Welcome to 2013's Battle Arena Otaku Fight! Fight!, MTV Geek's annual brawl between the biggest and best in characters from anime, manga, and Japanese pop culture characters. Not only will we get a chance to spotlight some of most interesting, most intriguing, or simply odd characters from 2013, but it's also a chance to you to have your voice heard. You know the drill: we'll present the matchup, and you the reader will get to choose which character comes out on top. So which mech, heroine (or hero), monster, or mascot will come out on top this year?


Can a Death Scythe wielder really hold enough power to defeat one of the most iconic (and ever-changing) video game characters in the medium's history?



The best part about 4th of July easily the food. What better way to chow down than with some snacks based on your favorite, geeky movies, TV shows, and games? Whether you’re tailgating, having a picnic at the beach, or having the classic backyard BBQ, these geeky treats are a must have. The following cover all the taste bud necessities from the comforting wings of Gotham City to the dangerous times of an apocalypse.


One of the biggest bits of contention with the recently announced Watchmen prequel, Before Watchmen? That it’s, you know... A prequel. And we’re all sick of prequels, reboots, and projects that aren’t straight continuations of a story. A lot of that comes from the perception that prequels are just no good (see a certain space bound series that takes place a long, long time ago for the root of that problem). But there are actually plenty of prequels in geekdom - some not even made by the people who made the original - that aren’t just serviceable, but also really good:

8. Porto Bello Gold
Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is an adventure classic. But over forty years later, a much lesser known sequel was penned by A.D. Howden Smith which deserves classic status in its own right. The New York based reporter wrote a rollicking pirate story that explains how the treasure got to the island in the first place, while weaving in characters and ideas that would show up in the “later” book. Read More...

The idea for official LEGO Minecraft products got a huge response when it showed up on LEGO CUUSOO. So much so the developers behind the block-building game showed their support by contacting LEGO directly. Now another video game enthusiast has an idea for LEGO sets – LEGO Legend of Zelda. Read More...

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

"The Legend of Zelda" has always been one of Nintendo's most groundbreaking and successful franchises, and this year, it's celebrating its 25th Anniversary. Link's travels have been well documented on every console Nintendo has ever released (save for the Virtual Boy), and while the scope of the games have changed, the core elements of what make a "Zelda" game great, are consistently there. "The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword" is no different than its numerous predecessors. It has all the vital components of a "Zelda" game, and is the first full release developed entirely for the Wii. Taking advantage of the platform's unique capabilities "Skyward Sword" becomes Link's most immersive, and biggest adventure yet.


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