brown?) happily thwarting a bank robbery by the Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Harley Quinn, and Poison Ivy.


Screen_Shot_2013-03-01_at_10_43_15_AMBy Steven Smith

I kind of liked Damian Wayne. The fact his character lay in the wastelands of continuity for so many years always mystified me. "Son of the Demon" was a great graphic novel (legitimate graphic novel, none of this serialized nonsense use the term for – it’s a comic people, get over yourselves), and "Bride of the Demon" was okay but though paths were laid in the story, they were seldom trodden. Read More...


Frank Miller's female, spectacle-wearing Robin, Carrie Kelley from his iconic "Dark Knight Returns" is making her New 52 debut in the pages of "Batman and Robin" #19. But is she once again donning the red and yellow tights to become the late Damian Wayne's replacement as the next Robin? Peter Tomasi spoke with the NY Post about Carrie's intro and shared the following insight:



There's been a lot of chatter on the comic interwebs about the new "Batman" character Harper Row possibly being the "next" Robin, following the death of Damian Wayne. Let's face it: she's plucky, resourceful, adorable, and has somehow become inextricably interwoven within the Dark Knight's life. To anybody following the Batman comic, it almost seems too obvious.

So naturally, when we at MTV Geek had a chance to interview "Batman" writer Scott Snyder, we put the Harper Row question to him in our trademark subtle style:

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The death of Robin is felt across the entire Bat-family of books, and you can catch of glimpse of some of the characters in mourning on these covers that were exclusively revealed by Buzzfeed.



Killing superheroes is big business -- but the buggers have an annoying habit of not staying dead! Could there be any "loophole" that Damian Wayne could find to escape the eternal dirt nap, as Jason Todd did before him?

Here's five ways I think it could go down: Read More...


Burt Ward, Robin during the beloved 1960s Tv series, has strong words for DC Comics regarding the recent death of the Boy Wonder. According to TMZ Ward said:

"Holy self-inflicted wound! Not good for corporate profits!"


Here be spoilers for the most talked-about comic on the stands this morning: "Batman Incorporated" #8. If you haven't read the big reveal splashed across the NY Post on Monday, or on the DC Comics site today in the form of a large pop-up ad that basically gives it all away -- my deep apologies. The Internet, and all that; what can you do?



If you managed to avoid yesterday's big news about "Batman Incorporated" #8, beware.

Here be spoilers!


tumblr_m54zuwcpml1rwkokro1_1280A Batman and Robin psyche-out from "Batman Incorporated" #2

Following the spoiler-laden article in The NY Post regarding the latest developments to rock "Batman Incorporated," the comic's writer Grant Morrison gave his Batman "exit interview" at DC's The Source blog:

"Little did I suspect when I accepted the BATMAN writing assignment back in 2006 that I’d wind up spending the next six years writing the longest continued comic story I’ve ever attempted."

It's clearly the end of an era, and with it, perhaps, one of the characters most closely linked to the Morrison run. (Spoilers to follow):



Two days before the issue is scheduled to hit stores, DC Comics has exclusively told the NY Post the ending to "Batman Incorporated" #8

-- that Batman's sidekick Robin dies. 


A_Lonely_Place_of_Dying_TPBWith current speculation all over the Internet about a possible death in the Batmanverse, I thought it might be fun to look back at a more "kinder, gentler" era in the Batman saga: the introduction of Tim Drake, who would become the Caped Crusader's newest sidekick. The year was 1989, and the smoke from DC's "Dial-A-Dead-Sidekick" Jason Todd stunt was still in the air. Presumably, Drake would wash the taste of all that brimstone and dead-Robinness from the DCU, and make Batman "happy" again. (note: an earlier version of this article was published on my personal blog)

Some of the last comic books I collected before my "Vertigo"/indie phase was the "A Lonely Place Of Dying" arc that ran through "Batman" and "New Titans" in 1989. This was the storyline that re-introduced Robin to the DC universe, in the form of bristle-haired Tim Drake.

Recently, I picked up a copy of the original trade paperback edition of this arc for $3 -- only 95 cents less than what it went for in 1990. Unlike most collections today, the comic is reprinted in the same -- if not perhaps cheaper -- newsprint paper of its source material. In rereading it, this was a bonus for me; because I could get as close to the initial experience of the comic books as I could.

But, as one will see in "A Lonely Place Of Dying" itself, one can never really replicate the original experience; and, if one can, hopefully it will not be as goddamn annoying as the way Tim Drake did.


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