Pigs #1, Nate Cosby & Ben McCool (w), Breno Tamura (a)

So this is one of those cases of strong concept meeting fair to not great execution. It has a killer of a last-page reveal that's unfortunately undercut by needlessly jumbled chronology.

The book opens with a group of commandos in wetsuits on a raft planning some kind of attack on American soil, and then jumps to another time period to a couple of D.C. cops grilling an icy Russian national about her knowledge of Soviet sleeper cells left in Cuba following the Bay of Pigs. First off, why a couple of cops are grilling this particular suspect about the particular case we learn they're following strains credibility, but moreover, we're given no frame of reference about who this woman is (besides being some Russian lady in the know) and why she's important.

Image Comics and MTV Geek are giving you a chance to read the title that's been getting underground buzz all year: The L'il Depressed Boy! The first issue of the comic book, by S. Steven Struble and Sina Grace, is available to read right now in its entirety right here!

Grace describes L'il Depressed Boy, which he compares to the movie 500 Days of Summer, as being "about a stuffed ragdoll boy who falls in love with a punk rock girl...it's a bit more indie, so to speak? It's really focused on music and the music scene." After reading TheLil' Depressed Boy #1, stick around and watch the video interview we did with Grace!

The L'il Depressed Boy #1

ECCC 2011: Sina Grace Chats About The Li'L Depressed Boy

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The Li'l Depressed Boy is about a stuffed ragdoll who falls in love with a punk rock girl.” Artist Sina Grace’s explanation of his and writer S. Steven Struble’s Image book seems to be enough to get its hooks into potential readers, drawing enough interest to sell out its first issue back in February.


Press Release

He found a home first on the Internet. Now, Li'l Depressed Boy comes to print with LI'L DEPRESSED BOY #1, out this February from Image Comics.

LI'L DEPRESSED BOY follows the adventures of a ragdoll as he goes about his ordinary life. In the first issue, Li'l Depressed Boy meets girl, with all the romantic and stylish lovelorn charm that characterizes movies such as (500) Days of Summer.

The cult favorite web series was created in 2005 by S. Steven Struble, a comic colorist (CHEW, Kick Drum Comix) and nationally competing slam poet, who continues to write the series. Early Li'l Depressed Boy strips were drawn by comics luminaries such as Sam Keith (THE MAXX), Jamie McKelvie (PHONOGRAM), Jim Mahfood (MIXTAPE), and more. Sina Grace took over art duties on the acclaimed web comic in 2008. His illustrations can be seen in various publications, most recently in Among the Ghosts, a young adult novel written by Amber Benson (Tara on Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

"The Li'l Depressed Boy comes from so many personal experiences, which I think correlates to why people relate to the story," says Struble. "We've all been that quiet person who can barely muster a smile. With Sina as the regular artist and our first story arc together under the Image 'I,' it's a dream come true." Read More...

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