One of the biggest bits of contention with the recently announced Watchmen prequel, Before Watchmen? That it’s, you know... A prequel. And we’re all sick of prequels, reboots, and projects that aren’t straight continuations of a story. A lot of that comes from the perception that prequels are just no good (see a certain space bound series that takes place a long, long time ago for the root of that problem). But there are actually plenty of prequels in geekdom - some not even made by the people who made the original - that aren’t just serviceable, but also really good:

8. Porto Bello Gold
Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island is an adventure classic. But over forty years later, a much lesser known sequel was penned by A.D. Howden Smith which deserves classic status in its own right. The New York based reporter wrote a rollicking pirate story that explains how the treasure got to the island in the first place, while weaving in characters and ideas that would show up in the “later” book. Read More...

This might be supremely obvious, but music can make - or break - a show. But for a long time, TV soundtracks have been the realm of pop music, or reworkings of the main theme And modern shows? Well, they often don’t even have opening credits. But there are a few geeky TV shows where the score was as important as the actors, as groundbreaking as the content, and as exciting as the stunts. Here are ten of the best geek TV scores... Ever:

10. Game of Thrones

Given another season, this might rocket up the list as the main theme (as well as its spectacular visuals) is on constant rotation in our heads. But for now, this sits firmly as dark, evocative fantasy music that is as epic as Westeros... And beyond.

9. Alias


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