When we learned that Cartoon Network wouldn't be renewing the "ThunderCats" reboot for a second season, it came as a shock. The show, which was both highly-anticipated prior to launch and a success in its somewhat odd Friday night timeslot, nonetheless couldn't move toys for parent company Bandai, leading ultimately to its cancellation.

This came as a disappointment to not only fans, but its creators, including Shannon Eric Denton who helped develop the series over a decade at Warner Brothers, and series Art Director Dan Norton. Both were on hand during this year's Power-Con--joined by the original Lion-O himself, Larry Kenney--to talk about what they had planned for the second season of the series. Death, decapitation, mutation, the origins of the ThunderCats and the strange secret of Snarf are all revealed after the jump.




Do you like your heroines covered in spots and able to move faster then your eyes can perceive? How about small, furry, repetitive-speaking sidekicks? Well, if you're into any of those (which you most assuredly are) then Mezco Toyz has the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive for you! The third SDCC Summer Exclusive from Mezco is the Cheetara and snarf Mega Deluxe 2 Pack-- cause you can't keep the ThunderCats down!

The popular Masters of the Universe/Thundercats convention extravaganza Power-Con has just announced their 2013 dates -- as well as another pop-culture icon under their umbrella.

Nothing less than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be added to Power-Con's roster of heroes:


Season 2 of AMC's "Comic Book Men" is kicking into high gear with an all new episode this weekend, and we've snagged your exclusive first look at a clip - plus a neat bonus for you all, the interactive press kit for the show!


Following their partnership with action Figure Xpress at SDCC 2012, Diamond Select Toys is once again partnering up to release ThunderCats and Alpha Flight Minimate sets at New York Comic-Con 2012! This time, the evil forces of Thundera have made their presence felt as Slithe, Jackalman, Monkian, and Vultureman can now join the previously released Mumm-Ra in the fight against the ThunderCats. Also on tap is another batch of Alpha Flight members from the often-canceled Marvel comic book. This set includes Sasquatch, Shaman, Snowbird, and Aurora, so the Canadian super team is almost completely filled out. They must feel so sad to have lost Wolverine all those years ago.


During the 2012 Power-Con/ThunderCon, the forces of the Masters of the Universe and the ThunderCats came together for a special weekend in Los Angeles-- and nothing states that fan dedication and love more than cosplay! With smaller numbers than one of the mega shows, like SDCC, Power-Con/ThunderCon still had a fare share of costumed attendees, and the overall quality of the gear being worn was spectacular, just like the great attitudes of all involved! While my scrawny frame doesn't mesh well with furry underwear and shirtless-ness, join me as I take a closer look at a few of the people that managed to pull off the look as my favorite cosplayers from Power-Con/ThunderCon 2012!


At the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International Mezco Toyz will have exclusive goodies available from their Mez-Itz, ThunderCats, Earthworm Jim, and Living Dead Dolls lines! That's right, ow you can force your way throught the crowded con floor, using the massive Dark Knight Mez-Itz Mega-Scale Batman as your battering ram/riot shield. Thanks Batman!


No, your eyes have not began deceiving you as part of their secret plot to escape your skull, that is the first image of Jaga from the classic ThunderCats animated series in Minimate form! HELL and YES! This photo showed up last night on Diamond Select Toys' Facebook page, along with a bit of info:

Here is Tuesday's Comic-Con feature - The Spirit of Jaga Minimate!
Jaga returns to Comic-Con in his spirit form, ready to guide Lion-O and the ThunderCats on their journey. “LIKE” if you still remember Jaga’s self-sacrifice to protect Lion-O and the ThunderCats.

Check out Jaga at Action Figure Xpress' booth - #3345

...aaaannnddd that's it. Not a ton of text, but it's managed to peak our excitement to see further ThunderCats Minimates, and to try and snag this one from Action Figure Xpress! We'll keep you posted as more on these are revealed.

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for all your Diamond Select Toys ansd SDCC 2012 coverage!

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POOR LITTLE LOKI! Where was Loki while The Avengers were eating Shawarma?

Back in March, as we reported Cartoon Network's celebration of its 20th year of programming with an announcement of all of their new shows for the 2012-2013 season, conspicuously missing was any word of the return of ThunderCats.

Where did it go wrong for the ThunderCats reboot? Some strong plotting along with slick new designs and animation seemed to be the formula for a successful return of the nearly 30-year-old franchise, but it looks like tonight's season finale episode, the second part of "What Lies Above," will be the series' finale.

ThunderCats 'What Lies Above' – Part Two Clip 1


Toy Fair 2012: Mezco Talks ThunderCats Mumm-Ra and Panthro Figures

It's a well-known fact that, in fiction, the bad guys always look cooler-- in reality, not so much. Of course, this is MTV Geek and reality is a place we rarely waste time in! Today we're reviewing one of the 80's greatest animated antagonists: Mumm-Ra the Ever-Living! Yes, Lion-O's enemy #1 has seen yet another action figure release thanks to the resurgence of  ThunderCats popularity; however, this time it's not only the vintage version, but he's friggin' HUGE! Today we're taking a closer look (one so thorough, it's borderline creepy) at Mezco Toyz' ThunderCats Classic Mumm-Ra Mega-Scale action figure!

Read on for more looks at a huge pile of plastic that's molded in the shape of an extremely evil s.o.b.!


ThunderCats Season 1, Ep. 22 'The Forever Bag' Clip 1

In the latest episode of ThunderCats, Kit and Kat follow Tookit into his magical Forever Bag - a seemingly normal bag that is infinitely big on the inside - where they meet a group of orphans. Seduced by the their fun-loving lifestyle of Tookit and the orphans, Kit and Kat are tricked by Tookit into becoming thieves again. Now they must turn the tables on the charming rogue Tookit or end up in jail! Read More...

"From the death of a star, the ultimate weapon shall be born."

Find out how the Sword of Plundarr relates to the Sword of Omens on this week's episode of "ThunderCats," airing Saturday May 12 at 9:30am ET/PT on Cartoon Network

ThunderCats Season 1, Ep. 21 'Birth of the Blade' Clip 1


Check out these Gladiator-esque clips from this weekend's brand new ThunderCats episode The Pit!

WonderCon 2012: Robin Atkin Downes is Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living

In addition to playing Manchester Black in Superman Vs. The Elite, Robin Atkin Downes also voices the villainous Mumm-Ra for Cartoon Network's ThunderCats. Downes chatted with us at WonderCon 2012 about the Lion-O foe -- and working with casting director Andrea Romano:

"Mumm-Ra's been's an amazing character to bring back to life. And working with Andrea Romano again, she's just amazing. She's directed me in a lot of things -- Batman: Brave and the Bold, Justice League. And just playing the character every day is a blast!" Read More...

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