Masters of the Universe has repeatedly risen like a phoenix since its inception thanks to various comic books, animated series, and action figure incarnations. With the current online-only Masters of the Universe Classics toy line bringing about some of our favorite new action figures, and the recent announcement of DC Comics' upcoming Masters of the Universe comic book, it's a fine time to be a He-Fan! Today, as we continue our series of toy customizer spotlights, we'll be talking with Joe Amato*. He focuses his fan fueled toy-creating efforts on He-Man figures from every era of the franchise, and matches both the figure AND the packaging to suit the look of the time!

*Not to be confused with Joe Amaro, who we interviewed here.

MTV Geek: Joe, How long have been you making custom action figures and what got you started down that path?

Joe Amato: This May will be my 2 year anniversary of making customs and sculpting. I always wanted so many characters from MOTU made into figures when I was growing up in the 80's, and all these years later I decided to finally make them myself. And then a spark was ignited, as I enjoyed making these customs so much that I wanted to pursue it even further and bring all these great figures to all the MOTU fans out there. I am constantly learning more everyday, and hope my skills will continue to grow.


Toy designer and sculptor Joe Amaro is well known in the action figure industry. He's been involved in the toy industry for the last decade and is known for his work with Toyfare Magazine, Robot Chicken, Four Horsemen Design Studios, and Jazwares. Joe still finds spare time to make custom figures and accessories for the lines he's truly passionate about, like Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics, and it just so happens that his friend, and one of the most talented and well-known packaging painters for the Masters of the Universe line (vintage Castle Grayskull, MOTUC Wind Raider, etc.), Mr. Rudy Obrero collaborated on a custom vehicle: The Manta Raider! While this awesome "jet skate" doesn't have much hope of seeing the light of day, it's a sight to behold. Just check out Rudy's original painted concept below!

We took a few minutes to talk to Joe Amaro about the Manta Raider and his plans for future customs:

MTV Geek: How long did it take to complete the Manta Raider, from the time you and Rudy decided to collaborate until the finish piece of awesomeness?

Joe Amaro: We started in August of 2011 worked on it off and on. Mainly when we had enough was more me slacking it than Rudy.


In the world of comic books there is fan-art. In the realm of action figure collectors, toy customizing is the ultimate way to show your artistic prowess and love for a particular line or character. At this year's Power-Con/ThunderCon, famed customizer Master English was showing off many of his spectacular figures and accessories based around Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics line.We've seen tons of his work online but this was our first opportunity to see it live and we were impressed, to say the least! Read More...

I am a Green Lantern. Well, according to this custom action figure anyway! Screw reality! I couldn’t hold back the excited laughter that burst forth from my giant grin upon seeing myself in action figure form! Toy customizer Chris “Hunter” Diaz made this masterpiece to match the other Green Lanterns in my DC Universe Classics collection and it fits in perfectly. While I could stammer on about how great I think this toy is, let’s just get into some pics, followed by the epic video that details the production of this custom.


Hello toy lovers, and random readers! We’re here today talking with John Mallamas aka: Jin from or Jin Saotome's Dangerous Toys. He’s a man of many aliases, and we here at MTV Geek! totally respect and understand that. However, whatever name he goes by, there’s no denying his talent as a toy customizer. His work has been seen all over the web, and even in the hallowed pages of Toyfare magazine. Now its being featured here, on MTV Geek! for all of you to enjoy. Let’s get started!

MTV Geek!: John, about how long have you been customizing action figures? What was your first?

John Mallamas: Just thinking back makes me realize it's been a long, long time. Technically I've been customizing action figures since I was a little kid, maybe 6? I use to unscrew the backs of the 3 3/4" GI Joe figures, swap limbs/heads, and paint them with my mom's fingernail polish, heh. But I think I really started at age 16, after getting a job at my friend's comic book Read More...

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