This week's new releases include the final volume of the beautiful and haunting "Children of the Sea" and, in complete contrast, a new omnibus volume of the shoujo-est shoujo manga ever, "Kitchen Princess." Plus: A peek at the new Steve Jobs manga (in Japanese) and a look at why scanlations are disappearing in China.

Let's kick it off with Kickstarter:

Megatokyo

The late Steve Jobs is no stranger to being immortalized in (mostly unauthorized) toys and dolls. The latest one, by Throwboy, purports not to be a doll of Jobs at all...but instead, simply a bespectacled "iCEO" with a remarkable resemblance to the Apple co-founder.

The limited edition doll is 15 inches tall, with black turtleneck, jeans, and removable eyeglasses. The Throwboy website indicates that 10% of all proceeds from sales of Steve Jobs iCEO will go to the American Cancer Society. So if you are a big Apple fan and have $60 to spare...this might be the doll for you. (though with the long history of cease & desist notices over these toys, you might want to purchase one sooner rather than later)

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A common Tweet and message board posting (originating, I believe, with comedian Patton Oswalt) I saw last night when the news of Steve Jobs' passing was announced was: "RIP Steve Jobs. Closest thing we had to Tony Stark." And it's true -- just as the comic book character Stark radically shaped the look and technology of the Marvel Universe, the work of Apple co-founder Jobs has made a lasting impact on almost every impact on our lives. Items that would have been the domain of mere science fiction -- a slim, compact phone that lets you surf the Internet and a tablet with a touch-screen -- have now become commonplace facts of life, used not just by techies and "early adopters" but by the public as a whole.

But the legacy of Jobs does not end with his technological advances. The very look and style of Apple products and advertising -- clean, simple, and elegant  -- has influenced everything from interior design to fashion, creating a mix of Zen meets the Space Age. The leadership style of Jobs and his business philosophy has also been very iconic and influential -- focusing on the Message first and building everything around that central point. And that Message was all about demystifying new technology and making it accessible to the People -- personal computers were no longer the domain of the highly-trained tech whiz, but could be used easily by everyone. Read More...

After co-founding Apple in 1976, getting pushed out in 1985 and coming back in 1996 to introduce the world to the iMac, iPod, iPhone and iPad, Steve Jobs has announced his resignation as Apple’s CEO. Tim Cook will take his place and Jobs will serve as Chairman of the Board, effective immediately.

The timing of the announcement may come as a surprise, but it’s no secret that Jobs has been dealing with health problems recently and even had to take time away from Apple to undergo surgery. A brief resignation letter published by Steve Jobs can be seen below. Read More...

Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced that he is resigning as CEO from Apple (he will still stay on as chairman). Here's a collection of some of our Apple and Jobs-related posts from over the last year:

This Playmobil Apple Store Playset from ThinkGeek (complete with Steve Jobs) seemed like the best idea ever! But there was something about the date of the post that made me a little doubtful...



Back in June Apple’s head honcho, Steve Jobs, made a surprise visit to the Cupertino City Council where he revealed plans for the construction of a new Apple HQ. The current situation has Apple employees spread out in rented office space and the new building would bring them together in a centralized campus. Now, new renders of the proposed headquarters have been released -- yea, aside from all the foliage it still reminds me of Tatooine spaceport. Read More...

Hitting stands August from Bluewater Productions, “Steve Jobs Co-Founder Of Apple” takes a look at the life of one of the most influential men of our time. Check out at our exclusive preview of the comic below!

Preview: "Steve Jobs, Co-Founder Of Apple"


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Unlicensed Steve Jobs figures and collectibles aren’t anything new. We’ve seen the cease & desist notices fly out of Apple’s legal offices on more than one occasion, but it doesn’t look like people are going to stop making them anytime soon.

According to ToyHaven, there’s a new Steve Jobs figure on the way. It will come with a bunch of accessories like an iMac, Magic Trackpad and iPad 2. The supposed 1/6 scale figure will be priced at $160 so Apple fans feel right at home when the buy it, and his outfit (down to the New balance 992 shoes) looks pretty darn accurate. You can head on past the break for more photos. Read More...

He's one of the most talked-about figures in the world -- and now Apple's Steve Jobs has his own comic book biography! Entitled Steve Jobs: The Co-Founder of Apple, the comic will be available in August from Bluewater Productions and will focus on his life story from his humble beginnings as a college dropout to his role as one of the greatest cultural influencers of our time.

Steve Jobs: Co-Founder of Apple is written by CW Cooke, pencilled by Chris Schmidt, and features a cover by Joe Phillips. It will be available through comic book stores,, Barnes & Noble and other booksellers on August 2011.

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Steve Jobs made a surprise visit to the Cupertino City Council meeting on June 7th. Apparently, Apple has acquired some land from HP and plans to build a brand new HQ to hold over 12,000 employees. Their current headquarters only has room for 2,800 with the rest scattered around town in rented office space.

The new building almost looks like a spaceport we’d see on Tatooine -- its just one big circle with a massive courtyard in the middle. Jobs said, "There is not a single straight piece of glass in this building." Every window is curved to match the overall shape.

The property is currently covered with more asphalt parking space than landscaping -- something Jobs wants to change. By building a subterranean parking garage they will be able to spruce up the land by adding 2,300 new trees, including an apricot orchard. Read More...

Seeing Han Solo emerge as a frozen block of carbonite was probably the hardest thing for me to come to terms with when I saw The Empire Strikes Back for the first time -- I was young and Han is the man. That image will forever be burned into my skull and now another fellow frozen in carbonite has a place up there too. His name is Steve Jobs.

That’s right, someone decided to take the Apple’s head honcho and freeze him in carbonite! No not really, it’s actually an iPhone case made of flexible plastic -- not carbonite -- and it doesn’t come with a real Steve Jobs. However, it is probably one of the coolest and most creative iPhone cases I have ever seen! The $35 price tag matches up pretty well other cases out there but, those other cases don’t come with your very own frozen prisoner so there really is no comparison. There were actually a few models; one for iPhone 4, 3G and 3GS and there were skins if you didn't want a hard case. Read More...

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